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Jeff 04-24-2002 08:07 PM

the freestyle thread
Alright. In this thread, I will give a word. Then, someone writes a poem using that word in it or as the title and leaves a word of his own. The rules are:

1. No religious verse ( this thread is meant to be a mind stretching practice. Many poems here contain religious ideas and even specific mention of God and Christ, but the religious verse I am speaking of is the kind that throws around the same 40 or so churchy phrases in order to make an attempt at worship or witnessing. That kind of verse, though useful and appropriate in its own realm, is not the kind we will be encouraging here. They do not stretch poetic creativity, and would render this excersise useless.

2. No more lists of words. I am making this decision because of confusion over what words use.

3. If your poem was made from a word that came from a list, still leave a word, and continue on from that point. There will be no more " there are still words left on the list " If a list is left, they will be alternate words.

4. A word may be used more than once, but if you write another poem for a word, don't leave another word.

5. Have fun kids ;)

Jeff 04-24-2002 08:08 PM

example of a good topic. Frogs.

froggee501 04-24-2002 08:10 PM

little green hoppers in the lily pond,
talking to the smallest, he will not respond,
talking to the biggest, he just looks and croaks,
Talking to the frogs simply got my socks soaked.

hey, I tried, not feeling too creative.... :rolleyes:

Word: jam

Jeff 04-24-2002 08:19 PM

honey jam
i put it on my ham
then open mouth cram
with sandwich of ham jam, and mayoed spam




Jeff 04-24-2002 08:32 PM

wont you offer a chocobo poem as well ?

Adam 04-24-2002 08:39 PM


Chocobo's the furry thing,
with little black eyes and little wings
they like to race, or fly, or fight,
and dance and play every night
yet they taste delicious when roasted or cooked,
just like chicken, or an elephant's foot
try them with teriyaki, or soy, on rye
whatever it is, you will be satisfied

Wow....genius... :rolleyes:

Next Word...


magidude 04-24-2002 08:39 PM

chocobo i dunno
what it is sounds like a mambo
lou bega knows where it's at
you can tell from his white hat
in the summer time do the number 5
take the rhyme, take the time
time to stop layin down the freestyle
won't pick it up, for quite awhile

magidude 04-24-2002 08:41 PM

I find that disturbing, even though I wrote one. I don't even know what it is.

Jeff 04-24-2002 08:42 PM

the green leaves dance in delight
for magidude wont be back tonight
his freestyle couldn't put up a fight
and the trees are glad to be free of that plight
oh magidude, oh magidude
the trees are waving for you
oh magidude oh magidude,
dont let the door hit you.

froggee501 04-24-2002 08:48 PM

by Emma Catherine Tucker

stuck on the freeway, 5 o clock at night
wishing to get home to turn out that light
needing precious sleep, but on the road I'm stuck,
blocking out the memories of today's drivel and muck.
Stuck between two cars from japan, not uncle sam
feeling like a blob of sticky gooey jam
Stuck between two pieces of bread,
Frustration echoing through my head
Clear the road, I wanna get home!

new word: versatile

magidude 04-24-2002 08:48 PM


*reels in agony from arrow through heart, he thought himself quite the freestylist*


Jeff 04-24-2002 08:49 PM


froggee501 04-24-2002 08:49 PM


Originally posted by JeffboWilson
the green leaves dance in delight
for magidude wont be back tonight
his freestyle couldn't put up a fight
and the trees are glad to be free of that plight
oh magidude, oh magidude
the trees are waving for you
oh magidude oh magidude,
dont let the door hit you.

:p cute :p

magidude 04-24-2002 08:51 PM

If I had just put the commas in, it would have sounded better (still bad, but better)

Jeff 04-24-2002 08:52 PM

from social races
searching for the center
on stage
my many maske'd characters
prove vital, versatile
and in the reunion, the education, the shrift
my masks at ready hide the tears
the happy-coughs
or bent mouths in either direction
and my projection saves
the cost of honesty
with frightening

Jeff 04-24-2002 09:00 PM



froggee501 04-24-2002 09:11 PM

by Emma Catherine Tucker

waterfall of preteen girls clamoring after boy bands
starry eyed teenagers: "I'm your number one fan!"
Druggie with his smoke in hand: "get the **** away.
Don't come round here bothering me, less you'd like to pay."
little kidís got their blankie firmly in their grip
alcoholic grabs the bottle, takes another sip
abuser kicks the victim lying on the floor,
grampa wants to walk out of the house, past that wooden door.
many times a person may have an obsession,
Itís up to them, to themselves, to make a confession.

froggee501 04-24-2002 09:12 PM

word: spinning

Jeff 04-24-2002 09:19 PM

bottles spinning
on hardwood floors
nerve-sweat-watered preteens
eating party hors dervoirs
pick muh me!
commanding the bottle
for suzy lu's kiss
the eyes spin with rotating cap
of 3 deathmatched pairs

Jeff 04-24-2002 09:19 PM


froggee501 04-24-2002 09:26 PM

by Emma Catherine Tucker

Waking, back to the wooden floor
with the sleeping bag curled round you
Over your head, the expanse of the sky
with the sun breaking to the side anew

Shimmering colors in the sky, many hues
the wild surrounding the site
Sleepy yawns groaning from the girls
as morning arises from the night

The chill wind waking you suddenly,
the dew drops moisten your hair,
Yet ignorance greets these peeves,
As you breathe in that morning air.

The forest all around you and your friends
as youíve slumbered under the stars
Awaking to the gorgeous time
of the natureís morning, unmarred.

word: assurance

Jeff 04-25-2002 04:42 AM

restless assurance
speculation is mine
the sureness of confusion
sure to follow in its definitive unsureness
the realistic paradox
oxy- am I a moron?
oh reality! less real in my own mind . . .
my perceptions could be flawed
though unrelentingly
He forces
like a tyrant God
my mind breaks these
knees that bow not
and definition
presupposition forced
cannot take hold of what might be true
what might be true?
how vexed is human
my human comprehension
lone assurance
in troubled soul
that assurance will never

Jeff 04-25-2002 04:42 AM



Unregistered 04-25-2002 01:42 PM

there is meaning to this choas
order in the insane
reality in the unreal
comfort inside this pain
there is meaning to this riddle
light inside the cave
saftey in the battle
peace inside the grave

Unregistered 04-25-2002 01:43 PM

word - deception

froggee501 04-25-2002 03:45 PM

by Emma Catherine Tucker

The mask
Pulled down over the face of one to be
in a masquerade, or perhaps to flee
the world, being one you can not see.

The hood
Covering the head, shading the eyes,
Making it hard to see through the disguise,
To hide yourself so: is that wise?

The garb
Hiding the body from view, the costume
masking the person like paint or perfume,
Creating a new character for one to assume.

Found in many ways, so often physical,
To hide that which one might other wise recall,
To make the lie seen, and the truth seem small.

froggee501 04-25-2002 03:46 PM

word: rememberance

leahsplace 04-25-2002 04:13 PM

haven't tried one yet...but I'm using a new try it too:nine

It's nine
almost time
to step into your mind
to leap from the ground
at the first alarming sound
there is five left of nine...
soon it will be ten
then I will be out of here
soon I'll come again
the best thoughts come at nine
maybe tomorrow I can ryhme

okay so maybe it is corny


Jeff 04-25-2002 05:22 PM

I'm sorry. But that isnt how it works. If you want to be allowed to offer a word, give a meaning poem.

Jeff 04-25-2002 05:24 PM

rather, rememberance

Jeff 04-25-2002 05:28 PM


The banshee haunts
with quiet, chilling
she raises her voice
in quiet chilling
the Ice Cold beams
of steel'ed spikes
that hold me captive even now
the tower's cold stone walls
keep not safe and not free
while dancing with the clouds
my remembrance banshee
to let the ghosts
the banshees I have created
leave me in my tower of
Ice Cold Stone
is beyond my power
with the
unliftable stone I have created.
oh leave me alone!!

leahsplace 04-25-2002 05:33 PM

sorry to disturb your game.

word: meaningless

Jeff 04-25-2002 05:34 PM

I was just kidding. :) ::hug::

tropicana 04-25-2002 05:38 PM

My word is "Anklet"
A gentle band of silver,
Glitters 'round my foot,
It makes not noise,
Nor taste nor smell,
So not you, but only I can tell,
It hasn't fallen off.


Jeff 04-25-2002 05:40 PM

People. The point of this game is to expand your mind when it comes to writing topics. Doing a poem about your own word defeats the purpose. You do a poem on another word in the thread, then offer a word.

leahsplace 04-25-2002 06:10 PM

word:meaningless's okay I did not do it right...
::hug back:::D

leahsplace 04-25-2002 06:14 PM

rememberance can be a wreched thing
if you're longing, yearning, aching for lost time
rememberance can be a pleasant thing
if you had beautiful dreams..but let go with a sigh
rememberance can be a lovely thing
if you have something worth remebering
rememberance can be a sardonic thing
if your past is worth mocking


Jeff 04-25-2002 06:22 PM

Meaningless! Meaningless!
the meaning my wise-mind
wiseman chants
meaning is found to be without foundation
though self holding
it never falls
but I fall
in meaning's search
for to assail
the foundationless stone
leaves me resting on it
and forced into
leaves the wise man unwise

tropicana 04-25-2002 06:22 PM

OK.... so the word is "meaningless".... lol...
I see their faces,
Such as those of broken dolls,
with shattered bodies
and stained rags.
Such destitution,
Lacks a word.
Though violence is how they think,
Their pale hands
red with another's blood,
Some how they survive
Trudging through every day,
But all in their being,
They do not live.
They do not dent the world.
They have breath,
Yet no life.
They have words,
But no eloquence.
They have the mind,
But it is decaying.
What is the point to live
If life has no meaning?

Wow! that was AWFUL! anyways.... at least I tried on topic :)

Jeff 04-25-2002 06:24 PM

word: rules

froggee501 04-25-2002 06:43 PM

Here's one I wrote a long time ago when I was mad at my teacher for giving us so many rules that we had to follow, that it didn't even seem like MY poem anymore.

by Emma Catherine Tucker

I am who I am,
Not a Dixie or a Pam
With my own mind and thoughts
And ideas that can't be bought.
I make my own creation in everything I do,
But it gets really hard when I am blocked by you.

and here's my improv one...

by Emma Catherine Tucker

The free spirit, floating from word to word
Dreaming of future
So much gained in what they have done
So much more to nurture

Then the restrictions lay down around
The spirit's feet
Black, strong, slick and hard cords
Bind the beat

Now impossible to float on the wind
Dreaming of more
Until they realize that they've been left
one little door

The rules and restrictions bind the soul
into so small
But when they learn to truly fly, to rewind
They've got all

Jeff 04-25-2002 06:46 PM

word please.

froggee501 04-25-2002 07:43 PM

sorry, mom was bothering me to get OFF....... but I'm back on, for a few minutes... anytime someone doesn't leave a word though, remember that there are some unused words on here....

word: lace

Jeff 04-25-2002 07:48 PM

I'm going to leave this one for someone else. I am basking in the "having written" stage for a day or so.

froggee501 04-25-2002 07:54 PM

lol.... can you put up some words that I can do? :) I'm bored, and I want to procrastinate from my paper. :D :lol:

Jeff 04-25-2002 08:19 PM


froggee501 04-26-2002 01:25 PM

by Emma Catherine Tucker

Paper is a substance to touch
- - -one to physically feel
And when you've got a pen in your hand
- - -you've got an awesome deal!
Papers and pen enable you
- - -to write some awesome stuff
Everything goes, songs and poems
- - -even some mindless fluff!
Ready, set, go! Write something now!
- - -And when you are done, take your bow.


Jeff 04-26-2002 10:00 PM

word please

froggee501 04-27-2002 05:44 PM


Originally posted by JeffboWilson
word please
my old one, "lace" still stands, because nobody's done it. :)

Jeff 04-27-2002 06:58 PM

lacey curtains
fringe minds
of the fringe minded
mindless-lace conquers
the priorites of she
is lacey in the finest
sense a confusedness
about her that is
normal despite its strangeness
nay, in its strangeness
that envelopes her
lacey generation
fancy-frilly delicate
fly away on
air lightness that flows
through the patterned
holes in your mind
My confused, delicate girl
try not to think.

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