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froggee501 04-29-2002 05:31 PM

word: common

AznSkaterChick 04-29-2002 05:32 PM


Originally posted by JeffboWilson

She put on her hat,
tried to look phat,
walked out the door,
with that look in her eyes -
confusion, a cover of confidence
shadowing her fear,
and her intelligence.
she walked past smokers, druggies and snobs
she passed up an opportunity to go out wiht "bob"
she knew that was not the place to be seen
she knew a better way to be the popularity queen.

well that was certainly horrible

new topic...

AznSkaterChick 04-29-2002 05:34 PM

ok - never mind..."common"

froggee501 04-29-2002 05:38 PM


Originally posted by AznSkaterChick
ok - never mind..."common"
don't worry about it...... since I gave the word common, and you gave basketball, I can do basketball, and you can do common. :D There are extra words floating around in here, it's no problem to have an extra word, because then there is extra inspiration

Summary: don't worry honey! :)

Insane Drummer 04-29-2002 08:22 PM

i geuss i'll throw out another word.....

WORD ------- insanity

Sarah 04-29-2002 08:35 PM

chaos reigns
causing great pains
through the lanes
of people's memories
wreak havoc mayhem senseless shame
unto all upon the numerous plains
nothing is tame
nothing the same
insanity a good thing?
maybe i'ts just a fling,
or is it,
it's starting to feel like the pits
where's everyone gone
and then it dawns
this insanity
this calamity, look where it's lead
it's time for bed
now shed
the thoughts of the dead
like i said,
it's all in your head.

hehehe *sigh that was fun, how about cookies...

Jeff 04-30-2002 10:17 AM

I like big cookies
and I just
can't lie
all the kiddies
they can't deny
when mom walks in
with a chaclatety face
big round tub of chocalate chip
you you get HUNG-ry

worship4him 04-30-2002 10:35 AM

need a new word????????
did yall quit already

Jeff 04-30-2002 10:38 AM

ah. saint.

worship4him 04-30-2002 10:47 AM

lets see
Peter and Paul
Didnt they say it all
Matthew and Luke
Now there is no fluke

Jesus our friend died for us all
And the Saints of God died for the cause.

Is that OK????



Insane Drummer 04-30-2002 11:00 AM

whats with all the sports.....

Jeff 04-30-2002 11:01 AM

1. no
2. UGH!!! SPORTS!!!! I'm gonna go find a different word from the extras to do.

Insane Drummer 04-30-2002 11:06 AM

yeah sports are hard to get a good poem from.... how 'bout i just throw out a new word......

WORD - Martyrs

worship4him 04-30-2002 11:06 AM

man i see that my first post was not that wecome.

Ok them how bout


Scott 04-30-2002 03:23 PM

How simple to be seen
How normal to be heard
Anyone can show strength
How strong to be weak

The wise whisper
Silence glistens
The great are unknown
To all but themselves
And those who are shown

ehhh, i dunno, I think i'll stick to songs.....

new word : epiphany

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