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reags 01-19-2003 02:31 AM

Alrighty, here's the page 2 follow on for updates/new banners from now until this page reaches full.


Clayton 01-19-2003 02:57 AM

last question i hope
where is the website we can pull these of of:kconf:

reags 01-19-2003 03:52 AM

hey clay,

just right click on the banner you want & go to properties. then just highlight the addy there & copy/paste it to your profile.

Guitarguru 01-19-2003 07:51 PM


Originally posted by reags
I couldn't fit 'enemy' in, so i abbreviated it to 'nme'

Ok thanks for the info! And awesome lord of the kings banner lol

Mr. Squeeky 01-19-2003 10:52 PM

I must be such a newbie asking this, but what's the html to put the pic in your sig? Will it conflict with my existing sig? Thanks.

reags 01-19-2003 10:57 PM

hey squeeky,

the html is img src=insertaddress with < & > at start & end of course. it should be the same html as ur current sig.....which btw is huuggeeeee :lol: i think u might have hit the sig limit already with that one

MJ_Avalanche 01-20-2003 08:24 AM

And don't forget the quotation marks before and after the URL of the image!

reags 01-20-2003 09:46 AM

here's one for this morning (2.46am AEST)

mmmmmm shower time

Underhill 01-20-2003 12:16 PM

Can you make one out of this pic?

Kori 01-20-2003 01:51 PM

Until you get around to that custom one, I'm just gonna use this one. The gollum one, only I made the background negative so it doesnt look like three or more people have the same one. :D

reags 01-21-2003 12:15 AM

hey underhill,

ill get onto that when i can.
kori, hehe cool stuff, though nxt time drop us a line b4 editing the file(s) - but no big fuss, thats all good :)

anyways....oooooo thunder & sunshine...thats odd..

reags 01-21-2003 03:35 AM

mmmmm heres a sub-acoustic one for squeaky :kgrin: ...til i think of something better -

well what can i say, im running outta ideas (for now anyways) :keek:

Kori 01-21-2003 02:02 PM


Originally posted by reags
ill get onto that when i can.
kori, hehe cool stuff, though nxt time drop us a line b4 editing the file(s) - but no big fuss, thats all good :)

Sure. Sorry bout that..
Do you think what I requested would be too difficult for you to pull? I might be able to change how I want it to look a little bit, that is if you want it that way... Do you like my avatar? Since my band's name is "Blind Knight", I got a pic of a Knight, I cut the sword out of his hand and put a black fender in his hand! cool eh? lol.

reags 01-21-2003 06:32 PM

hehe yea thats a sweet avy. as for what you requested, can u restate it again here as i got a bit confused before reading it.

cheers :)

Pete_H 01-21-2003 07:45 PM


Originally posted by reags
Here ya go Pete - Strat Your Stuff!


Thanks reags, looks cool. :ksmile:

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