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Playn4God 09-26-2001 08:19 PM

Yeah, i like the looks of those Takamines, although I am more of a dreadnought person, my Takamine is a dreadnought, and my Taylor that I am getting (finally found it at a price I can afford!) is going to be a dreadnought (but with a cutaway). I personally like the cutaways on dreadnoughts, but apparently Aaron and ihs don't :). well, enough rambling!! Nice guitars everyone!! and ihs, i am going to mess up my keyboard from drooling over your guitars!!


LWatford 09-26-2001 09:07 PM

Where did you wind up?


GMartin2R 09-27-2001 12:34 AM

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Here's my first guitar I actually owned

A Martin D-2R only a few years old 'though

mesabooger 09-27-2001 02:21 AM

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OK, I'm redoing mine cause I redid my guitar room.
Here we go, from left to right:
Ibanez SR-400
Les Paul copy
Peavey Generation custom
Martin DM
La Patri Motif (parlor sized classical)

Playn4God 09-27-2001 06:06 PM

Hey, nice collection!! and finally I saw some Martins, I was wondering if anyone owned Martins! But, me, I am more of a Taylor kinda guy, just about to get a Taylor 310ce :) I'll post a pic of it when I get it. :) BTW, Mesabooger, that is a pretty nice amp!! and I love how you hang your guitars on your wall!! that looks awesome, and the big amp in the middle! looks great!! If only I had enough room left in my room to do that!! but I have only 1 guitar now!

mesabooger 09-28-2001 01:30 AM

Thanks and take your time getting your collection. I just used steel hooks because everyone wants $15 bucks for hangers(each), I'll buy them one by one. If you hang your guitars like this make sure you glue/place a small patch of carpet/thick cloth on the wall where the instrument makes direct contact. If you look at the pic you'll see the patches sticking out at the bottom of each guitar.

CheshireCat 10-02-2001 09:46 AM

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Here's mine:

BrokenMinnow17 10-02-2001 10:57 AM

That is one strange looking guitar, i've never seen anything like that.

CheshireCat 10-02-2001 11:18 AM

I built it.



strummin4him21 10-02-2001 04:56 PM

Well I couldn't get a pic, but here is the link.

R_A_D 10-02-2001 06:10 PM

ok, here are my guitars.<BR>
<img src="" border="0" alt="My guitars, Left to right, Baby Taylor, Taylor 614ce, Taylor 355, bottom, Mid Missouri M-0 Mandolin">
Left to right, they are: Baby Taylor, Taylor 614ce, Taylor 355, and in front is a Mid Missouri M-0 Mandolin. <br>
<img src="" border="0" alt="back of my blue stained flame maple Taylor 614ce, look closely, you can see my daughters reflection"><br>
This is the back of my Blue Stained Flame Maple Taylor 614ce, if you look closely you can see the reflection of my little girl Morgan.

Playn4God 10-02-2001 07:33 PM

wow, nice guitars!!!! I want a Taylor, no, I NEED A TAYLOR!!!! all I can afford is a 310ce, but, still, those sound nice!!

R_A_D 10-02-2001 07:39 PM

Sound nice?? The 310's???
The 310's are Taylor's cheapest solid wood guitar. Aside from the big babies, and the Baby Taylors, both of which have solid tops but veneered sides and backs, there are no Taylors cheaper than the 310's. The are the bottom of the line. AND THEY SOUND AWESOME :) They aren't quite as fancy, they don't have the gloss finish in the sides and backs, no fancy inlays. But they still have awesome selections of solid tone woods throughout. They still have the same unbeatable quality of construction, and that fantastic Taylor neck.

Get your Taylor 310, you will never be unhappy with it. It is better than many guitars that cost much more, made by other companies.

The 310's sound awesome, not just "nice".

I like Taylor guitars....did I mention that?

Playn4God 10-06-2001 12:47 PM

haha, yeah, thats what I meant, the 310s are definately the best guitars I have ever played. after I played my first Taylor, I was hooked on them, i knew that Taylor would be my next brand of choice!!

takamine 10-06-2001 09:55 PM

Looks like Michelle Branch's guitar.....looks nice

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