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Smith, Michael W. - Let It Rain

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Michael W. Smith
let it rain

All the other tabs on this site had it in the key of D, it's actually written 
in C or Am and that's how it's played on the Worship album. It's a really 
awesome song and really easy to flow with. You can take it anywhere. It's just 
one of those awesome songs that everytime you play it God's Spirit takes over 
and you have no choice but to follow where He wants to take you.

It's really, just these four chords over and over the whole song...

Am     F     C     G

Be blessed!
The heart of God loves a persevering worshiper who, 
though overwhelmed by many troubles, 
is overwhelmed even more, by the beauty of God.
        -Matt Redman

Comments about this tab

GuitarGizmo61 - 2004-11-02

This is correct.......This song was written by Michael Ferran of Pocket Full of Rocks, a band out of Nash,Texas. You can check their website out at I personnally emailed PFOR and received the chord chart. It was written in the key of Am. progression Am,F,C,G....
This is correct....However,Michael W.Smith will sing it in a different key...
God Bless

GuitarGizmo61 - 2004-11-02

Sorry I stand corrected..... it's Michael Farren..... and Michael W. probably sung this in Am... at any rate... I seen Pocket Full of Rocks on TBN program one night and they/Michael Farren did originally write this song....
It is a wonderful worship song....

sixstringes777 - 2004-12-05

this is one of the greats
this song moves many spirits everytime played
Micheal has written so many powerful songs
I encourage you to by his cd HEALING RAIN

P.S. This tab is the best

sixstringes777 - 2004-12-05

Michael w Smith didnt write this song
it was written by someother many who wasnt ever big
He wrote another song but i cant remember what it was
there is a verse michael w smith doesnt use that it very awsome

EBC01 - 2005-06-18

I E-mailed Michael Ferran of Pocket Full of Rocks, and He has not written back . CAn someone tell me what is the name of the CD where Michael Ferran plays the song "Let Ot Rain"?

Parallax - 2005-09-14

Michael W. Smith's music has always been an inspiration to me. I would not have become a guitarist if not for him. "Let it Rain" is an example of a true worship song we should not go without and Michael does a great job glorifying God with it! One of my favorite cover-worship songs.

KaiserZr - 2005-10-20

Michael Farren's version is on their live cd "To Make You Famous." It's a awesome cd and Farren's version is so much better than Smith's, not to say I don't like Michael W. Smith cause I think he is awesome. You just have be in a service or a concert where Pocket Full of Rocks is playing to understand.

praise_habit - 2006-02-22

This song works very well if you kinda melt it together with "Healing Rain." Maybe use this as a bridge or something. Just throwing it out there. God bless.

Sahdow - 2006-05-20

At My church, they play It like this : Let It Rain, which then transitions to More Love More Power. The way they sing let it rain sounds so powerful, and when he sings more love, more power, "more love, more power" it sounds like he's pleading for both.

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