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Bethany_D_Rocks 02-20-2006 08:31 PM

When I sing I tend to be quiet and I'm don't know what to do to be louder If I try to sing alot louder I go off key and it sounds bad. so My question is what might help me to be able to sing louder? If that doesn't make sense just let me know.

fallinguprawks 02-20-2006 10:41 PM

You want your voice to have power behind it, but when you try to put power behind it, you're pushing too hard to stay on key, right?

If so, you need to learn how to breathe diaphragmatically. Not breating right is the most prevailent issue with singers.

The best way to sing is to keep your body relaxed, and not use anything but your diaphragm to push out air. When you use your chest and throat to push out air (like people do when they talk), you can't allow your vocal chords to perform to their best ability. Singing diaphragmatically will allow you to sing at basically any normal volume, and keep your tone and pitch.

To exhale using only your diaphragm, you must breathe in using only your diaphragm. When you breathe diaphragmatically, your shoulders should not rise much, if at all. Allow (but don't force) the air to fill up your abdomen all the way around. To get a feel for how you should breathe, watch a baby or animal when it is resting. Once you have learned how to inhale correctly, begin to exhale the same way; easy, deep breaths, powered soley by your lower abdomen. Once you get the hang of that, hit a pitch that is comfortable for your range, and see how long you can hold it by sustaining it with as little breath as possible. You should be able to hold it longer than you can while breathing the wrong way. It is easiest to practice all this lying down.

So, when you learn to breathe diaphragmatically, you are able to put force behind your voice while keeping the rest of your body, especially your vocal chords, relaxed. Remember, when you sing, you should be completely comfortable.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask me here or via PM if you have any more questions or need me to explain something.

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