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DC Talk - Jesus Freak

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Jesus Freak
Dc Talk
By: Toby McKeehan & Mark Heimermann

Capo 1

Intro: Em-G-D-A-Bm		4X

Verse 1-
Em    C	    A
Em    C	    A
Em    C	    A
Em    C	    A

Rap 1-
Em    C     A	
Em    C     A
Em    C     A			
Em    C	    A

Em    G	    D     A     Bm
Em    G	    D	  A     Bm
Em    G     D     A     Bm
Em    G	    D     A     Bm
Em    A     Em	  A

Verse 2-
Em    C     A
Em    C	    A
Em    C	    A
Em    C     A

Rap 2-
Em    C     A
Em    C	    A
Em    C     A
Em    C     A

Chorus 			2X
Em    G     D     A     Bm

Bridge: Em-G/F-A/F		2X

Em    G/F   A/F
Em    G/F   A/F
Cm-G-Cm/G-G-Cm/G-G		2X

Chorus			2X

Em    G     D     A     Bm
Em    G     D     A     Bm
Em    G     D	  A     Bm
Em    G	    D     A     Bm    Em

Comments about this tab

Mara - 2004-03-15

The Bm sounds weird to me. The rest of the chords are good though :)

flskaterSteve - 2004-04-05

The Bm chord is a bar chord... Bm 224422
This sounds a lot better.

Papple - 2004-04-17

actually the b minor is a barre chord 224432

Folse - 2004-07-23

I thought it was like (13XXXX)(46XXXX)(X46XXX)(68XXXX)

Folse - 2004-07-23

you know at the beggining and "what will people think we they hear that i'm a Jesus Freak, What will people do when they find out its true..."and so on part thats when you play the chords above right?

mtlmouth - 2004-07-27

To be honest, I just leave off the Bm. If you do just Em G D A, it sounds just fine. But I agree, that Bm sounds wrong there. :-)

dhumann05 - 2004-07-30

Well, I'm new at guitar playing, but it sounds switched around to me. I mean, it doesnt sound wrong, just not the way they play it, I thought it would be more like: Em D G Bm A But let me know what u think.

Folse - 2004-08-01

oops sorry i missed one it is actually (13XXXX)(46XXXX)(X46XXX)(68XXXX)
(8[10]XXXX) this is what i was taught by my pastor....i dunno it sounds right to me dont forget this is the chorus part though...:)

BlackMage - 2004-08-12

if y'all wanna know how to play this song the right way, then listen to the cd and play with it. theres nothing Em anywhere in this song. the electric intro goes like this: Fx3, Abx4, Ebx2, Dx2, Cx2, but it has to be kinda a faster tempo, feel free to email me @ if this confuses you.
later days, y'all

1chance - 2004-08-30

No Bm, but other than that its a great tab.

Bibbi - 2004-09-23

That's why it says Capo 1 . It means every E is an F, every F a F# and so on. The bm is indeed supposed to be a bsus2 (x24422). The right timing is about this: e e G G D D A b2. But it's hard to express the timing here, listen to the track and you'll find out.

random-in-Deed1 - 2004-09-27

It's right, accept the entire song is in power chords.

Guitar Chick - 2004-11-24

Great tab!!!! Anyone know where I can find lyrics?? Thanks

wwjd_wwjd - 2005-01-05

i dont know if this would have it site check it out!!!

wwjd_wwjd - 2005-01-05

hahahaha *lyrics

Play2Praise36 - 2005-01-06

you can get lyrics at

gsus_freak7 - 2005-03-17

mtlmouth is right but i was taught E G D A ? I dont know the last chord. thanx ;)

gsus_freak7 - 2005-03-17

guitar chick,
you can find the lyrics at

preacher_man003 - 2005-04-26


Dark Tofu - 2005-06-28

This song is completely in power chords there are no
Regular chords in this song!

Drop D

That is the regular chorus if i remember correctly

Dark Tofu - 2005-06-28

Actually just look at the tab at
the bottom of this page it has
the song is perfect though it has a 3.00
rating as of now

Dark Tofu - 2005-06-28

Sorry not this page but
the bottom Jesus freak tab

aguitarcalled.. - 2005-07-26

heh i think the bm is wrong it just don't sond right (sorry good try) oh does any one know how to read tab my teach thinks it is just a shortcut to read music so he does not teach it so if ya could help me out thanks!!!!

Basshammer2000 - 2005-08-02

This could end up like that Switchfoot tab,meant to live, if we don't sop it

Basshammer2000 - 2005-08-02

Meant stop it

Basshammer2000 - 2005-08-02

Not sop, stop

dobrijdjen - 2005-08-05

In the chorus there are definitely five chords played. Maybe its something like E G D A G. I don't think its a Bm but there should be a different chord to replace it.

Christ_follower - 2005-11-09

Hey, I'm new to this board. But I've played guitar for quite a while... and I think that E G D A Em sounds good...

calazoid - 2005-12-01

i am in a band at my church (really?!) and we have played it this way o so many times in fromt of people. and it sounds good to me.

jjonjjon - 2006-03-07

i rather play in power chords just standerd tuning , im new just starting guitar and i play drums a few hints would be nice ;)

JESUSFReaK301 - 2006-03-08

The song seems almost right. I only had a quick glance at it, but there definately are two things wrong. The intro has no capo. The chords are right. Play this Em, G, A, B in powerchords, for the intro, and then the verses have no guitar. There just is drums and bass, im pretty sure about that. Pretty good tab except for that.
Pray 4 our troops.

thewebman - 2006-04-25

it's definitely Em G D A B. and yes, it's all power chords!

Mtaitfan-13 - 2006-05-03

hey guy's for your info the real actual jesus freak cords are C-Fpc-Gpc if you realy listin to the song on record and match the cords they sound the same but you have to strum fast try it peace comment back ya'll

Mtaitfan-13 - 2006-05-03

by the way does anyone have any power cords to tait's song to numb from lose this life :)?

ChristianRocka! - 2006-10-06

everythin sounds rite xcept 4 da Bm

Soldiersbane - 2006-11-30

Ok guys pay a little attention if you want to input in this

1) Its a capo on 1
2) their is a 5th cord switch and its a Bm
3) You cant do any real chords on this song so do Power Chords
4) If you dont have a capo shift everything over one and you got yourself a perfect Chord chart for Jesus Freak

Txeagle - 2007-09-07

Nice tab. How do you do power cords?

soccerschu8 - 2008-07-11

does anyone know the strum pattern for this song

maclean - 2008-11-30

if you substitute the Cmaj for Cmaj7 it sounds real nice!

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