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zedman 01-26-2015 12:33 AM

New Mando Day
It was actually Saturday--but haven;t posted this yet.
Any way--I was out & stopped by a music store since I had some giftcards.
I was going to wait until they had their big sale in February, but I thought it couldn't hurt to do some scouting ahead of time.
I looked at mics (possibly, but nothing I really wanted that I could afford), amps (Nothing I liked in my price range for right now), pedalboards (Nothing I wanted ), keyboards (They had a couple of cool cheaper Yamaha ones I liked--if either is on sale in February, I may need to go get one), and when I went to look at the acoustic room to check on mandolins (For possible renting on half price rent day) I saw an Epiphone Mandobird.
I also tried out a Godin Merlin--they're really cool. They're diatonic so all the frets are in the same key, so you might not play the note you want, but it won't sound out of key--as long as you've tuned properly. And I saw a couple of guitjos that caught my eye as well.
The Merlin was cheaper than the Mandobird, as were some of the keyboards & pedalboards, but the guitjo was more--still something to keep in mind.
But it was the Mandobird I decided to buy, as it was used and a great price, and it is on Epi's site as discontinued, so it might not be there in February.
When the February sale rolls around I may still go & get some accessories or something like that or rent a guitjo on half price rental day.

So any way--the pics--I only have two that looked any good.

Giuseppe 01-26-2015 01:57 AM


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