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Cadence 05-12-2002 05:56 PM

I finally decided this weekend that I want to do it yeah......

GMartin2R 05-13-2002 11:11 PM

cool that'll look so nice.

escaperoute 05-24-2002 10:10 AM

Martin OOOM accoustic auditorium.
Epiphone Les Paul Gold top.
Alvarez AEB200NA
Fender Standard P-bass

I should have pictures up soon on this link:

The Alvarez is already on there.

rockdonnystyle 05-24-2002 01:30 PM

I won't post pictures b/c I'm so dang lazy, but I have my:

Epiphone Dot (ES-335 ripoff)
Taylor 514ce

boss RV3 reverb/delay
mister crybaby wah/volume pedal
DOD grunge pedal

peavy rage 158 practice amp
67' Fender bassman(makes a lot better guitar amp than bass amp)

that's my junk!

froggee501 05-27-2002 02:32 PM

a picture's worth a thousand words :)

BowoW 05-27-2002 05:20 PM

only 7 words show up in my head.

" hey! there's an owl on that guitar"

*counts again* .. yea ;)


GMartin2R 05-28-2002 12:15 AM

yeah that and

"who made it?" i can't see the logo or label in the sound hole. but yeah that owl adds a nice touch to the pic. IMO

rotj4 05-28-2002 12:30 AM


Originally posted by paradigm
I finally decided this weekend that I want to do it yeah......
I made an electric a long time ago and I darkened the grain by burning it slightly with a torch. I then sanded it slightly and stained it natural. Came out sweet. Mine was made out of Mahogany. I wished I had a pic of it but it is somewhere in the bottum of the local landfill (long story) and I didnt have the brains to take a picture of it in its prime.

GMartin2R 05-28-2002 12:56 AM

oh man

i'm imagining that right now...

Mmm that sounds nice.

BowoW 05-28-2002 02:15 PM

by the looks of the guitar.. i think it's:

-Dorado guitar. The one she plays is her mom's guitar.. that she played in her teens, and another person at her church used to play one. :D


Tracy 05-30-2002 03:55 PM

Here's a really bad pic of mine... :p (ish a Seagull S6)

bobthecockroach 05-30-2002 04:00 PM

woohoo! that's not a bad pic... :D

BowoW 05-30-2002 05:56 PM

is it just me.. or is that guitar left-handed..?.. i dunno, i might be going stupid (again). is a 60 on the SOL's bad? :p

nice seagull though. i just want an acoustic..


thesteve 05-30-2002 06:12 PM


BowoW 05-30-2002 06:18 PM

i'm guessing it's a virginia thing.., we gotta take these tests for each subject, every year.. and we have to pass them all.. we're omited 3 failed tests but if u can't pass that standard... then u dont' get a a high-school diploma till u do.

i failed one (probably will be a collection of them by junior year), but thankfully.. this year was a practice... next year and on will be the real thing.. man,.. and i already failed a practice one.. pitiful eh :(

okay.. sorry to get off subject again


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