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wwjdnow 02-02-2006 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by Major Tom
It certainly does have a lot to do with the guitar as stated above. IMO, its more about the wood species and construction. I always say the pickup on a guitar is analogous to a mic and singer. For example a PAF type pickup will sound brighter in a strat-like guitar 'cause of the maple neck, than it will in an all mahogany guitar a strat will still sound like a strat, just more corpulent. Of course, there's lots of variance with mahogany - several species, and each one varies a bunch from piece piece. The mahog used in most Korean guitars I think is "harder" sounding than honduras mahog. If your vantage is MIJ from the 70's or 80's its probably honduras - like what Gibby uses.

Someone posted a link on the Carvin discussion board to another site where he recorded two leads over the same backing track, one using a Carvin CT6 (mahogany body, maple top) with a C22B pickup and the other using a Les Paul. The C22B was slightly brighter than the Les Paul humbucker, but they were close.

thrashmetal15 02-03-2006 01:23 PM


Today I had my 1997 Carvin DC145 with me in a local shop when I went to pick up my Fender Prosonic on a minor repair. My 145 is a Mahogany neck and body with a Quilt top and has a C22T in the neck an AP11 in the middle and a C22B in the bridge. I was playing on a Boogie single Rec head when one of the salesmen came up and with a new Custom Shop Les Paul Flame top with the Burstbuckers. He commented on the Carvins tones and asked me to hook the Paul up to see how it compared. My Carvin promptly stomped the Paul in tones much to the salesman`s and my surprise!! The Les Paul with the Burstbuckers ( a $4000 KILLER flame top custom shop Les Paul at that ) was MUCH thinner and less defined in tone than my Carvin with the C22`s.
I would go with Dimarzios or a good set of Duncans as the Gibson Burstbuckers are quite expensive and did not impress me !!
That's perty incredible, but......that's why I hate Gibson, lol.

From what you guys have said the Carvin C22's are really sounding tempting.

Thanks a lot for the advice, although it'll be a while till I get 'em, because my amp is in dire need of a retube. *sigh* Talk about terrible timing.

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