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Tiznobias 10-09-2001 02:15 PM

Describe your Drum Setup!!!
I can't believe there wasn't a thread for this already!

Ok, what kind of setups do you guys have? I'll go first then....

-Pearl Export 7-piece, white.
-Pearl rack, all Pearl hardware
-Pearl Powershifter II kick pedal
-Remo Pinstripe heads, 'cept the snare, its got some batter head.
-Zildjian Mastersound 14 inch high-hats
-Zildjian A Custom Crash, 15 inch i think
-Zildjian Thin Crash 17 inch
-Zildjian A Custom Splash, 12 or 13 inch
-Zildjian Splash 10 inch
-Zildjian A Custom Ride 20 inch
-Nylon tipped wood stick, dunno what brand
-Pearl seat

Ok, your turn!

P.S. Anyone got opinions on a good snare? I'm not too hot on mine...

Insane Drummer 10-09-2001 07:37 PM

i got

mapex V 5 peice kit
sabian B8 20 in ride
sabian B8 18 in crash ride
sabian B8 14 in hi hats
cracked sabian B8 8 in splash
wuhan 12 in china
wuhan 12 in splash
LP tambouine
toca 9 1/2 in cowbell
rythem tech clave bell ( i don't use it much but it was on sale for $2)
hardware is about 5 or 6 differnt brands
drum sticks promark oak 5b wood tip (same kind of sticks david from third day uses just if for some reson y'all care)

JT 10-09-2001 07:45 PM

Tama Rockstar 7pc (10/12/13/14/16)
a buncha Tama/Gibralter hardware on a Gibralter rack
Some cool Pearl hihat stand
DW5000 kick pedal
Paiste Signature hats
Paiste Signature 16" power crash
Paiste 502 16" crash
Paiste 502 16" power crash (use it as a ride)
Paiste 2002 10" splash
Paiste Colorsound 18" china
Zildjian 22" some kinda ride
Zildjian A 15" paper thin crash
some funny little 4/6/8 inch accent cymbals i got cheap on eBay
some chimes

Squeak286 10-09-2001 08:24 PM

Yamaha Stage Custom (the older discontinued one)

toms(evans G2 batters, 1 ply remo resonant):

snare(evans super tough, batter evans side 400 resonant) 6.5x14

bass(evans eq2 batter, remo 1-ply resonant) 16x22

Zildjian ZBT
10" splash
14" hihats
16" crash (six cracks, one more than an inch long!)
20" ride

Yamaha hardware

Insane Drummer 10-16-2001 02:28 PM

i forgot to say my drum heads are

on the toms

Evans genera G2 2 ply

on the snare

Remo power stroke 3 2 ply

on the bass

i have no idea whatever kinda of heads come with mapex drum kits

+Donny 10-16-2001 07:38 PM

Pearl Export series(SWEET black heads and black shells) 5 piece
2 mounted toms
1 floor tom
bass drum

Premier Snare

Saluda 10 Splash

Zildjian Platinum
22 ride
14 high hats
17 crash

Paiste 16 crash

Insane Drummer 10-18-2001 11:00 AM

black drum heas SWEET my set is black hey what color is the rest of y'alls sets

Unregistered 10-19-2001 05:16 AM

Um, PREMIER 5 piece, chopped down to a 4 piece.

Snare, Bass, One Tom, Floor Tom.

Hi-hat, Ride, Ride Crash, Crash.

"Quiet" sticks, both smashed to pieces, playing with just the handles at the moment, Oops :)


Drumin4thecross 11-05-2001 04:43 PM

Ok here goes..

I'm using my dad's set at the moment, however, I will be getting a Tama Starclassic Performer kit in the near future.

My current set up:

7 pc. Rogers XP-8 Series Drums (80's series, all maple shells)


14x22 kick
5x14 Dynasonic snare

Heads are Remo- Power dots on toms and bass (I'm gonna get pinstripes soon), Coated ambassador on the snare.

Hardware is Rogers/Tama (including Iron Cobra pedal)

Cymbals (Old A Zildjian/Sabian)-

14" Sabian AA regular hats
13" Zildjian crash
16" Zildjian crash
18" Zildjian crash
22" Zildjian ride (soon replaced)

It's kind of an old set, but it has a great sound.

Squeak286 11-06-2001 05:22 PM

hey i got a new crash, A Zildjian Medium-Thin 16" (very nice!)

anyway, Tiznobias, for a good snare I'd say go with DW or pork pie.

expensive but worth! probably $300-$500

Tup 11-07-2001 04:22 PM

I gata simple setup
I gata simple setup :D Pearl 1999 export Pro. standered 2 mounted toms on basedrum, 1 floor tom 16 in. 5 by 14 anare. cheap zilgen scyther hihghats, gona get som new ones, pearls and gibralter hardware, 20 in. B8 ride 10 in. Pro Splash 14 in. Pro Crash, 16 in. B8 crash 18 in. Pro crash, all sabian except for gay hihg hats., i am thinking about gettin a tama set.

acura8591 11-13-2001 10:20 PM

Tama Kit
Magenta Wood

Generic HI-Hat
Tama Snare
Generic 14" Crash Cymbal

Tama Toms


Tama Kick Drum

Not sure about the heads! It isn't my kit. Just the one I use. I play in my best friends ska band.

Madman_Andy 11-15-2001 02:56 PM

Brand of snares...
I prefer Mapex snares, though DW stuff is sweet, you have to be rollin' in the dough to get DW stuff, though.
I also started out playin' on a Thor snare, nice sound... when I could keep it tuned!

MikeyStix 12-05-2001 06:24 AM

Hi Everyone.
Here's my first post on this site WOO HOOO!
Anyway....My drum set-up;

Yamaha Stage Custom (the discontinued one) in Raven Black
It's the standard Rock 5 piece.

12 and 13 toms with 16 floor tom and 22 bass, 5.5 x 14 wood snare.

Normal setup of drums plus:
Ludwig steel snare on the left of the left side hats
15" Zildjian K Dark crash
14" Sabian AAX Stage Hats
16" Sabian AAX Studio Crash
17" Zildjian Rock Crash (A)
12" Sabian AA Splash
21" Sabian AAX Stage Ride
14" Camber Hats (as aux placed over floor tom)
Most hardware is Yamaha with some Pearl and Gibralter mixed in
I play "The Duallist" double bass pedal along with the Yamaha single. I also have a set of RotoToms used sparingly for the reggae stuff we occasionally do.

HolyDaze247 12-31-2001 04:12 PM

i love my DW drums
I have a DW collectors kit. Brought off of EBAY on a Sunday after church (and 3 hours of negotiations with my parents). It's Black satin oil (hand rubbed flat finish) with black hardware.
-18x22 kick drum
-8x10 rack tom
-10x12 rack tom
-12x14 rack tom
-14x16 rack tom
-5.5x13 Dunnet Custom Snare drum with JESUS fish engraved on titanium shell
-20" Sabian El Sabor Ride
-16" Sabian AAX Studio Crash
-16" Sabian AAX Dark Crash
-14" Sabian Dark Crash
-13" Zildjian K/Z HiHats
-10" Paiste Signature Splash
-8" Zildjian K splash
EVANS heads
G2 coated on toms
DW (Remo) heads on bottom
ST Dry on Snare drum
300 Hazy on bottom of Snare
EMAD on kick drum batter head
EQ3 front head with DW logo

:rolleyes: thank you JESUS because I saved $4000 on this kit buying it on EBAY. When you ask he will provide.

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