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Jars of Clay - Frail

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Jars of Clay

this tab is 100% correct (thats a lot less arrogant then it sounds) -
you'll need to listen to the cd to get the timing and rythme but yeah if
this sounds wrong retune your guitar :) by the way this is my first tab
so sorry if its not written too well with the sections and stuff but yeah
like I said if you listen to the cd all will become clear - just to get
you started section 1 is the intro and verses and section 2 and 3 are
the chorus..........

(!) were you see this symbol you need to listen to the cd to know when to
not play this bit - basically though you just leave it off the last time
you play part 3
h = Hammer on
p = Pull off
* = repeat

Part 1

 <----------------------first section------------------------->


Part 2

Part 3						          (!)

  <-----------------first  section----------------->|-----------|


Part 1 (modified)



Part 1 (modified 2)


part 1 x4
part 2
part 3 x4
part 1 x2
part 2
part 3 x2
part 1 x2
part 2
part 3 x4
part 1 x4
part 1 modified x2
part 1 x2
part 1 modified 2
part 1 x4
part 1 1st section x8

Comments about this tab

Adam K - 2004-03-27

What tuning do you use dude? Not E-A-D-G-B-E,Because it sounds wrong.

jstush04@aol - 2004-04-07

the tuning in the song is definately EADGBe. just by looking, the only thing i can see that is wrong is that in the first part of the first section, the chord you use is like almost like a D, but the chord is actually xx2030. with that middle "e" being the bass note.

Tayman20 - 2004-07-02

Actually I think the first chord looks like this xx2032. It plays P,A,M,I,M,I,A
4 String= P
3 String= I
2 String= M
1 String= A

I think that sounds pretty good...

Imbey - 2004-08-23

This is great, but what exactly is the best fingering for part 2? I'm tring to figure it out, and I'm pretty new at the guitar, so any help would be great. Thanks!

seidler - 2004-09-26

Well don't want to be overexact here, but the first chord is a simple Em79 played 022032. Anyway, nice job this tab thx for it :)

Farinhir - 2004-10-07

as far as the 1st section. it is an Em7add9 which looks like 022032 from top to bottom. for the 2nd section, the best fingering that i have been able to find is using the middle finger for the bass note and the ring finger to press the B string. this allows for you to change to pressed position from open to 2nd fret on the 1st string with your index finger and then from 2 to 3 with the pinky. the removal is probably self explanitory. great tab there.

bartholemew - 2005-02-24

the tuning for this tab is EADGBe (standard tuning) the first chord in the first section is infact 002032 and the bass note is the E string - the fingering is correct (sorry to sound so close minded but I have seen this song played live and am very proud to say the fingering and chords used where indeed the same as what I have tabbed here)

farinhir is right the best way to play (and the way jars play it) is with the ring finger firmly placed on the 3rd fret of the B string for the entire song (yes it does get sore but its do-able) if you want a more indepth finger position tab I'll redo it an put it on my website -

thanks for the input guys its great to know my tab is being read.

vaultingrules - 2005-05-05

it has to be 002032 because you need your pinky to hammer at the end of the first riff. listen to the cd.

~FreT~ - 2005-07-19

hey, your 100% accurate Frail is awesome. i've been playing another version, now that i've found this one, it's a whole lot cooler. thanx!

~FreT~ - 2005-07-21

for the 2nd part i still like to bar the G and the D with the 3rd finger.

Guitar #3 - 2005-10-15

The tuning is slghtly different with this song. Most guitars are tuned to 440Hz standard, with this song it is about 447 or 448 (probably 448).

Guitar #3 - 2006-04-03

sorry, i made a mistake, the tuning is around 438 not 448

bartholemew - 2006-06-30

Fret I'm not entirely sure what your barring off exactly but whatever works for you with the notes I tabed can't be wrong :P

and guitar #3 your getting a little bit too technical but yeah my guitar's (and most I have ever played on) are at around 438 at standard tuning so sorry for those that haven't got it sounding just right for that reason but I was unaware that any guitar with standard EADGBe tuning would operate at a different frequency.... by the way curious to know how you can pick up a difference of 2hz???

adorisable - 2008-03-29

although the tuning is in standard, i find it easier just to tune my B string to a D so i don't have to hold on to the 3rd fret the whole time. just a tip :)

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