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Pete_H 09-11-2001 04:10 PM

Picture of your Guitar
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Ok boys and girls, weve' seen the threads about dream guitars and had many discussions about which one is better. I thought it would be nice to show what we are playing. So come on and post a pic of your guitar. Here's mine, nothing fancy it's a Yamaha F-310. It's a basic model, but it sounds good and I got it at a decent price.

Avalanche 126 09-11-2001 06:47 PM

pretty nice, how old is it??? ill put my bc rich up here in a few when i have time.

CynicalRepose 09-11-2001 10:31 PM

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Here's my 1 month 1 week old Gibson studio! well, it's not "mine" but that's what it looks like, except for the fretboard: it's a much darker rosewood, that blends in verrrrry nicely.

Dudes 09-11-2001 10:55 PM

:D This is my somewhat new Telecaster. It is so sweet. It's made from solid carved mahogany with a set mahogany neck, so it is light. Plus it has a through body bridge for added sustain, and humbuckers with just a little bit of dirt in them for some natural overdrive when ran through a clean amp.

canadian A 09-11-2001 11:03 PM

click on the*here* since i can't figure out how to put it right on here ( guess i'm a little technologically challenged)here its the dc-3 not the 56-U3 and its black metalflake:cool:

SnapCase 09-11-2001 11:10 PM

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Heres my Fender Stratocaster!!

Pete_H 09-15-2001 10:30 AM

C'mon guy's, more pics. Hey reeseroper thats an awsome looking LP. Lets some more acoustics, not that I don't like electrics, I just wanna see some more acoustics.

ThirdDay0174 09-15-2001 01:01 PM

1 Attachment(s) an Alvarez


SnapCase 09-15-2001 01:06 PM

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This is my Epiphone Acoustic/Electric:

Justa Graze 09-15-2001 08:19 PM

COOL!!!! I'm glad to see someone else out there plays an Alvarez!!!

alfee 09-16-2001 09:39 AM

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This is my Applause.

Aaron 09-16-2001 02:08 PM

Mine has a pick guard and it's got darker maple. It's called 900 series maple. Other then that it's the same guitar.


Pete_H 09-16-2001 04:32 PM

ahhhhhh a Taylor. I knew you'd put that up Aaron, nice.

Ali4God 09-16-2001 10:51 PM

AH yes, Lord!!!! This bad-boy is what I use to praise my Jesus! It was my birthday present... yay!

Ali4God 09-16-2001 10:52 PM

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i'll try this again......

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