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earlessdog 09-04-2009 11:34 AM

Showbread - The Fear of God
1 Attachment(s)
01. I'm Lost
02. Nothing Matters Anymore
03. Lost Connection With The Head
04. Regret Consumes Me
05. Out Of My Mind
06. Vehement
07. The Great Emasculation
08. Shepherd, No Sheep
09. Let There Be Raw
10. I Think I'm Going To See You
11. Precursor
12. The Fear Of God
13. Until We Meet Again

earlessdog 09-04-2009 11:36 AM

Suggested guide for voting
10 - Amazing CD. Everyone should own it.
9 - Among the best of the year.
8 - One of the top CDs around, but could have been improved in a few places.
7 - Not a bad CD, but could have been better in a number of places.
6 - Pretty good for it's genre, but overall it's only acceptable.
5 - Decent CD, but only if you're a big fan of this genre.
4 - If you love this band, you'll like this CD. Otherwise, probably not.
3 - If you're a fan of this genre, the CD is barely acceptable.
2 - If you're a big fan of this band, this CD is tolerable.
1 - Even if you like this band, you won't like this CD.

earlessdog 09-04-2009 11:42 AM

I'm one of those guys that generally can't stand Showbread, but a good friend of mine is obsessed with them. So he showed me the album a few days ago, and in my own "showbread disliking" opinion, I thought it was definitely their best album. (my friend thinks so as well).
The riffs seemed better, seemed really catchy, they're back to their old selves and loving it.
There is one particular song called "I Think I'm Going To See You", and it is a punk rock song (I think they stated they were trying to rip of the Misfits) and it's by far my favorite Showbread song.
I noticed that their lyrics are generally really good, bluntly Christian at points (which the Christian music scene seems to be desperately lacking these days) which was really encouraging to hear.
I recommend this album for any old time Showbread fans.

SomeCallMeTim? 10-13-2009 07:18 PM

9. I really like this album! My favourite of their albums so far is still No Sir, but this one is a solid hearkening back to their raw rock sound. I'm Lost has the same sound and vocal style as the sister albums Anorexia/Nervosa, but as soon as the second track hits, they start to tear into your ears with some good heavy riffs.
A lot of the tracks have sounds reminiscent of older albums, as well as Josh Dies's solo project Aesthetics of Violence... it sounds like the band is pulling all the best music they've made in the past and arranging it with a good measure of energy on a single album.
There is definitely more singing and less screaming than there was on No Sir, which I'm sure will help appeal to a broader audience.

Skeeter 10-14-2009 10:48 AM

It's good and I certainly enjoyed it, but it still doesn't come close to No Sir... for me. Still, it's a nice return to form for Showbread. I was severely underwhelmed by their last two albums. It gets a 7 from me.

nbfan 10-17-2009 05:30 PM

I can't find anything wrong with it. Preordered, and got it the day it came out. Been listening to it over and over since them and got to see them live on the supporting tour... and I'm still not sick of it. Definitely their best. The screaming on this album isn't quite as jarring as on Nihilism, making it seem less like they're ripping off Refused (which is still cool- they're awesome) and more like they're making their own sound.

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