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Guitargodofoz 03-19-2002 05:02 AM

:klol: Kings X, Van Halen, Stryper, Metallica, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne etc.....

No I am NOT a heretic!!!

pintong 03-31-2002 07:20 PM

dc Talk (all three parts), Jars of Clay, Phil Joel (I dig his harmonies), Five Iron Frenzy, Lifehouse, Pigeon John (rhythmic singing? Singing? Rapping? "Sapping?"), Relient K, Rich Mullins, Jeff Deyo, Supertones, etc.

Varied enough?

rockdonnystyle 04-28-2002 08:57 PM

hey, my main influences are: Dave matthews, jars of clay, eric clapton, and stevie ray vaughn

Brandon 05-10-2002 01:42 PM


Oh man...

any of the 80's hair bands... they are awesome...

let's see, Journey!!, styx, eagles, BOSTON!!, bon jovi, lot''s of stuff...

oh yeah...I absolutely LOVE Rich Mullins...that man was one of the greatest artists alive...


Brandon (kadesh)

Laceratus 05-21-2002 10:15 AM

here ya go BJ.......'d ya guess?
Slevek Hanzlic (an awesome bluegrass guitarist from Chicago. I've used a bluegrass thing he uses called cross-picking in metal...)
Eve 6
Estabon (or however you spell his name)
Kings X
Jimi Hendrix

BowoW 05-21-2002 02:18 PM

Musical influences eh?

-Creed (that Mark Tremonti is awesome)
-Robin Cho (Plays at the Good Stuff Rallys around VA)
-Matt Redman (I just looove that guy. everything he does)
-Tim Hughes (Sounds like an angel :p )
-People hanging around Mars.. they allllways make me wanna be a better lead guitarist.
-Jennifer Knapp has an aaaaaawesome voice.
-Steve Vai (best soloist i've heard)
-Peter Kim (Kinda new, but very influential)

i guess that's good.


outlawnemesis 05-21-2002 02:26 PM

Metallica - made me give more diversity/depth to my music
Megadeth - showed me how two guitarists can combine their styles for an amazing musical ride
Steve Vai - made me rethink how I use pinch harmonics
Yngwie Malmsteen - vibrato. 'nuff said.
Michael Angelo - shredding can serve the song
Nevermore - Showed me how distorted, grinding guitars can still be beautiful
Dream Theater - made me rethink the keyboard and how I use modes

Guitargodofoz 05-21-2002 04:45 PM

Call me controversial, call me a child of the 80's, in fact call me whatever you like, but after seeing Creed live I must say that Mark Tremonti is the most overrated, underwhelming guitar player I have ever seen. If you don't know what I mean, go check out Steve Morse playing with Deep Purple or a Joe Satriani concert or better still a Dream Theater gig.

GMartin2R 05-22-2002 12:43 AM

well for acousitc style SCC and JOC
electric style Satriani
vocally... SCC and Mark shultz, he's a bit high for me but he sounds good.

Miranda 06-02-2002 09:51 AM goes.
My musical influences are many. First off, might as well say, There is a lot of 70's music that I like because it is so artistic. I like Supertramp, Boston, U2, Asia, Sting, Phil Collins, Train, Switchfoot, ---> Tait!!!!!<---, DCTalk, Kevin Max, Third Day, Smitty, Jaci Valesquez, Nicole C Mullen....
Yeah maybe I shouldn't write anymore hehehe. But those are my musical influences.

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