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Daniel Horney 04-14-2004 07:53 PM

Name:William Daniel Horney


Years Playing: 9

Current Guitar: The one's I play a lot:
Taylor 310
Fender Amercian Std. Telecaster
I'm buying an old Strat in a few days.

Amp:SWR California Blonde; Peavy 5150

Effects: I'm not going to list them all

Longest It Took You Learn A Song: Three years.

What Song Was It:SRV's version of Little Wing

Funnest Song To Play:I have no clue

How Many Songs Have You Written: I dunno. Fifteen or so that I still play

Do You Play In A Band: Not currently

Wierdest Chord You Can Play: ........

Favorite Chord: the ones that sound good

How Many Songs Can You Play:I have no clue

Can You Sing And Play:Thats what singer/songwriters do, apparently

Gauge Of Strings You Play:Acoustic - Meduims; Electric - 10s

Gauge Of Picks You Like: Thick. Usually around .98

Dream Guitar:I haven't put that much thought into it yet.

Your Style: My style is my style. It is not an amalgamation of other things.

Biggest Influence: If I had to pick one: Ben Folds.

ripFIF 04-14-2004 08:06 PM


good word usage

Daniel Horney 04-14-2004 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by ripFIF
good word usage


PiousPoet 04-14-2004 08:27 PM

Name: Danny


Years Playing: 10 months. Only solidly played in the first 3 and the past 2 though.

Current Guitar: Hohner HW640

Amp: Dean Markley Practice amp :blush:

Effects: Danelectro Overdrive

Longest It Took You Learn A Song: Currently learning Stairway to Heaven. Off and on, spent about 2 hrs so far.

What Song Was It: Stairway to Heaven

Funnest Song To Play:we are the Pirates that Don't do Anything ;)

How Many Songs Have You Written: None.....yet....

Do You Play In A Band: Soon to be

Wierdest Chord You Can Play: Ummm I don't know

Favorite Chord: G

How Many Songs Can You Play:No idea

Can You Sing And Play:Yes

Gauge Of Strings You Play: Currently Elixirs 10s

Gauge Of Picks You Like: Around .63. Whatever those are.

Dream Guitar:My carvin bolt kit soon to be ordered. Swamp ash body stained blue but leaving the grain of the wood.

Your Style: Classic, P&W, and some others

Biggest Influence: My church's Pastor of the Worship Arts

Jubal 04-14-2004 09:38 PM

Name: Lyndon aka Jubal

Age: 32

Years Playing: 16 or so

Current Guitar(s): 2003 Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Honeyburst), 2002 Fender American Hardtail Stratocaster (3 Color Sunburst), 199? Yamaha LD-10E Acoustic/Electric

Amp: Peavey Studio Pro 50 (which I hardly ever use)

Effects: V-AMP 2 (which I always use, usually direct into the PA.)

Longest It Took You Learn A Song: A long time.

What Song Was It : As Warm As Tears by Phil Keaggy

Funnest Song To Play: Currently: Music Is The Doctor by the Doobie Brothers

How Many Songs Have You Written: A lot, though most I haven't played since.

Do You Play In A Band: Worship band at Church (I lead the team)

Wierdest Chord You Can Play: This one right here. Can you see it from there? ;-)

Favorite Chord: A2 (I use those 2nd chords way too much, but I love 'em)

How Many Songs Can You Play: Hundreds (at least)

Can You Sing And Play: Yup. Almost every Sunday.

Gauge Of Strings You Play: Electric: D'Addario's 9's, Acoustic: Elixer Light Polyweb

Gauge Of Picks You Like: Jim Dunlop .60 mm or .78 mm - Lighter for acoustic, heavier for electric

Dream Guitar: 1 is just so limiting, but I will say the NEXT one. Right now I am toying with the idea of getting parts from Warmoth and making a PRS style guitar with a hard tail bridge.

Your Style: Bluesy rock.

Biggest Influence: Bob Hartman, Gordon Kennedy (when with WhiteHeart), Shawn Tubbs (Violet Burning), Delrious, Rez (man, I still like this stuff)

gchord 04-14-2004 09:43 PM

Name:Mike (gchord)
Age: 46, yes,I'm old
Years playing: 24 plus,I started late in life
Current Guitar(s) Epiphone PR350ce acoustic-electric;MIM Fender Stratocaster,Yamaha Pacifica 312,Wasburn Bantam bass
Amp:Peavey 212 EFX,Peavey bass amp,?75 watts
Effects: I have nine built in the EFX amp,other then that,none
Longest it took to learn a song: About two years,off and on,wasn't serious
What song was it:It could've been me by Phil Keaggy,in open G
Funnest song to play: Trading my sorrows,or Take my Heart
Have you written any songs? Yes,Published? No
Do you play in a band?: No,only at church,at the present time
Weirdest chord you play?: No chord is weird,if it fits,it works
Favorite chord(s)to play:See user name! G,C,D and Eminor
How many songs can you play?: Lots,countless,don't have a clue
Gauge of string you play: .010 -.046 on the Strat and Yammy,Elixer Lites on the Epi,and medium on the bass,all tuned a half step down
Gauge of picks you like: .73 medium Tortex,the yellow ones
Dream guitar: James Taylor signuture Olson
Your style: Folk,classic rock,blues,hack etc.
Biggest Influences: Neil Young ,James Taylor,Don Mcclean,Phil Keaggy

Unicorn Mustang 04-14-2004 09:43 PM

Name: Jason

Age: 18

Years Playing: Something like 4 years

Current Guitar: An Epiphone Les Paul Custom fitted with Burstbucker Pro pickups

Also an 1869-5 Ovation Custom Legend

And a Parker Nitefly-SA

Amp: A KC-100 Roland keyboard amp :lol: I need a guitar amp....

Effects: Danelectro board, but a sweet Boss Distortion/Overdrive pedal.

Longest It Took You Learn A Song: Two Days.

What Song Was It: The Setup (You Really Need This) Reel Big Fish

Funnest Song To Play: See above....or Are You Gonna Be My Girl with a band

How Many Songs Have You Written: Too many...

Do You Play In A Band: Yup, two

Wierdest Chord You Can Play: Not really weird, but it's cool sounding: x 10 9 0 10 10

Favorite Chord: 320023

How Many Songs Can You Play: Count? Songs?

Can You Sing And Play: Well I can sing and play....singing's the difficult part.

Gauge Of Strings You Play:.009s

Gauge Of Picks You Like: Well....yesterday I discovered I accidently was using heavy gauge for the last three months....(mind you I'm a thin pick person turned medium b/c I broke about 10 picks per week), not too good with the gauge of string I use....

Dream Guitar: A 1964 Sonic Blue (red turtoise pickguard) Fender Mustang

Your Style: Whatever's required.

Biggest Influence: Caedmon's Call, John Mayer, Switchfoot (three very closely related bands)

beanbag 04-14-2004 10:33 PM

Name: Sabrina

Age: 17

Years Playing: 4

Current Guitar: a fender. I'm preparing to beg my dad for this martin, though. pray for me! (it will be used for worship on thursday nights. among other times...) :D

Amp: don't have one. (if I really need an amp, my dad has an acoustic amp.)

Effects: zero.

Longest It Took You Learn A Song: it took me forever and a day (a couple of years, with 8-9 month breaks in between attempts) to learn mr. jones (believe it or not) because I couldn't get into strumming it comfortably.

What Song Was It: mr. jones- counting crows

Funnest Song To Play: worship: waves of mercy. other: too many to name!

How Many Songs Have You Written: like...two. one was really good, but I lost it. the other is awful.

Do You Play In A Band: nope

Weirdest Chord You Can Play: I dunno...there's this funky variation on D, I guess...I don't know if it's named correctly though, because it's in a tab and sometimes those people make up their own names for the chords. :rolleyes:

Favorite Chord: c#m (y'know...the one that's in EVERY worship song on the face of this planet?)

How Many Songs Can You Play: a lot.

Can You Sing And Play: yes.

Gauge Of Strings You Play: medium, I think. whatever my dad buys me.

Gauge Of Picks You Like: medium.

Dream Guitar: I dunno. I haven't really thought of it, because I can't really afford anything right now.

Your Style: my musical style in general: rock, alternative, "christian" rock and alternative, opera, classical, etc.

things I play on the guitar: mainly worship music, but I have everything ranging from lifehouse to the beatles to relient k (I can only play one of their songs, though...the rest are all electricallish and not for the likes of me lol) to nirvana to metallica to switchfoot to sarah maclachlan and the list goes onnn...

Biggest Influence: my best friend. :)

gg7 04-14-2004 10:43 PM

i'll answer some of these too i guess :)

name: jeremy

years playing: hard to answer. got my first guitar roughly 9 years ago. didn't get serious about it til later on though, took a foray into the world of electric 4 string bass for about a year playing it almost exclusively. also experimented with other instruments along the way. right now it's acoustic guitar the vast majority of the time.

guitar: my main one right now is my rainsong parlor.

can i play and sing? yes, but that doesn't mean i'm great at it ;)

gauge of strings: acoustic light

picks: medium to thin-medium

style: folk, folk-rock, acoustic-driven, folk mixed in with other stuff...

thud 04-15-2004 05:08 AM

Throw me in with gchord and the guy who wouldn't say his age.

thud - the sound of something falling
age - 43
years playing - 31 but still just learning
favorite guitars to play - son's B.C. Rich, daughter's Ovation
only guitar you youngsters would think is cool - '83 Gibson Flying V
strings - played em all - will play more
picks - " " " "
style - no longer important
looks - " " " "
musical philosophy - music's greatest innovators weren't good enough players to learn anybody elses stuff - they played from their hearts and identified with their audience.

I have the distinction of owning the loudest guitar amp of anybody here. It's an old 100W Carvin tube half-stack. When I was in a metal band I only had to turn it up to 1.5 to be heard over a Tama mahogany double kick drum kit. On 2 it causes injury!

emo_boy 04-15-2004 06:06 AM

Name: Adam


Years Playing:4

Current Guitar: Fender American Deluxe Nashville tele, my pride and joy, rare only made for one year; Jay turser JT200c I think that's the ; Alvarez accoustic

Amp: Peavey Studio Pro 112

Effects: Yamaha DG stomp, Dunlop original wah, Boss HR-2

Longest It Took You Learn A Song: no clue

What Song Was It: no clue

Funnest Song To Play: tie between My Life by 12 Stones and Savior by Skillet

How Many Songs Have You Written: wow, lets see, probably in the vicinity of 20. I don't like some of them any more though lol

Do You Play In A Band: yes

Wierdest Chord You Can Play: E5maj7/Asus4dim......................yeah

Favorite chord: power chords hehe

How Many Songs Can You Play: jeeze, makin me do math when I'm not in school :shifty: probably close to 1000 counting praise songs I do at church and all my cd's I can play the whole way through

Can You Sing And Play: yes

Gauge Of Strings You Play: I switched from light to medium cuz I break lights too much.

Gauge Of Picks You Like: .71 gator grip

Dream Guitar: I have 2. for a single coil guitar, my tele, and of course a LP custom for hummys

Your Style: I love to play hard rock, that's what my band plays, we have a sound close to like 12 stones, skillet's new stuff on collide and stuff like that. And I'm studying the Aolean scale in my lessons right now and I've put some of that in my songs and wow, it sounds cool.

Biggest Influence:I don't know lol. I never really listened to anyone and really used anything they did in my playing, so I guess I don't really have any. My biggest inspiration is probably the dude from anberlin, they rock out.

HotsHot 04-15-2004 06:37 AM

Name: Mike

Age: 15

Years Playing: 10
Current Guitar: Ibanez ICX 120, Ovation Celebrity Delux, Yamaha C22 Classical Guitar, Squier P Bass.

Amp: Fender 15R, Squier P Bass beginer amp

Effects: Boss Distortion Pedal, Korg Pandora (so sweet)

Longest It Took You Learn A Song: 2 months

What Song Was It?: Blue Finger, Chet Atkins

Funnest Song To Play: Stairway to Heaven

How Many Songs Have You Written: Like 3, but they are only Classical type songs

Do You Play In A Band: Kinda sorta, more like a Jam Groupie thing

Wierdest Chord You Can Play: There is no such thing as a wierd chord

Favorite Chord: E/D#

How Many Songs Can You Play: A ton, mostly worship songs and ledd zeppelin, I play a bit of incubus to

Can You Sing And Play: well enough to lead worship

Gauge Of Strings You Play: Elixir Meduims

Gauge Of Picks You Like: Samash mediums

Dream Guitar: Artcore AFS75T, I am saving up

Your Style: rock/classical, a lot like zeppelin,

Biggest Influence: Page, Jimmy Page, he is the best, Chet Atkins to

Shaneathin86 04-15-2004 02:11 PM

Name: Shane

Age: 17

Years Playing: 3+
Current Guitar: Fender Strat. and an acc./elec. epiphone

Amp: Fender

Effects: pretty cool effects board

Longest It Took You Learn A Song: dunno maybe a few hours

What Song Was It?: can't think of any specifically

Funnest Song To Play: lol it changes a lost but currently "under the bridge" by RHCP or "one last breath" by creed

How Many Songs Have You Written: plenty but i only really like maybe 4 or 5
Do You Play In A Band: not really but i'm workin on it (so far we have 2 people)

Wierdest Chord You Can Play: the one where ur fingers go all nuts

Favorite Chord: the power chord lol

How Many Songs Can You Play: uhh lots but who's countin

Can You Sing And Play: yeah but trust me u don't want me to

Gauge Of Strings You Play: Elixir Meduims

Gauge Of Picks You Like: mediums

Dream Guitar: dunno right now i'm hopin for a 12 string

Your Style: anything rockin heavy

Biggest Influence: uhh none specifically anyone who rocks

Spammy 04-15-2004 03:11 PM

Name: Spammy

Age:22 (23 in a couple months)

Years Playing: 7+

Current Guitar: Cort m-200 and Strat-Copy

Amp: Randall RG 120 PH

Effects: Zoom 2100, Snarling Dogs Wah, Cry Baby

Longest It Took You Learn A Song:years, still working on some

What Song Was It:too many to name

Funnest Song To Play:I know some kids song thats in german..the name escapes me

How Many Songs Have You Written: too many, only 3 that I consider done

Do You Play In A Band: Have, but am not currently

Wierdest Chord You Can Play: No clue..played many, just too lazy to look up names

Favorite Chord: F#m

How Many Songs Can You Play:Lots

Can You Sing And Play: Probably but I don't do it

Gauge Of Strings You Play: Strat: 10's M-200:8's

Gauge Of Picks You Like: Dunlop Torex .73mm (Yellow)

Dream Guitar: PRS Custom 24

Your Style: Anything but country

Biggest Influence: Ross Childress formerly of Collective Soul, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Vai

jason_p.i.f. 04-15-2004 11:58 PM

Name: Jason

Age: 18

Years Playing: uh... 5... but seriously, about a year and a half

Current Guitar: Fender Standard Jap Strat, Ibanez JS100, GSA60

Amp: Crate G212, peavey rage158

Effects: (in order, guitar to amp) Cry Baby, dod envelope filter, ibanez tubescreamer, marshall jackhammer, boss chorus, flanger, digitech delay, dod equalizer

Longest It Took You Learn A Song: about 5 years... yes! five years!!!

What Song Was It: smooth by santana... i was a sophomore when i first heard the song... i wanted to learn it soooo bad.... i got the intro, but after that, my interest in guitar was lost... (stupid chick)... so yeah... after five years, ive finally got it... but im still working on parts of it, the solo parts... and also maria maria.... i want to learn that song too...

Funnest Song To Play: lift me up by the benjamin gate

How Many Songs Have You Written: about 3-4 (lyrics) and only one thats been completed

Do You Play In A Band: yeah... but they dont seem committed as i am

Wierdest Chord You Can Play: i dont know... maybe john mayer's intro chord to no such thing

Favorite Chord: make that chords... A, D, G... the first 3 chords i learned to play! and also D in open C form...

How Many Songs Can You Play: a lot...

Can You Sing And Play: on some songs... but they (my band members wont let me sing... :-/ ) coz i have a crappy voice... haha

Gauge Of Strings You Play: strat: 95, satch 10, gsa 9

Gauge Of Picks You Like: dunlop (turtle, the green one)

Dream Guitar: telecaster, and maybe a custom made RJ les paul style guitar (a guitar company from the Philippines)

Your Style: i used to hate blues, country, and jazz... but now that ive taken guitar seriously, i have been open to any style of music that has guitar riffs in it (except rap)

Biggest Influence: Tom Morello... and Jesus... praise and worship songs made me want to take guitar seriously and write my own songs...

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