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Dr. Thrunk 05-04-2019 12:20 PM

Rachel Held-Evans Passed Away
I am still in shock.

She was a towering figure in progressive evangelicalism, and so important for sparking conversations about controversial issues within contemporary American Christianity.

Keep her family in prayer. She leaves behind a husband and two small children.

bravesfan007 05-04-2019 12:31 PM

While I did not agree with her on a lot of issues, I do have to admit that she was influential in the church. Her untimely passing will leave a large void.

Homer Simpson 05-04-2019 12:45 PM

May she rest in peace.

I don't really have much good to say about her because I think progressive Protestantism is a particularly insidious form of cancer - precisely because a lot of stuff I agree with is packaged tightly in with stuff that's completely antithetical to the Christian faith.

Dr. Thrunk 05-04-2019 01:19 PM

I understand we all may have differing views regarding our particular sects of Christianity, but it seems, at the very least, a bit insensitive to say that in what is basically a memorial thread, friend.

It doesn't seem to serve any purpose, really.

mtlmouth 05-04-2019 02:44 PM

It’s okay to lament the death of a sister in Christ and influential thought leader in modern Christianity without taking shots at the way she approached her faith. I know RHE’s work has been controversial on CGR in the past, but right now, we are going to be respectful of her as a person, a faith leader, and a wife and mother of two young children.

I’ve only read one of her books, Inspired, which I found fascinating and personally challenging. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what she says in that book about the Bible being a beautiful and messy and mysterious collection of writings that have made it through generations and across languages and through cultures to get to us today. It certainly made me think more critically about my Awana-esque approach to the Bible.

I think I’ll buy a couple more of her books, and will be praying for her family.

Leboman 05-04-2019 07:21 PM

So sad to see her passing away at such a young age. I saw the news about her being in a coma when it broke. Was hoping she would recover.

May she rest in peace.

Grace and peace to her family.

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