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Samuel 08-05-2002 07:10 PM

Has this ever happened to you?
one day when i was playing guitar/singing, after about 30 minutes my throat became really tense and it was really difficult to try to sing. i've asked some people about why this happened to me and the answer that i have been getting is that i am only using my throat to sing rather than using my diaphragm. i was just wondering if you guys have ever run into this problem and if you have, how long does it take for the tenseness to go away. thanks

robert4xst 08-06-2002 09:53 PM

I think everyone has this problem at one point in time. Now for the time for it to go away, thats never a set point in time. Every time I strained my voice it usually went away in a day or two, but some people I know it takes a week or two. It depends on you.

nix 08-14-2002 04:01 AM

Yeah..... definatly happens to me..... I used to (and sometimes still do) sing with my throat rather than using my diaghragm. It's really not good using your throat because you can damage your vocal chords..if you do find yourself doing this then try not to strain your voice.


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