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AudioAUnderdog 12-15-2008 01:17 PM

Christian Blues?
Are there any Christian blues artists?

Inked in Blood 12-15-2008 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by AudioAUnderdog (Post 3351842)
Are there any Christian blues artists?

Today, or from the 80's and 90's?

Iceman-bass14 12-15-2008 02:42 PM

Not sure if this is considered blue's,but Robert Randolph and the family band.

AudioAUnderdog 12-15-2008 10:25 PM

80s, 90s, now, whenever.

Yeah I saw saw Robert Randolph and the family band live. I was blown away. :D

Sean.thomson 12-15-2008 10:44 PM

Well if you want to go back really far, you can find a lot of delta/acoustic blues peeps doing some great gospel songs.....

Inked in Blood 12-15-2008 10:53 PM


Originally Posted by AudioAUnderdog (Post 3352001)
80s, 90s, now, whenever.

Yeah I saw saw Robert Randolph and the family band live. I was blown away. :D

I dont know very many bands, but Darrell Mansfield and Glenn Kaiser are two big names. I would also say that Kings X has some pretty heavily blues influenced cd's specifically their self titled cd.

rockin4theking 12-16-2008 07:30 PM

The Will Derryberry Band had two albums that had a very good sound to them. (Live August 31, 1999, and Demonstration ). Others are Will McFarlane (Axe to the Root) - might be hard to find, but a more clean blues sound; Big Tent Revival has some blues songs on their Amplifier and Open All Night albums; Rob Frazier's Blues Farmers Jammin' the Blues. Jonny Lang has a few albums out that are supposed to the blues, but I wouldn't call it that.

I was in the same spot about 8 years ago, and eventually gave up on finding "Christian" blues. I found very little, and ended up just being selective in my selection of secular blues. After all, what I found in the "Christian" blues bands was more often than not a really poor imitation of the real thing.

Most of the blues I listen to now is SRV, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Mofro, Muddy Waters, BB King, Dr. John, Eric Clapton (especially his Sessions for Robert J album), John Mayer Trio, etc. I still Listen to Will Derryberry quite often as well. Also, BB King has done several gospel blues albums that might be what you're looking for.

AudioAUnderdog 12-16-2008 09:18 PM

I was just curious to see if there were any. I recently got an SRV CD and now I'm hooked on blues and I want to hear as much of it from as many different people as I can.

rockin4theking 12-16-2008 10:04 PM

The two Will Derryberry Band albums are your best bet then. He's the only Christian artist I've seen that plays the SRV-style blues.

funkStrat_97 12-17-2008 09:41 AM

Steve Riddle Band.

jbratch 12-28-2008 09:42 AM

The guy who really brought blues back into Christian music is Larry Howard. He has been quite for a few years but he is working on a new project. One of my favorite gospel CD's is Kelly Joe Phelps Roll Away the Stone if you like that one guy one guitar old time stuff.


wayne bruun 12-28-2008 01:35 PM

Christian Blues
Great to see I'm not off track. I was thinking of this after looking at John Mayer ( you guys must get this DVD ). Superb skill and exactly what we miss in Christian circles. ( church services)

I even started playing around with some stuff for our praise and worship, anyone got some ideas or comments to help me


Leboman 03-30-2009 07:58 AM

I know this is an old thread but someone just started another one so I'm bumping this one.

Glenn Kaiser has been meddling in different forms of the blues for years.

Darrell Mansfield is another guy who does blues real well. He's a killer harmonica player.

Folk_guy 03-31-2009 03:37 PM

Check out the Campbell Brothers, their steel guitar playing often gets into the blues realm although not exclusively.

Thefilmwall 04-14-2009 04:22 PM

Christian Blues.........
They are follow Christian Blues...........
Live The Truth.
Trimmed & Burnin'/Slow Burn (2 CD Set).
A Collective Influence.
Prodigal Son .
No More Blue Mondays (CD).
Hard Rain Fall.
Into the Night.
CrossRoad Blues..

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