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dwdrumz4God 10-04-2006 11:15 PM

Drums & Gear
Now don't get offended,,, I've been waiting a long time for these & I've been on 4 deployments to the middle east, so I earned what I have.

DW custom maple VLT, in Olive Ash Burl. 8, 10, 12, toms, 13" & 15" Floor toms (w/ legs) 22" bass (I should've bought twin 20"), 6.5" copper snare, 3" Ludwig Pic snare, Tama Octobans -high, 2 Tama Electric (circa '79):spin:
**Ufip Cymbals: Zildjian Pkg:
20" hvy Bionic ride, 22" Z Ride
17"/15"/10" med Class: 17" med th 'A'
16"/14"/9" med Brilliant 16" Med 'A'
14" Class HH, 14" Sabian AA
14" Quick Beats
9000 hardware, XL Elite hard cases.

I've had 2 sets of Pearls, a Set of Tama's, a set of Classic Ludwigs (loved 'em) that sounded better than the Pearl Masters in our sanctuary. And I'd taken the bottom heads off!
Tama's - don't compromise & get the good stuff.
Slingerlands - great shells - horrific hardware
Premier- great tone but weak shells & inconsistant
Pearl: Awful quality control in their top line. The shells had great attack, but little-to-no roundness in tone. Hardware is pot-metal and mounting system is crap.

My combo kit will either be a DW Birch w/ BIB, Gretsch or a Sonor. Different voices and characteristics are good.
Snares I'm looking for: Slingerland Radio King, Gretsch Floating Snare(invented by Gretsch in the mid '60's) DW Birch Edge.

samkim108 11-10-2006 04:31 AM

wow that is insane..

well my kit is a (i took it in cause my brother left it in the garage)
Pearl Export 4 piece
Spaun Acrylic Vented Snare Drum
14" Zildian A series New beat Hi-hats
18" Zildian A Custom Projection Crash
16" Paiste Innovations Medium Crash
20" Paiste Innovations Medium Ride

Evans Heads

Bass pedal is from an electronics drum set but its really good lol
its from DW
It says Dw Chain drive 5000
its really smooth and i love it

Michael 12-26-2006 11:42 PM

tama starclassic birch
pork pie snare
spaun acrylic snare vented
bosphorus fat hats
istanbul pre split ride
istanbul mehmet crash
zildjian new beat hi hats

pearl powershifter
dw9000 cable hat (i play my hats in the cetner)
different stands from whatever was on sale at guitar center that week!

retro screen
reso black
st dry
ec rev dot snare

king91 01-02-2007 12:57 AM

It's not mine, but my old teacher let me borrow it for some time, so im not exactly sure.. i've got a red wine set

18x22 base drum
9x9 rack tom
12x12 rack tom
16x16 floor tom
20" ride
14x14 snare
remo king heads
pearl bass pedal

As I said before, it's not my kit, so i'm not exactly sure what the correct measurements are. I need alittle bit more, but i'm getting there.

Soap 01-02-2007 01:10 AM

Drummer I jam with and good friend of mine has this:

Yamaha Custom Beech:
Kansas City Drum Co. Custom 13" snare, 20-ply maple wrapped in wrinkled steel
12", 14"floor, 20"bass
Meinl Amun 14" hats
Meinl Amun 16" crash
Meinl Byzance 14" crash
Sabian B8 pro 20" ride
Zildjian K 8" splash
Mapex double kick pedal
tama hardware

Hope I got all that right. My memory is going out.

DrummerMom 02-15-2007 11:50 AM

I currently use a 7 piece Pacific MX kit in Emerald Fade. Sabian 14" Hand Hammered thin Crash , 21" AA Raw Bell Dry Ride, XS20 14" hats and 18" Chinese.

Drums: 8",10",12",(14"-floor tom), 5.5"x14" snare,3.5"x14" piccolo side snare, 22" bass.

TBoz 03-03-2007 04:12 PM

Here's pics of an older kit I had. Much more tamed down now. Old age you know hee hee

heinous 08-14-2007 09:08 PM

Personally, I've been totally diggen the Yamaha Stage Custom Nouvean!!! Rock on!

Gsus_Rawks 08-26-2007 10:59 PM

I don't get good tone out of Evan tom heads; does anyone else?

I have a Pearl Forum Fusion 5 piece. And a Sabian 14" crash that came with it.

MikeyMan 11-27-2007 12:35 AM

Not a drumset..BUT COOLER

Unfortunately, it is not mine. That's the snare I use in drumline and I like it so much that I take it home whenever I can.

It is a Yamaha Sforzando.. 14x...??? I'm not sure what the depth of the drum is, but it's a standard marching snare. I wish we had snares specifically for indoor that are alot shorter..I like those.

RckDrummr2 06-18-2009 11:56 PM

I love my Drumset!!!!
I have a rockin Tama drumset. It Consists of:

-2 Tama steel mini timbales, 6" and 8"
-I set aside my 14 inch snare, and replaced it with a
tama 12" Picollo snare. Cuts thru the band great!
- 8" suspended tom
-10" suspended tom
-12" suspended tom
-13" suspended tom
-16" floor tom
-24"x 18' bass drum with Aquarius Super kick drum head
-Pearl Timbales, 12" & 13"
-Tama iron Cobra PowerGlide Double Bass Pedal with felt beaters
-Tama iron Cobra LeverGlide Hi hat Stand with 13" Zildjian ZBT hi hat cymbals
-DW 5000 Remote Hi Hat pedal with 10' cable and 15" Zildjian Hi beat hi hat cymbals
-Pearl foot pedal attached to a Boca 10" cowbell
-Zildjian 15" fast crash "A" crash cymbal
-Zildjian 16" fast crash "A" crash cymbal
-Zildjian 20" Amir crash cymbal
-Zildjian 22" Amir Ride cymbal
-Zildjian 10" ZBT splash cymbal
-Paiste 16" crash cymbal
-Wuhan 16" China Trash cymbal
-Wuhan 20" China Trash cymbal
-Wuhan 12" splash cymbal
-Wuhan 10" splash cymbal
-Toca 8" cowbell mounted on bass drum
-Toca simulated Wood Block mounted on Mini timbales
-Tama Picollo snare (secondary)
-Alesis DM5 drum brain with Ddrum and Shure midi drum triggers on all drums
-Toms are all Evans Hydrolic heads, and snares are Evans Dry Genre2 heads
-main picollo snare drum is suspended on a Tama Star cast rim hoop
-cymbal stands are all Tama, pearl, and Ludwig chrome
-Pearl Tamborine attached above snare drum
-LP wind chimes
-LP agago bells attached to timbales ( 3 bells in a row)
-LP 9" ice bell cymbal
-LP 9 1/2" ice bell cymbal
I also play in a christian rock band called "ARRIVE". The music is rockin and all songs have
a spiritial message of a sort. We love jesus, so that's why we exist. Look for us on
"". We're in Fresno CA, and attend the "Bethel Christian Center" church. Check
us out sometime :angel: you can see why I love my drumset......more stuff added soon....(pics coming soon)

OiBoyz 10-03-2009 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by RckDrummr2 (Post 3423757)
I also play in a christian rock band called "ARRIVE". The music is rockin and all songs have
a spiritial message of a sort. We love jesus, so that's why we exist. Look for us on

Linkage please.

jamforchrist123 11-06-2011 10:10 PM

Here's to notoriously bringing back an ooooold thread.

Getting ready for a rap show:

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