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thesteve 09-12-2002 11:13 PM

The only difference I would think would exist from the "crunch" sound might be because of the pickup difference. Gibson is known for using hotter humbuckers than Fenders.

If you had a Fat Strat and put in say...a Seymour Duncan or an EMG you'd get all the "crunch" you'd want probably.

jarhead 09-16-2002 09:23 PM


Originally posted by Pete_H
I hear this arguement all the time and laugh. Am I missing something?:kconf: I thought you get great crunch sounds from an amp and any distortion effects that are plugged in. I guarantee you I can get the same crunch sounds, or probably as close to the same sounds as anyone. I will admit as I stated in a previous post the LP's have better sustain, but this argument that the guitar has great crunch sounds is laughable.

Thats just your opinion

Yep you are missing something, diffrent guitars are made out of diffrent wood. The wood can have a BIG effect on the crunch of a guitar. Sure you can get your fat strat to have the same crunch as a les paul but you'll have to buy a more expensive pedal, thicken in up way to much at the expensive of your highs and mid-tones, or find another solution. Given the same effects pedals, same amps, and what not I think you'll find the Les Paul much more versatile, I know i do.

Guy 09-18-2002 09:38 AM

I dont think the argument is that a paul has a thicker tone... thats just common sense. Its all personal preference... I prefer a strat.

cloakerz 09-18-2002 09:41 PM

dude, get a usa made hamer. Half the price of a les paul and 5
times the quality. I bought a used studio custom for 850 and
it plays better than a 2500 les paul.

Guy 09-18-2002 11:30 PM

Yeah man, I've heard good things about those hamers. I havent played one yet but they look nice.

emo_boy 09-21-2002 02:08 PM

What about tele's? They are awesome!

thesteve 09-21-2002 03:28 PM

teles are great...but that has nothing to do with thep post :ksmile:

Miscellaneous 09-21-2002 04:07 PM


Originally posted by cloakerz
dude, get a usa made hamer. Half the price of a les paul and 5
times the quality. I bought a used studio custom for 850 and
it plays better than a 2500 les paul.

haha dude read my thread a little further down. i got a usa hamer centaura for 350 bucks

obahdiah 09-21-2002 05:39 PM

Even though its between Strats and Les Pauls, I used to be a tele man and take them over either but strats have grown on me and am probably getting a 60's strat soon!

Miscellaneous 09-21-2002 05:42 PM

welcome obahdiah!

JohnSteenland 09-21-2002 05:51 PM


sorry but i have played strats and i've played les pauls. personally i like the les paul sound and style altough it does seem to slide when you're playing it unlikke the strats. oh well personal opinion and if i was gonna buy a guitar i'll go with an epiphone les paul. they sound tight!!! i have a friend who's got a fender american strat. yah the $800 one and another friend with a squier affinity strat. the affinity sounds tons better. why don't ask me but anyways... laterz...

BowoW 09-24-2002 07:57 PM

The FIREBIRD .. as Johnny Winters would say *not really a quote.. I can't memorize stuff :D * ' [The Firebird] is the best of both worlds, it has the reputation of the Gibson but plays like a Fender more than any other Gibson guitar'.

But once I play a Firebird I'll actually talk about it :p

I think the two guitars have too many differences to say 'what's better'.

The Les Paul has that meaty, nice disortion/overdrive and thick tone but has no twang.. doesn't make it distinct enough to make it interesting.

The strat has that crispy treble sound and that unbelievably awesome twang. It can have that nice reverby sound, but it's not really known for that. the Strat also can be soooo very versatile, it lets you explore different types of music without having to buy a new guitar (maybe new parts; ex: floyd rose whammy)..

but I think the strat is kinda boring looking, the Les Paul looks so .. I dunno.. I guess 'interesting'. The shape and the awesome colors (desert burst/vintage sunburst rocks :) ).

BUT .. I prefer strats, they is cool :yep:


BowoW 09-24-2002 07:59 PM

I contradicted myself :rofl:


yeah yeah, I have no life.. just rub it in :mad:


emo_boy 10-01-2002 09:39 AM


Originally posted by Justa Graze
When I think of a Strat, I think of heavy distortion and hard rock.

When I think of the Les Paul, I think of blues and classic rock.

To me, they're like apples and oranges. Yes they're both fruits, but they taste completely different.

That's funny, I always thuaght opposite of that!

BowoW 10-01-2002 12:51 PM

LOL.. I didn't notice that :D.

Yeah, I always figured les pauls were for the rockers.. strats the blues and such.


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