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LWatford 02-11-2003 12:46 PM

Yeah, they're vistalites...we found them in some guys garage, and they had pretty much been sitting there for a long time. I was surpised that they didn't have any of the normal problems vistalites have, like cracked seams and shells. They are Blue, and the sizes are 24" basses, 12", 13", 15" toms, and 18" floor toms. I'm looking for a 16" floor tom, and the vistalite snare.

And I think we're going to put Evan's blue hydrolic heads on them...great big sound, and no real need for muffling.

Insane Drummer 02-11-2003 12:51 PM

ah yeah thats awesome..

Evans makes some awesome heads

dunny96 02-15-2003 08:06 PM

here is a picture of my kit...i just got it last fall...

Insane Drummer 02-15-2003 11:15 PM

ooooh that sweeeeet... pearl makes some freakign awesome drums

codyofthejungle 02-19-2003 12:45 PM

toca 10' and 11' congas
lp bongos
remo 14' djembe

all on stands,setup around me like a kit

Guitarguru 02-22-2003 06:07 PM

I like how in LWatford's picture he has a computer chair for a throne.

HeavenOnAStick 02-23-2003 12:06 AM


Originally posted by Insane_Drummer
i like thin little snares.. for that tight POP sound.. and i like big booming basses.. with a nice THUMP:spin: :kspin:
I like them, but I'd also like to have a secondary snare as well. Because you can't get many tones out of a little thin one.

Insane Drummer 02-23-2003 01:15 PM

yeah... i want a nice sized one too.. wood hoops would be nice.. so i can get sweet cross stick sounds. i want one thats got power and punch but still have control and its gotta be versitile..

but right now the one i got will hafta do:kyep:

Insane Drummer 03-09-2003 06:29 PM

thats cool.. i have my bongos on my drum set.. so i can like do some cool stuff.. i want a djembie stand to put my Baby on.. lol.. thats what i call my djembie..

timandjes 03-12-2003 04:09 PM

2 sets; one 5 pc Pulse set (cheap) & one 5 pc DW set
Janus/Mapex dbl bass/hi-hat combo
Avanti, Zildian, Paiste, & Sabian brass
complete (home) recording studio both analog & digital with a whole, whole, whole bunch of gidgets, gadgets, and thing-a-ma-jigs...

Shredcheddar 03-13-2003 09:03 AM

My bro's kit:

Shredcheddar 03-13-2003 09:05 AM

Another view:

Shredcheddar 03-13-2003 09:05 AM

From the front:

Insane Drummer 03-13-2003 11:26 AM

Sabian Rocktagon!. lol i've always wondered how those things sound. that is so cool.

is that a AA or AAX crash? can't tell but the way the lathing and hammering looks makes me think its on of those 2 seris

what brand are the drums?

oh yah thats a Wuhan china, right?

Shredcheddar 03-13-2003 12:36 PM

LOL dude, you know your stuff. Wuhan china, yes. Actually, they're all B8 except for the ride (B8pro). The rocktagon is really funky. It's like the AA series I think. The drums are CB. Cool set up.

Insane Drummer 03-13-2003 03:32 PM

ah i see the B8 now.. couldn't tell at first under the low light.. but that looks like a pretty nice set up.

hahah yeah.. i am pretty good at indentify cymbals

HeavenOnAStick 03-13-2003 03:40 PM

CB Drums... I got a hi-hat stand from there, and I really liked it. How do the drums sound?

Shredcheddar 03-13-2003 04:47 PM

They sound like drums to me! Haha. I'm not a drummer. Just.. I posted because of my brother's impeccable technological illiterracy.

Insane Drummer 03-13-2003 04:55 PM

hehe.. yeah if you don't play drums most all drum kits soudn the same to you.. hehe

codyofthejungle 03-17-2003 03:06 PM

i was thinking abotu getting a splash or two,how would they sound played with my hands as opposed to sticks.and what abut a hi hat?i've never tried hitting them with my hands,and i rarely get to play on a kit,i just do the hand percussion thing,would this sound ok?

Insane Drummer 03-17-2003 05:22 PM

cymbals can be played by hand. (so long as your usedto punishing your hands) now your normal Sabian, Ziildjain Paiste splash wouldn't have the resonence needed for hand play. but i have 2 Wuhan (a little cheaper then sabians and such) splashes; which when played by hand have a great tone. i normal have them almost level when use with my percussion set up. and give it a hard slap with my hand and a quick pull back. kinda like bring your arm up slap it down and pop your wrist back. it gives the best tone. if you don't snap back quick you will mute the cymbal. but i would recommened adding a splash to your percussion set up.

Insane Drummer 04-08-2003 12:21 PM

ok here is a not so good pic of me playing drums.. heh...

Nathanael 04-08-2003 12:31 PM

Here's an old pic of my set... since then I've gotten new heads ;)

I finaly tuned 'em right too... the toms sound AWSOME now.
<img src=>

Insane Drummer 04-08-2003 12:49 PM

your crash is in a freaky weird spot.. nice kit.

SenorPapaCabasa 04-08-2003 04:16 PM


H.M.-sneakinon 04-11-2003 01:08 PM


Originally posted by Jay Tea
Err...that was a tom I posted, if that's what you're talking about. And the price was for the whole 6-pc set...not just a snare.
Hehe..... you're the only one that caught it. :D Congratulations. You win....a no-prize? What the....? *checks the prize roster*

Uh... yeah. You're the proud owner of a no-prize. :D

(It was a joke post. I was seeing who would catch it. :))

+Donny 04-12-2003 10:45 PM

my drums
here is a pic of my set:

Nathanael 04-13-2003 01:36 PM

um... ur a mod... um... previous existing pictures thread... um


+Donny 04-13-2003 03:15 PM

Okay, i was thinking of the descriptions of drums thread.

They should go together...

Insane Drummer 04-16-2003 10:40 AM

dude donny... your set up is wacked... or at least to me.. lol.. highly angled cymbals...

RhythmicAndy 04-18-2003 09:41 PM

For an amazingly simple mahogany and generic hardwood kit i dont know how i get the sound i do out of it. Here it is.

CB sp series kit w/remo heads on tops of toms and snare, generic heads on bottoms and Evans bass drum head.
Sabian B8 hi hats(14")
12" B8 splash
16" B8 crash
20" B8 pro rock ride
18" AA Rocktagon
14" Lion china
Premier double bass pedal

Insane Drummer 04-19-2003 07:22 AM

hiya shredcheds bro.. i thinkhe posted a pic of that. so i have a question. what exactly does a rocktagon sound like?

RhythmicAndy 04-19-2003 10:46 AM

The rocktagon is like a hybrid of an 18" crash/ride and china. Makes for a funky dry sound and its pretty heavy. It really gets loud.

Insane Drummer 04-19-2003 07:10 PM

hmmm sweet... they look really awesome.. sound like it would be cool too.. if i ever bought one i would get it off e-bay.. ALOT of people sell them geuss they buy um for looks and don't like the sound..

RhythmicAndy 04-19-2003 07:22 PM

Ya, i've noticed they do seem to be a bit of a collectors item. I've also seen a Rocktagon made into a clock. Its got the cymbal with hands coming out of the center mounting hole, im not sure what you call it,but the hole in the middle.

Insane Drummer 04-22-2003 09:58 PM

now thats odd.. the one music store round here has a clock like that. lol

RhythmicAndy 04-23-2003 05:54 PM

The store where I got my set and used to take lessons had one.Odd.:shifty:

Insane Drummer 04-25-2003 02:09 PM

interesting.. sabian might sell it as a clock... might check on musicians friend for such a thing

RhythmicAndy 04-25-2003 03:34 PM

Ive been thinking of mounting it on my wall as a peice of art.

Insane Drummer 05-12-2003 02:32 PM

i'm not sure.. next time i go any where i wil try one out.

so do you play your 18 inch china by hand? i play my 12 inch one by hand.. but an 18 seems pretty big of a cymbal for hand play..

Shredcheddar 05-12-2003 02:39 PM

I like the jam blocks better.. they seem to have more "cut" and just show up in a song better than wood, to me. I actually like the jam block sound better, anyway, and they will last forever. I say go with the jam blocks, unless you want to be cheap and make wood ones yourself.. not so bad an idea.

RhythmicAndy 05-12-2003 04:33 PM

Hmm, well I do like to go with original pieces like the wood. But the plastic blocks have good sound too and are more durable. It depends on your taste. But if you get the Lp blocks I don't think you're sacrificing the sound of wood for durability.

I just added a Rhythmtech drum set tambourine to my setup. I like, plus im trying to expand. I have it mounted on a Gibraltar clamp with arm which is on my cymbal stand with splash.

codyofthejungle 05-12-2003 11:00 PM


Originally posted by Shredcheddar
I like the jam blocks better..
unless you want to be cheap and make wood ones yourself.. not so bad an idea.

you like the jame blocks...but will they work with handplay...........and how could i go about making my own?


Insane Drummer 05-13-2003 10:35 AM

well anything will work with hand if you smack it hard enough. the true question is. is it practicaly playible by hand. another option is a hand cowbell beater its a clamp thing that like has this metal or plastic ball thing which you smack and it in turns smacks the cow bell/wood block.

codyofthejungle 05-16-2003 01:08 PM

i dropped by the local music store(i hate that place....)anyway,i tried a lot of things,of all the bells/blocks,the only ones that sounded good was lp's big red jam block and lp's sambago bells(the pink and orange thing),but they sounded really good,i'm gonna get them,and a cowbell.what cowbell would you guys recommend to be mounted and played by hand?

Insane Drummer 05-16-2003 05:04 PM

for hand play cowbell. i suggest an LP ridgerider its a metal bell with a plastic rim part on the end. so it will soften the blow to the hand. and its also more durible if you ever wanna stick play it. they have alot of differnt types of them. Rock, Classic, Mini...|

so check um out

Insane Drummer 05-19-2003 10:59 AM

not really. it might slightly affect the overtones and ring. but most people don't want a long ring on a bell anyway. it still sounds good. or a LP black beauty cowbell its basicly the perfect cowbell sound. tried both of those only with sticks though

RhythmicAndy 05-20-2003 04:05 PM

I would get the metal without the ridge for a few reasons. The ridge is for durability when played with sticks, and would probably make the blow worse, not soften it. All metal has a better sound. And it is easier to play.

ilikeguitars01 05-25-2003 12:27 AM


Insane Drummer 05-26-2003 11:55 AM

ok i tried out the Red Jam Block today with my hand. i found that using just my index fingers first joint on the edge of the block gave a nice crisp tone. or full hand which produced better volume. but it sounded great by hand play.

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