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SCCdcTFreak 05-16-2001 03:28 PM

What Kind of Guitar Do You Own?

A ponderous question has just popped into my mind. Most of us that come to this site are guitarists or bassists, so what kind of guitar/bass do you's guys own? I've got two Gibson Epiphones, one's an acoustic with pickups, and the other is an electric. If you own more than one guitar, I'm sorry 'cuz it only lets you vote once, so just vote for the fav. one that you own, and if you own one under the category (other), then please post a reply and elaborate for us, k? :D

In Him,
+ <>< Stephen :cool:

Unregistered 05-16-2001 03:40 PM

I own 2 Guitars and a bass but may favorite is my Fender "Taco" strat. It is a mexican strat so that is why i call it a Taco. I love fenders. I think they are the best guitars period.

In Christ Cliff

Sambo 05-16-2001 03:42 PM

I currently own an Ibanez Acoustic With a Martin Thinline Gold plus Matrix Pick up I have a SKB Hard shell case for that. And I Also Have A washburn Acoustic As well

Insano99 05-16-2001 04:12 PM

My guitars
I have 4 guitars

my first one was a yamaha acoustic F-305 or something

then i got a blue squier strat, i dont like the sound but it looks cool!

next was a esteve classcial guitar.

then my baby my 414-ce taylor grand auditorium guitar

tenwatt 05-17-2001 05:59 AM

I have 7 and only 4 of which are list so I voted other.
I have a:

1999 PRS Custom 24
1965 Gibson SG
1974 Fender Strat
20th anniversary Yamaha 12 String
1995 Ibanez RG w/ 24 frets and coil tapping.
Takamine EF-341-C (not sure on the year)
And old beat up Harmony Electric (the jewel of my collection)lol

ian-campbell 05-17-2001 12:52 PM

"I have no clue" means no guatar (for keyboardfreak, me, and others)

Aaron 05-17-2001 03:47 PM

I have three but I voted for the best one! A Taylor 614ce!


Jared 05-17-2001 04:23 PM

my guitars
1 Attachment(s)
Hey ya'll- I'm sooooo proud of my guitars- simply because I'm 15 and I worked for every one of them! So I've earned bragging rights.
well- i've got 7 guitars:

"Precious" 1. a taylor 414-ce grand auditorium (youth pastor gave it to me for 300 dollars!!!!!!!!!)

"Orson" 2. Gibson Smartwood Exotics Les Paul

"Lacy" 3. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Flame Top (My fave- it's the best sounding guitar ever, and it has an original finish done by the guy i bought it from- like nothing I've seen on any guitar) It's named after my girl- the hottest woman alive...

"Steve" 4. Ovation Celebrity A/E

"Duz" 5. Ovation Celebrity 12 string

"RUNT" 6. Ibanez RX-60 (or something like that- I call it "Runt" because it is so ugly- I've modified it over and over and over, and it's covered in stickers

"Gramma" 7. Some vintage Epiphone Acoustic- unidentified. Prettiest sounding acoustic in the world.

minorman 05-17-2001 06:22 PM

I just got a webber om...has anyone here ever played one before?? They are made by david webber up in canada and he is an amazing builder it's by far the best guitar I've ever played...and I've played a lot:)

PatoGuy 05-18-2001 09:15 AM

I've got two guitars and a bass. My bass is a Squier (and my friend has a Squier strat) and I think that Squiers have very high quality sound considering the price you pay for them. (In other words, they're totally awesome for cheap instruments.)

I also have a Johnson Dreadnaught A/E (has anyone else ever heard of them?) I like the sound of it, but some of the electronics inside have started to come loose :mad: which is not cool.

I also have a Hyundai of some kind. It was given to me, it's a piece of junk. Not only does it sound terrible, but the bridge broke after a week of my having it and I've never bothered to get it fixed. I'll probably sell it real cheap to someone who wants to start out learning guitar.


ZeroSynthetic 05-18-2001 10:09 AM

I have an Ibanez GX which was my first guitar and now i have a BC Rich NJ Series Warlock with a Widow Headstock plus it also has a Floyd Rose tremelo system in it. It is an awesome guitar.


MrCrabby 05-18-2001 11:29 AM

I own a Fender DG-8 model, i think Fenders are the best quality for the money.

RockinRonnie 05-18-2001 08:14 PM

Well, I have a Taylor Big Baby acoustic - the economic choice for Taylor lovers like myself. It cost me about four hundred. Frankly, its a steal. Sounds better than a lot of Martins I've played, really. I play that one the most.
Then I got an Epiphone Les Paul standard. It's got this nice honey burst finish that people ooh and ahh at. I used to have a Yamaha classical, but someone offered me more for it than I originally paid. Then there's my other old steel stringer. It's a Vantage (?). Fairly decent sounding guitar. It's got a lot of good wood on it. Harmonics are kinda off. It's taken a lot of abuse (Put it on an airplain w/ the strings still tight. Neck snapped at the butt. Yeah, it's stupid. I know) That's it. Sorry, no Paul Reed Smith here. I'm fifteen and I worked for all mine too. It's made me appreciate them more.

tenwatt 05-19-2001 06:39 AM

Yeah, it's better if you work for your guitars. The only guitar that was ever bought for me was my Harmony. I think it ran $125. The rest of my babies I've worked for and even had to take out a loan on my PRS. My Gibson SG I found at a yard sale. The guy had no clue what he had. The rest I just looked for good deals and bought them.

Christopher 05-20-2001 03:33 AM

I wish I had some of your axes.
I have
1.Carvin AE185 with flamed koa, coil splitter and phase switch. This is the most versatile guitar for P&W because you can go from acoustic to electric instantly.
2. 1962 Fender strat, teal green with silver inlay at the headstock.
3.420 Taylor acoustic
4. Robin strat (made in texas) for slide.
5. Sigma acoustic. Great acoustic sound for a piece of beat up wood. Hate to say it, but it sounds better than the Taylor.
6. 1941 Martin D18 that belonged to my Grandfather. One of the most sought after guitars for recording sound. Do not even need to mike this. This baby had its neck broke after a plane flight to just like rockinronnies. Loosen those strings when in flight. I had Gryphon stringed instruments in Palo Alto repair it.

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