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rockdonnystyle 04-29-2002 04:17 PM

Taylor Guitar Enthusiasts!
Hey, I'm new to the forum, and I just wanted to know how many Taylor freaks are out there! I have a K14c on the way, and I'm goin crazy waiting for it! anyways! peace out!

In Christ <><


greenmonk 04-29-2002 09:53 PM

Hey! It's rockdonnystyle from the TGF! Welcome. It's jmeinel from the TGF here. You'll also probably hear from Aaron soon. Glad to see you aboard.

Jennifer :kduh:

rockdonnystyle 04-29-2002 09:58 PM

hey Jennifer...nice ta see ya in here! Not just for Taylor support, but for God support!!:D

see ya round yo!

In christ<><


Aaron 04-29-2002 10:20 PM

I'm here. Gots a 614ce and a 455ce. PS10, K20ce and Liberty Tree guitar soon. Ummmmm....okay maybe not but ithey're in my dreams anyway! lol Those guitars only add up to about $25,000. No problem!


PS I hope you stick around Don! I could use some help bragging about Taylors. lol

greenmonk 04-29-2002 10:38 PM

You know....I think Aaron is sneaking in my dreams. He's stolen all of my guitar ideas. hehehe :klol: He just forgot to add a 914c-ltd(coming next year) or a pre-2002 914c (only with the cindy inlay) and a DDSM. Just the thought of those guitars is making me drool. :kshock: I'll be back after I wipe my mouth. :D

Jennifer :kduh:

Aaron 04-29-2002 10:42 PM

For some reason I want to get a PS10 koa. Maybe I could buy one used. Save my pennies!


greenmonk 04-29-2002 10:48 PM

it's definitely cheaper then the brazilian...I'd love a brazilian one, but since the brazilian isn't that good anymore I don't know what kind of wood I prefer. Maybe I'll just get an older brazilian Taylor with the really good stuff. Too bad it will only cost me an arm and a leg to do that.

Jennifer :kduh:

Solfide 04-30-2002 06:37 AM

Yo guys! Its good to see the Taylor support steppin out... I have a 2001 614CE with Tobacco Sunburst finish and a Koa on the way.:kcool:

rockdonnystyle 04-30-2002 07:18 AM

whoa whoa...PS SERIES!!! FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!! well I guess I can always sell my car, who needs a car anyways! I wouldn't mind having a PS-14 Brazillian

while I'm at it, I have a few more on my list


haha, TAS never ends

Taylormade 04-30-2002 07:42 AM

Cool!I have been getting and giving tabs here for a while,but never checked out the boards,till i saw the word "taylor"!Nice to see some enthusiasts!I have a 614ce with Quilted Maple back and sides.Love it.Although my first pick woulda been the smaller Grand Concert model,stained blue.Doesn't quite have the same sound as mine though.Anyway,does anyone own a koa?I'm dying to know what they sound like.Light and springy?Full and deep?I know Mac Powell has one,but he seems stuck on his ugly Langjhan.

Peace out!

rockdonnystyle 04-30-2002 09:43 AM

yo Taylormade....the koa sound really depends on the soundboard...if you get the cedar top, it has a really mellow intimate tone, which I am in love with!:kduh:

if you get spruce, it will brighten it up a little, I don't know about the koa top though, I heard the koa top is a really good stage guitar, I guess b/c it cuts thru the mix really well, I'm not exactly sure, I haven't had a chance to play a koa topped guitar yet.

how do you like that 614ce? I'm going to pick one up later in life, I had to make the decision to buy a really great recording/stage guitar, or buy something more, mellowed out, and warm...and I chose the warm! but hey, welcome to the Taylor board!

In Christ <><


nate95366 04-30-2002 10:51 AM


I know Mac Powell has one,but he seems stuck on his ugly Langjhan.
If you had a Langjans guitar, you'd know why he might prefer to play it........even over a Taylor. Del Langjans is one of the finest luthiers in the business. It takes years on a waiting list just to get one of his guitars if you want it custom made for you (and not one he custom made for someone else, which still takes a long time and is still very expensive). As a (maybe even ironic) aside, I purchased my Taylor at Del's shop in Holland, Michigan.


MercyMe 04-30-2002 10:55 PM

RDS (can I call you that??)... I like taylors and everything (got 2 of
'em).. but how can you call langejans ugly?? I love this one below, which you can get at for only $4545.. :)

Aaron 04-30-2002 11:03 PM

What's with the Taylor pickguard??


MercyMe 04-30-2002 11:16 PM

Actually, Del Langejans has been building his guitars since 1971, and has used that same pickguard... Bob Taylor started in 1974. :)

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