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Twix 10-27-2019 08:42 AM

CBD oil
I'm too lazy to search if there's a thread for it here already but i'm just curious if anyone has tried CBD oil for anxiety and depression?

Eager student here :) thanks!

Leboman 10-27-2019 11:50 AM

I personally haven't but know several people who swear by it.

Twix 10-28-2019 10:15 AM

I've read the reviews and they're almost 5 stars in some of the online stores I've looked at. I want to take it for myself and to my dogs as well. I just don't know where or what to buy. I don't want to accidentally buy something that has THC. Here in Oregon, since weed is legal, there are a lot of stores... i'm just too intimidated to go in there and ask :D I wonder if there are any here who's taking it and what brand and tips on how to avoid the kind that can give a high.

Thanks again!

Almost Enough 11-02-2019 11:38 PM

I use CBD for similar reasons as well as physical pain in my back. CBD doesn't have the intoxicating effect that is associated with THC.

I was super intimidated the first time I went to purchase but ended up learning a lot. I would ask someone that partakes if they have a recommended store to visit that's good working with noobs. Or search for leafly. Their website is great if you don't want to ask someone in person.

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