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What are the main forum rules?
The message forums at Christian Guitar Resources are provided for your enjoyment and edification. With this in mind, it is important to realize that this is a Christian message board, and we expect our users to act with charity and love toward each other in all things, to show respect for each other, and to show respect and deference to the moderating and administrative staff.

Rules for post content:

  • Generally, strive to be an imitator of Christ (Ephesians 5:1).
  • Treat others on the boards with respect. Do not make personal attacks on others, "flame" other users (or post flame-bait posts), or generally treat other users in a disrespectful or demeaning manner. Posts of this nature, depending on severity, will have their authors warned and/or posts edited or deleted.
  • Do not start threads designed to publicly attack anyone. This is a Christian forum and publicly attacking any one, whether they are a poster or not, will not be tolerated. Do not start threads that make fun of other famous or otherwise infamous "Christian" people. Do not use avatars or signatures that poke fun at other people. No matter how much you may dislike or disagree with a person, do not do it. Any thread that is designed to publicly attack someone will be deleted.
  • Users are to refrain from all coarse joking and inappropriate humor. Sexual humor and flippant sexual remarks are not appropriate for CGR. Humor regarding bodily functions must be restricted to those functions which are performed in public. Posts which are considered inappropriate will be deleted.
  • Use of words and phrases like "gay" and "retarded" will not be tolerated as slang for "stupid" or "lame". Any posts that contain terms of this nature will be deleted.
  • All posts must be written in English, except in appropriate foreign language threads in the Academics forum.
  • If you post, you are giving other users implicit permission to quote you (for example, in their signature), assuming the quote is done in an accurate manner (a quote's retaining its basic intended meaning is required for this condition to be met) and a proper citation is made. Do not use the quote function to misquote others in a hurtful manner.
  • Stay on topic in a thread, as much as possible. We are aware that threads go on bunny trails, and this is okay sometimes, but try to keep threads on topic as much as possible. Also, make sure that what you are posting is being posted in the appropriate forum, not just anywhere.
  • Avoid making "cheap posts". Cheap posts are posts that are excessively short and essentially nothing more than clutter, made in order to boost the post count of the user making the post, but not to add to the conversation going on. Cheap posts are allowed in the Cheap Post Forum, however. Posts made there do not count toward one's post count.
  • Do not post anything illegal. This includes the lyrics (in full) to any song where the lyrics to the song are not public domain. This also includes pirated or copyrighted MP3s of any kind, etc. Illegal material will be edited out of posts by the forum moderators.
  • Do not post spam to the boards.
  • Do not cross-post.
  • Do not resurrect old threads unless there is a legitimate reason to do so.
  • Please note that some forums have additional forum-specific rules, particularly Theology and Journals. These rules can be found in stickied threads in those forums. Users must abide by those additional rules in order to post in those forums.
Rules for site use:

  • Do not register more than one username. Username changes will only be made on a case-by-case basis, for users with a valid reason for a change, ie. security or privacy.
  • Signatures are a great way to put information at the bottom of all of your posts, such as your e-mail address, website, etc. However, please make sure that your signatures are not excessively large. Excessively large here is defined as the height taken up by one image no more than 430x150 pixels, plus six lines of text at HTML font size 2 (the default text font size on the boards).
  • Signatures which tamper with the format or layout of the site and subsequent posts are not allowed and will be modified or deleted.
  • Signatures may not contain videos or anything embedded that produces sound, and any other data within a signature (images, etc.) may not be larger than 35K.
  • Do not make posts or signatures which include code to modify your user or the site in some unorthodox way.
  • Do not leech images hosted on this site. This includes posting an image as an attachment and then using it as an image on a website elsewhere.
  • Check your PM box if you have PMs enabled, and make use of it also. Don't carry on personal, one-on-one conversations unrelated to the thread, rather, discuss such things in PM if the conversation is going to be of any non-trivial length.
Failure to abide by the Rules of Conduct or exhibiting behavior deemed inappropriate for this forum by members of the administration team will first result in a warning. Further offenses may result in disciplinary action such as temporarily or even permanently barring you from participation on the CGR forums. Warnings and banning of users from the site will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the administration team with no set number of warnings required before banning depending upon the severity of the offense.

What is the authority system on CGR?
This forum uses three levels of administration to attempt to keep the boards in order. We have moderators, super moderators (usually called "SMs", "smods", etc.), and administrators.
  • Moderators are charged with keeping order and generating conversation in their forums. The moderators of a forum are listed at the bottom of that forum. Show respect to them, even if they make a decision you do not like--they have been put there to do a job. If you are unhappy with the decision of a moderator, you may either PM or e-mail that moderator. None of the moderators claim to be infallible, and if you are nice and respectful, they will listen to what you have to say. If you feel that your grievance remains unaddressed, PM an SM.
  • Moderators are given the ability to move, close, "stick", merge, split and delete threads in their forums. They are also able to edit any post made in their forum and view the IP of any user who posts there, and post announcements restricted to their forum. They are not able to ban users, edit signatures, appoint or remove other moderators in their forums, post global announcements, or shut down their forum.
  • Super Moderators are, most basically, moderators of the entire forum, and in charge of keeping order on the entire board as well as cleaning up after moderators if necessary. They are also given the authority to ban users, edit signatures, post global announcements, among a few other things. They are not able to appoint and remove moderators, shut down forums, or change most user or forum settings, jobs which are reserved for administrators. Please also show respect for them, and if they make a decision you do not like, talk to them. All of our SMs are nice and willing to listen, and will admit error if they are wrong. If you feel like your grievance still remains unaddressed, PM an administrator.
  • Moderators and Super Moderators have also been given publicly posted guidelines. If they are outside these guidelines, respectfully send them a PM and let them know, or talk to an SM or administrator if necessary.
  • The administrators have different primary responsibilities than the moderators, but they are also moderators in every forum and may moderate if necessary. They are able to perform all functions of an SM, as well as edit users, appoint or remove moderators, shut down forums, and a host of other things. Administrators also serve as the second and final point of appeal. Administrators have the authority to override the decisions of moderators and SMs at their discretion. Show respect for the administrators, but if you have a problem with something they do, respectfully tell them. They are very willing to listen to you and try to be very careful to be level-headed.
  • The administrators and Super Moderators will use their discretion in exercising the option of removing members from the forums. It is in the best interest of those who desire to be part of this unique community to stay within the guidelines established for the CGR community by observing all forum rules. If individual users choose to conduct themselves in manner contrary to this site's Rules of Conduct, then disciplinary actions will be taken with the hopes of returning order and unity.

What are the guidelines for moderators?
The following are guidelines by which moderators (and SMs, when relevant) should act:
Moving Threads
  • This is probably your most important job - keep threads where they belong. Move threads to their most appropriate forum, unless they are posted in General Discussion and not outside of the scope of allowed discussion there. If the topic doesn't fit the room it is in, move it to the most suitable room. Make sure that you choose "move thread and leave redirect in previous forum" so people can still find the thread.
  • Remove newly-created threads that clearly do not add any real conversation to the forum. For well-established threads that have become cheap (but weren't to begin with), just delete the offending posts, or close the thread, or do nothing at all. If the original discussion of the thread ought to continue, post to the thread and try to move users back to the topic before taking action. Also consider splitting the thread and moving the new thread to the relevant forum. This is up to moderator discretion.
Closing Threads
  • Close any thread which contains discussion which should not continue. Flame-bait threads, threads made to attack an individual, or simply a thread where all needed discussion on the topic has been completed are all valid reasons to close a thread.
  • Close (and edit if needed) any thread dealing with sexually explicit material, even in Theology, Advice, or other threads where such discussion might have a place. While we recognize that these are important topics and worth discussing, CGR is not the place to discuss them, due to the extremely young average age of our membership.
  • Close threads in which several users (at least 4, or all the participants of the thread, whichever is lower) are being disruptive and violating the rules of conduct on CGR, or the individual forum rules for your forum.
  • Do not close a thread just because you don't like the subject being discussed, or because you disagree with the way certain users are acting. Ask the user to change their behavior if you think that is absolutely necessary, but do not close the thread. This restriction does not apply to SMs
  • Do not close a thread just because a user (or even multiple users) in the thread are asking for its closure unless there is no (vocal) opposition to the request. While this is not necessarily an invalid reason to close a thread, it is not necessarily a valid reason either. Therefore, closing a thread for this reason is a judgment call reserved for SMs and administrators. This restriction does not apply to SMs
Deleting Threads
  • Delete threads that are posted with the express intent of menace, that are bad enough that closing would not suffice. This shouldn't happen often (if ever), and of course it's a moderator's discretion on whether or not a closure would suffice. If you're unsure, close rather than delete.
  • Delete threads that are spam.
Deleting Posts
  • Delete any double posts.
  • Delete posts which are excessively cheap.
  • Delete posts which are attacking to users, flame-bait posts, or posts that are otherwise offensive. It is up to the moderator on whether or not a post should be edited (e.g. the post has some merit, but some part of it must be removed) or deleted.
Renaming Threads
  • Rename a thread where the general subject of conversation has changed and has remained changed for several pages. When you rename it, it may be wise to put something like (formerly "Old Thread Title") on the end so people can still find the thread easily. A couple days later, you can come back and remove that part.
  • Rename a thread where the original subject line is fundamentally insufficient or misleading to explain the topic of discussion within the thread.
Merging and Splitting Threads
  • Merge two threads together if they are on the exact same topic, at least one of the threads is relatively small, and if leaving both of them separately would cause things to be said over and over again across the two threads. If both threads are already quite large, closure may be the best course of action. Note that just because two threads are on the same general topic does not mean that they are discussing the same details of that topic, so use your judgment. We recommend if two threads are already quite large, to leave them alone. However, this is up to moderator discretion.
  • Merge two threads together when it is clear that a user posted a new thread by mistake when they meant to post a reply.
  • When merging two threads, make sure your subject line is clear enough for users to figure out what happened.
  • Split a thread where users have gone off on a tangent subject. However, if discussion has uniformly moved to the tangent, simply rename the thread. Only if the original subject and the tangent subject are still being actively discussed do you need to split the thread.
Sticking Threads
  • Stick threads only if they have relevance for the majority of the users in your forum, and if the topic is one in which it is necessary that the discussion be constantly visible for whatever reason (e.g. to avoid duplicate threads on the same topic, or as a temporary discussable announcement).
  • Threads should not be stuck on a permanent basis. If you need to do this, use an announcement.
  • If a forum-specific rule requires discussion on a particular topic to be limited to a specific thread or group of threads, then those threads may be permanently stickied, provided the number of stickies is not excessive.
Editing Posts
  • Edit any posts which are attacking to another user, flame-bait posts, or posts that are otherwise clearly inappropriate. If you aren't sure whether to make an edit, ask.
  • Edit posts with excessive profanity.
  • In most cases, if you edit a post, edit it out in any further quotes of that post that appear in other people's replies.
  • Don't post useless announcements (like "Welcome to the Forum"). Post announcements only that contain information that is relevant to the users of your particular forum, but not something that will warrant replies.
  • Forum-specific rules are no longer to be posted as announcements. Forum-specific rules must be approved by an administrator, at which point the administrator will post them in the rules area of the forum FAQ. Rules posted elsewhere hold no weight. Only forums which tend to produce a great deal of debate should require forum-specific rules.
Banning Users (SMs only)
  • Ban duplicate or imitation users.
  • Ban spambots.
  • Be careful about banning users who are being disruptive. Give the user several warnings (we recommend 3 in a relatively short period of time) before actually banning them. Users need to be particularly disruptive or inappropriate to warrant a ban. Use your discretion, but feel free to ask an administrator if necessary.
  • Dissension is not a justified reason for a ban.
  • Being a moron is not a justified reason for a ban.
  • The Moderators' Forum is given so moderators can discuss specific issues related to moderators, ask questions, or discuss any problems and issues that may arise. All of the SMs and some of the administrators frequent this forum, so it's a good place to go with questions.
  • Don't freak out if you make a mistake occasionally. Everyone does, and it won't be a big issue.
  • On the other hand, moderators that show themselves consistently incapable of performing their duties well will be removed from their positions.
  • Use common sense, and think before you do things. If you ever aren't sure what to do in a situation, ask an SM or an administrator for advice, or post a question in the Moderators' Forum.

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