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MJ_Avalanche 05-08-2003 08:50 PM

Opinions about Guitar Center
What do you guys think of the store? I really want to try some Gibsons, but none of the local shops carry 'em. So, I found out that there's a Guitar Center about an hour and a half away.

Just wanted to see what you guys thought about the store in general and that nothings going to be like a rip off or they're gonna wind up not having anything.


DreamChaser 05-08-2003 08:53 PM


I like the place a lot, great selection and stuff - that's where I got my Martin a/e - I wouldnt suggest going there for repairs though.

Guitar MC 05-08-2003 08:55 PM

Where do you live that non of your local stores carry Gibsons? Thats crazy. Anyway, GC has good prices but they dont always take great care of their guitar. They will also push the sale of some things that will get them more money. Don't always trust what the people who work there recomend. If you know what you want the definatly go and try it out there.


Ricky* 05-09-2003 12:14 AM

best store in the world.....


GMartin2R 05-09-2003 02:08 AM


Originally posted by pignose_pickboy
best store in the world.....


for trying stuff. i dont think i'll every buy from them just because of the condition of some of theoir guitars. acoustics especially, but for trying a lot of guitars you really can't go wrong...

Flyguy 05-09-2003 04:55 AM


Originally posted by Guitar MC
Where do you live that non of your local stores carry Gibsons? Thats crazy.

None of my local stores have Gibsons either (except for the pawn shop, and I'm always a little hesitant buying from there).

emo_boy 05-09-2003 06:35 AM

I like it. The selection is awesome. But the closest one to me is I think 3 hours away :(.

Tony 05-09-2003 07:28 AM

In general, I say buy local if you can. Youíre more likely to get better service and a better relationship for future purchases.

But my most recent purchase was from GC, so I canít disqualify them. They do have a lot of stuff, but I tend to agree with Trentís comments. They let their guitars get abused, then try to sell them as new. I find this particularly true with acoustic guitars, so much so that itís hard to tell how the instruments sound because of crappy, old strings.

As a church musician, I often feel like the salespeople there donít know what I want or need, and usually say stuff like ďDude, you can thrash with this!Ē Although to be fair, I got way more of that at Mars Music (rest in peace).

So be judicious in your purchases there. Wise as serpents; gentle as doves.

bobthecockroach 05-09-2003 09:20 AM

Guitar Center matches prices.... so find ads online for guitars you might wanna buy and bring em.. that way you're gauranteed the best price ;)

MJ_Avalanche 05-09-2003 11:50 AM


Originally posted by bobthecockroach
Guitar Center matches prices.... so find ads online for guitars you might wanna buy and bring em.. that way you're gauranteed the best price ;)
Ah... Me like...

And thanx for the infos all! :D

Juninho Afram 05-09-2003 01:31 PM

Guitar Center is the best store in thw whole blue ball!!!! :kgrin:

jbm222 05-09-2003 01:33 PM

They have a great selection. There's a few more brands I wish they'ed carry, like peavey and randall, but there's no other store i've been to that has as many guitars as they do.

Definately go there if your just looking to try out a bunch of guitars. They usaully stock a wide selection of gibson. But if at all possible, buy from a local shop. I would buy amps or effects at GC, but not guitars because most (but not all) of their locations aren't known for repairs. Paying an extra 5% might be worth it some day if something ever goes wrong.

Oh and another thing... a lot of their guitars could be set up a lot better than they are. I picked up an Ibanez JEM at a GC one time and it played like crap because they hadn't taken care of it. So keep in mind that with some setup work, any guitar you play there will play better.

Than 05-09-2003 03:38 PM

Great selection, great prices, but they don't really take care of all their guitars, also the service can be pretty bad. My local shop does free adjustments and string changes if you're so inclined for as long as you have the guitar. They recommend that you bring it in before and after winter here, and they'll set it up for you, they'll also be willing to deal more, and they throw in a hardshell case with the guitar that you buy!

SupaNova 05-09-2003 03:48 PM

I'll just echo everyone else and say that GC is a good place to try out guitars, but I probably wouldn't buy anything else besides accesories there.

Samwise 05-09-2003 07:56 PM

*doesn't have one..goes back to cave*

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