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gg7 12-27-2002 03:14 PM

ah well, i'm still wishing for it now b/c it's not done, heh....unless i have to go out of town for work or get extremely busy here, it should be done in 1-2 weeks...finally...

that timtone is a beautiful looking guitar...except for all those knobs and controls..they take away from the appeal for me..otherwise, wow..

Lightinthedark 12-27-2002 04:03 PM

Definitely the PRS Tremonti model, or the Gibson SG Standard. What the heck, since this is my dream guitar, why not have both, with about 5 quadrillion watts of Marshall power behind 'em. (Tim Taylor grunt)

FTS 12-27-2002 04:55 PM

I would really like to have that PRS Dragon 2k2, and I would like an Ibanez Jem 7VWH, also an Ibanez JS1000.
Umm I'd also like that Gibson ES 335 someone posted earlier... and a Jackson RR1, and a Jackson DKMG.
There are prolly a few other guitars.... I really like the George Benson signature series by Ibanez as well.
I think that's it.
Oh all of them would be custom modified to my specs as well

GMartin2R 12-28-2002 01:16 AM

either a fender american fat strat w fr trem or a martin dxm121... depending on the sound. i played one a while back that beat the competition hands down.

Griffon 12-28-2002 02:25 PM


Originally posted by gg7
that timtone is a beautiful looking guitar...except for all those knobs and controls..they take away from the appeal for me..otherwise, wow..
awww...I like switches and knobs...but that's just me...but yeah, that's a very nice guitar

I've actually looked into doing a Warmoth project though, make sure to tell us how yours turns out.

Reuben 12-28-2002 04:49 PM

ooh, wait... I sorta changed my mind. I think I would go with the Gibson CS-336. It's like a scaled down version of the ES-335. I would still want it in Beale Street Blue, though.


PianoMan 12-28-2002 06:46 PM

man, I was at Guitar Center a few hours ago and they had this beautiful guitar on display...

NathanGrimm 12-29-2002 12:43 AM

Did they let you take it for a test drive? :D

PianoMan 12-29-2002 09:30 AM

I wish, it was locked away in a glass display case.

BluesJunkie 12-29-2002 07:31 PM

I want and need a goldtop Les Paul. 12-29-2002 08:05 PM

my dream guitar is a PRS custom 22 with dragon two pickup's and dr string's a fat neck man i want it so but but i had to choose a mesa boogie triple rectifier over it *cry's* im gonna get it in a year tho *smiles* :D

Mr. Squeeky 12-29-2002 08:17 PM

Hmmmmm either a Koa Grand Auditorium Taylor or a '76 Rodriguez Brazilian Rosewood and Western Red Cedar classical.

selfsame singer 12-29-2002 11:23 PM

My friend has (I think it's a fender) nighthawk. They don't make them anymore. Infact they didn't make many. But thay are freak'n cool. Other than that I'd get a good Les Paul.

reags 12-31-2002 12:26 AM

<img src=>

Michael 12-31-2002 09:35 AM

Taylor 900 series or Taylor Presentation Series
or Maybe a Martin D-28...ahh :cool:


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