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Soft Ear 07-07-2001 04:44 AM


How's it going? Hope to post more messages in the near future...



:) :p :cool: :eek: :rolleyes: ;) :o

ThirdDay0174 07-07-2001 07:49 AM

Hey Man! Welcome to "da' BOARDS"! lol :p anyway, yeah you'll have tons of fun here, and hopefully learn a lot too. if you have any questions, give me a ring. (or a pm actually):p

MrCrabby 07-07-2001 01:14 PM

Welcome Soft Ear!

Have a great time here.

skilar 07-13-2001 03:39 PM

These boards are a great resource for me and a lot of other people. Hope you like 'em!

SenorPapaCabasa 07-13-2001 04:00 PM

Welcome....aussies rule!

kwikemartownr 07-13-2001 06:11 PM

Oh yeah, Aussies rule!

Aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi!
Aussie aussie aussie, OI OI OI!

(sorry if I spelled it wrong ;))

Peace Bw/u,

MrCrabby 07-13-2001 09:39 PM

Is it "oi" or "oy?"

Playn4God 07-18-2001 04:31 PM

Yes, we have another Australian! G'day mate, and welcome to the boards!!

For_Him 09-04-2001 06:25 AM

G'day too....
Hi there.... I'm Deasy and just got here a few minutes ago.. i.e. a newbie ;) ...... I read the "G'day" sign and say to myself.. hah.. this must be other kanggaroians.. hahahaha...:D
Me too are from Melbourne...
So... how's Aussie goin today...??? Melbourne is finee... as usuall.. ready for GOd's movement..... yeahhhh.... this city is only 4 HIM!....

Looking forward to hear from you, Bro/Sis....:D

Keep praying for Aussie and we see things that yet unseen...

'Sis in Christ!

Adam 09-17-2001 06:14 PM

Hey! Welcome.

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