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Mickey 06-11-2002 04:58 AM

Pax217 - Engage
1. Tonight
2. Engage
3. Voices
4. I'll See You
5. PSA
6. Move On This
7. Fly Away
8. Yesterday
9. Melody
10. What Is Love
11. Dream Away
12. Coutin' Down The Days

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orangey47 06-21-2002 10:37 AM

What can I say? This will be one of the best albums of the year for sure! It shows how much Pax 217's music has matured over these 3 years since TWOSEVENTEEN was written, and it is absolutely awesome! Every song on the record makes you want to play it over and over again. It has a ton of emotion woven into every track and I haven't taken it out of my CD play since I bought it! The music on ENGAGE is definetly the music that you would hear from a live concert with Pax, and I recommend it to everyone!

OneWithTheMud 07-20-2002 02:29 PM

This CD ROCKS! It's my favorite CD and I never get tired of it. I'm constantly listening to it.

Jango Maul 07-20-2002 07:50 PM

This cd is awesome. I constently listen to it. PAX217 has shown now that they have a cd worth listening through it all over and over. Get this cd if u r lookin for a great group to listen to and if u r just tryin to find some new types of music. its truly an awesome cd.

Jfreak 08-13-2002 08:52 AM

This was good. BUT! there first CD "Twoseventeen" was a whole lot better. This has couple of good songs, but I dunno there 1st just seemed to have alot more emotion and the guitar parts were simple but ropcked..Anyway good CD, support em' and buy it !


pax217chikk 09-27-2002 05:07 PM

engage is awesome
wuts up everyone!!! as u can see by my username I'm a HUGE Pax217 fan!!! both of thier albums were awesome but i think engage is a lot more powerful and has much more emotions in it like the song "wut's love" i think more peepz can realte to this album and its by far a 10!!!! its a 100 on my list:D peace out!!!

Ill Poet 10-19-2002 04:16 PM

engage is much better than their first one,even though they got no song as dope as A.M.,but they get a bit more deep as far as lyrics and theme goes."What is Love",really powerful song,a lot of emotions be packed in it,definitely the best from the album,I haven't heard such a broken song since Plumb's "Damaged"
This one is straight for your collection

NobleWard 12-19-2002 01:10 AM

I remeber the first time I heard the name "Pax217". It was the first youth convention I went to. I came in as an Atheist and went out a believer. Two groups were playing live concerts at the end of the covention (Among Thorns had played worship all weekend, so I did get my fill..) who happend to be John Reuben and Pax 217. I unfortunately had to sit (rather, bounce as my heart beat against my chest as the bass beat my lungs in) through the John Reuben concert and didn't get the chance to see Pax live. Later on in life, I have purchased their Engage CD, still recognizing the name from two years past. All in all, nice stuff. The punk sound is undeniably there, which can be a bad thing since I never dug on punk. I do like the guitar work on songs like "Melody" and the emotion of songs like "What is Love" (still makes me mad listening to it...). I give the CD an 8, as I'll probably outgrow the sound as I mature in age (unless Pax decides to continue mature themselves) and I just can't listen to a punk sounding CD for an extended period time lest I start thrashing around my room like a maniac in unbridled craziness.

Deren 01-17-2003 02:37 PM

Hey all,

The new CD Engage is pretty good, although I found that I liked the first one (Twoseventeen) better because it had more of that Rega roots feel to it. It also had more vairity in the guitar sound (clean and delay) as opposed to mostly all out distortion on the Engage CD.
I do have to say that the new CD is very good though. Melody is my favourite song so far. Pax does allot more rappin on this CD and give it a more hardkore feel (which I like)
Overall I'd give this CD a 9. Goodstuff.


Jonular 03-02-2003 11:07 PM

It's a CD you must buy! Not one of my very very top favorites (I have like only three of those), but it's one of my top favorites. ;) There's great talent in these guys.

My favorite songs on ENGAGE: Tonight, Voices, PSA, Yesterday, Melody, What is Love


IndoGuy 04-07-2003 04:06 AM

I give this album a 6. It has a few good songs but I don't really enjoy their style of music..but if you it is much better than their previous albums..

punker15 05-06-2003 07:08 PM

ohh man!!! this is the coolest cd ever. i love the reggae feel and then heavy punk chorus.

i give it a 10!

engage and let your voice be heard!

Val the Bunny 06-07-2003 01:11 AM

this cd is excellent!! :kduh: *drools* i just love pax217. they're an amazing band with lots of energy-driven songs and live performances.

you range from the peppy rock/rap songs like "tonight", "PSA", and "melody", to the slower lyrically influenced songs like "i'll see you" and "move on this"... to the very edgy and emotional "what is love".

pax has got it all and i love them to death. :) definetely give this cd a shot, you'll love it.


Ilikehardrock 01-17-2004 07:12 PM

This cd sounds pretty good, with the rapping and the punk style choruses. I really liked Melody and What is Love. The choruses on PSA and Engage are really good too. I give it an 8. If you like this cd you might want to check out the band Pillar too. peace

Art 01-17-2004 08:55 PM

I bought it and quickly became disinterested. This band is much much better live. I love their live shows. Their CDs are mediocre.

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