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alanwaston 01-20-2017 02:09 AM

Squier CV vs MIM Standard
I'm really interested in getting a telecaster. When I hear someone play one, I love it or hate it but not much in between. The super twangy country music sound I dislike. Icepicks to the eardrums for me But Muddy Waters, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards even more recently Patrick Sweeney make me love me some telecaster.

So I played both the Squier Classic Vibe and a MIM standard today and I can away shaking my head.

Short version, CV: love the tone not the guitar. MIM Standard: love the guitar not the tone. I need to get the CV PuPs into a MIM body somehow.

The CV Tele was a beat to hell demo and the intonation was way off. Despite the, it sounded great. Clear but fuller that most tele's I've heard. It was hard to make it sound bad. The fit, finish and components were what I'd expect at this price. OK but not impressive. It was a little heavier than I expected and looks and feels "blocky". The fret ends were all smooth and none protruded. The action was reasonably low and I got no fret buzz. In fact, the playability was surprisingly good (especially considering it's a demo that's been abused). I don't love the blond and black but it's OK and that's entirely subjective. If I'm picking, I want red I thought the ashtray style bridge might cause problems with palm muting but I didn't even notice it. I don't like the gloss on the back of the neck. I'd have to sand it if I bought one.

Tone and playability despite the gloss neck were excellent.

The MIM Tele was just the opposite. Across the board the components finish and feel of the guitar were better. Very much like my MIM Strat, I found it to be comfortable as a hand in a glove. The controls were smooth and felt solid. The one thing that jumped out was the fret sprout. All the fret ends were slightly proud of the neck. It's an easy thing to remedy but for $600, I'd expect it to be at least as good as the $400 Squier in this area.

The tone was good but not special. The PuPs were clear and articulate and the mids were strong as I'd expect in a tele. The tone just didn't inspire me. Plain vanilla, daily driver, missionary position... Good but not exciting

I really wanted to test drive a Baja 60s Telecaster but I haven't see one locally. Maybe it's got the special sauce?

At this point, no sale. I'm not going to buy either one. FWIW, I would have bought the beatup demo if they offered to sell it because of the tone but I would not have gone above $250 in that condition. Bet they ask $350?

thesteve 01-20-2017 09:11 AM

Never hurts to ask.

I haven't done a survey of Teles in awhile, but the last time I checked out a range of them (CV up to American Standard) the CV was my favorite for both sound and feel. It's possible that the beat up nature of the demo unit you tried pulled a lot of that down.

BillSPrestonEsq 01-20-2017 01:21 PM

If a guitar has a decent core tone, I go for feel. It is easier for me to make an average guitar sound amazing than to get a mediocre guitar playing amazing.

Another thought though. Higher action can lead to a more open, pleasant sound as compared to a guitar with action set too low.

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