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02-04-2021 until 03-07-2021
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a statement from the admin team

CGR community, we have witnessed deep division in our community, particularly in the last year. the division seems to be centered on political differences, but upon closer inspection, the division also reflects theological differences.

the historical church has been fractured by differences throughout the centuries, even as early as the first apostles (see 1 corinthians chapter 1). the phrase "unity in the essentials, charity in the non-essentials" has been attributed to the early church fathers; we can acknowledge that the origin of this sentiment is in question, however, it is nevertheless a worthy sentiment for the community of faith.

therefore, we are once again affirming that we as an administrative team affirm the apostles' creed and the niceaen creed, as outlined here. additionally, the rules regarding inflammatory speech outlined by mtlmouth in the aforementioned thread apply to all members across the site in all of CGR's various subforums.

the administrative team, like any other group, is a team of flawed individuals who are each striving to follow Christ daily. we may err, we may make decisions that members of the community do not agree with, and we may need to be lovingly corrected from time to time if we make a theologically-faulty call. however, we have never and will never tolerate hateful speech or inflammatory speech. someone else may disagree with you; someone may have a different theological position than you; someone may have a different political position than you. none of these give any person license to attack another person on a personal level, and such attacks will not be tolerated. this does not mean the administrators are espousing one view or another; it simply means that we will honor and defend the individual humanity and dignity of each member of our community. we will also not tolerate hateful speech against any group or individual who is not part of this community. you may respectfully disagree with their views and present your arguments accordingly, but you may not attack their dignity, humanity, or right to life.

our community is very small, but we have continued to survive because we are a community. plurality of perspectives is welcome here, just as all are welcome at the feet of Christ.
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05-27-2003 until 12-26-2025
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Christian music resources

Places to buy CDs
Blast Beats - CD shop for heavy music: great collection, favorite store of many christian metalheads
Christian Discs - Reliable, cheap, fast (international) delivery
Family Christian Stores - Large reliable company. Generally good prices and large selection.
Fresh Releases - Helpful and easy to navigate site layout.
Grassroots Music - Limited selection but great prices. Lots of indie bands.
MusiChristian - Reliable, cheap, fast (international) delivery

News and reviews
CM Central - Good amount of biographies on artists. Granted, it mostly covers pop CCM, but there's a good amount of rock related news and such that come out from there.
Jesus Freak Hideout - They have a growing artist database, and a rather extensive amount of CD reviews.

Artist Merch
CCM Tees - Quite a few popular artists use this as their online merch store.
Merch Plaza
Zambooie - They have a great selection of rock artists, and not full of CCM pop stuff.
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