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brktdn 05-02-2002 02:19 PM

pearl export 6 peice. toms: 8/10/12/14, snare: 14, bass: 22. cymbals: all sabian...
14" b8 hats
15" aax dark crash
16" b8 crash
20" aa rock ride
20" china which i hand hammered from an old b8 ride :spin:

Insane Drummer 05-02-2002 02:48 PM

oooh AAX dark crash..... ah i love those... i don't have one.... but those are awesome cymbals......

Muffinly 05-04-2002 01:00 PM

I have a CB five piece,
Remo weatherking pinstripe snare head,
Powerbeat 18" crash/ride,
Paiste 14" hihats.
I don't know what my pedal is and it's dumb and I need a new one.
My set isn't that great either.

What does anyone recomend for a snare?


Insane Drummer 05-07-2002 09:22 AM

hmmmmm i dunno.. there are alot of good snares ot there,, depends on your pirce range.....

BowoW 05-09-2002 07:52 PM

Ludwig Vistalite 5-Piece Kit (2399)

-TAMA Kenny Aronoff Limited Edition ($1039)
-Yamaha David Garibaldi Brass ($549)
Held by:
-TAMA HL70M Air-Ride Mount System (89)

-Axis AX-A Single (199)
-Axis A-L2 Longboard Double Pedal (519)

-Sabian HHX Evolution 16" (159)
-Sabian HHX Evolution 17" (169)
-Sabian HHX Evolution Effeks Crash 17" (169)
-Paiste Sig. Fast Crash 16" (179)
-Paiste Sig. Power Crash 17" (206)

-Paiste Sig. Dry Heavy Ride 21" (269)
-Paiste 2002 Flat Ride 20" (215)
-Zildjian A Series Earth Ride 22" (217)

-Paiste Sig. Dark Crisp Hi-Hats 14" (287)
-Held by: Axis L-HH Longboard (199)

-Sabian HHX Evolution 7" (79)
-Paiste Rude Classic 10" (98)
-Paiste 2002 12" (107)
-Evolution HHX Evolution 12" (99)

-RhythmTech Drum-Set Tambourine (24)
-Spectrasound SM-1 Standard Recording Model Brass Tubular Chimes *Had to look that one up* (79)
-LP LPA256 Aspire Series Timbale Set (149)
-Pearl ECB10 Rock Cowbell with Power Flange (17)
-Wuhan Wind Gong 22" (119) *Right behind me*

-Trueline Danny Carey Sig. (6)

well.. that didn't take/cost too long/much. :rolleyes:

btw.. that cost about 7,640 big smackers


BowoW 05-09-2002 07:53 PM

omgosh.. i'm so stupid.. i thought it was dream setup... *smacks in the head* .. geez.. my bad for the waste of space :(


Muffinly 05-10-2002 04:31 PM

I was just thinking... think think think ponder ponder (make thinking noise for full effect) ponder think...
No, I lost the thought!

Insane Drummer 05-10-2002 04:58 PM

k i thought was your kit.. i was like.. whoa

panhead155 05-10-2002 05:28 PM

Hey, I gotta pretty nice set so get ready to read for a minute.. Most of my friends think i'm pretty stupid for spending 2 1/2 summers working to buy this so here goes...

Spaun Maple--Bright Red w/ powder black hardware
18x22 BD
9x10 Tom
14x16 Tom(both Rack toms)
DW Maple Snares 5x14 & 3.5x12

Zildjian Z-Customs
14" Dyno Beat HH
16, 17, & 18" Medium Crashes
20" Ride
18" China

Hardware & Pedals (All DW)
5002 AD Delta II BD Pedal
5500 TD Delta II HH Stand
9303 Piccolo Snare Stand
9300 Standard Snare Stand
2 Tom/Cymbal Combo Stands
1 Dbl Boom Stand
1 Boom Stand

Accesories.. Heads etc..
Evans Black Heads on All(painted from inside ;)
Humes & Berg Cases for all drums, hw, and cymbals
Ahead, Zildjian, Vic Firth sticks

Pretty Sure that's it

Muffinly 05-10-2002 05:33 PM

Wow! great set!

Opie 05-14-2002 09:56 AM

I have a ten Piece Slingerland set with Remo pinstripe heads...I have Avanti Spash Crash and Hi Hats and a Zildjian China...Thats a funny cymbal! ' getting some Paiste Cymbals soon. I've got a killer bee power pedal(Not sure what brand off the top of my head.) I play with Vic Firth and Vader stix...It's a wicked set I tell you no lies! Hey! All Your Base(freshness?) are Belong to us!lol

Pe@cE OuT

JonnyBoy 05-14-2002 11:43 AM

I have a black Viking (anybody heard of that?) set w/ two toms and two floor toms and then regulat bass, high hat with 14" high hat 16 inch crash and I think its a 20 inch ride. all Paist then I have a really old ride cybal that is HUGE!!! it is more like a gong!! no markings. . . just cracks. just got a stand for it off of Ebay.
anyway thats it! I don't know I don't really play drums I just got them in case sombody forgot there drums for a jam session

have fun

Spud 05-14-2002 11:56 AM

I just play a tama rockstar dx kit, with various cymbals and toys, but my friend has a kille kit! He bought a Peavey kit, i know what your thinking, and put it out of your mind, this kit is studio quality. I have never heard a better kit, and i've played lots of kits, from sonor to gretsch. But i guess for 10,000 it should be nice eh?

BowoW 05-14-2002 03:50 PM


Originally posted by Spud
But i guess for 10,000 it should be nice eh?

i would certainly hope so... geez.. with 10,000.. u might as well buy my dream set. :D


H.M. Murdock 06-15-2002 07:18 PM

I don't think 10 G's would buy my dream kit. :D:D:D:D:D:D

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