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Everyday Sunday - Hanging On

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Artist:  Everyday Sunday
Title :  Hanging On
Album :  Stand Up
.TAB  :  Brad (

There's a higher melody part going on on top of the guitars which I think
is a keyboard / synthesizer, though it sounds more like a stringed
instrument at parts.  Unfortunately, I lack the patience to write out
notes (plus, I have never played piano, so my *mad* ;) violin skills
can't really help me out)

Tuning:  Standard (EADGBe)
  Time:  [2/4]
         Beat is around 88 (?) not sure, I tend to start it there. 
             * In any case, it isn't too fast.  As always, it can be 
               played at whichever tempo you like.

INTRO (2x)
           C#m                  B
 e |------------0--------0--|-------------0--------0--|
 B |-------0-------0--------|-------0--------0--------|
 G |----------6-------6-----|----------4--------4-----|
 D |-----6------------------|-----4-------------------|
 A |--4---------------------|--2----------------------|
 E |------------------------|-------------------------|

 e |------------0--------0--|------------0---------0--|
 B |-------0-------0--------|-------0--------0--------|
 G |----------2-------2-----|----------2--------2-----|
 D |-----2------------------|-----2-------------------|
 A |--0---------------------|--0----------------------|
 E |------------------------|-------------------------|


  Pretty sure that it's just the INTRO played 4 times
  For the vocals, they begin on beat 2 of the first repetition of the line
  (time signature as 2/4)
  On the last line before going into the CHORUS, continue the same fingering
  but with C#, E/B, and E (thanks to Brent)  

       C#     E/B    E
   e --0-------0-----0-------
   B --0-------0-----0-------
   G --4-------9(8)--9-------
   D --4-------9(8)--9-------
   A --2-------6-----7-------
   E ----------------0-------

    "and all I want is You" with [all] and [You] falling on E/B and E.

  Play the INTRO part 4 times.  This is a building up period.  Words start
  with "I come to you with all .." and the synthesizer joins in with F
  and G syncopated quarters (single notes, no chords).
  During the 4TH (LAST) repetition on the third measure some D# and E comes
  in to lead into the chorus.  I think the acoustic drops out here and is
  replaced by electric (that's what I do; I prefer doing the picking
  on an acoustic).


  For the Synthesizer part, I'm sure whoever's playing the keys will have
  an easy time playing along -- the notes are pretty clear (though not so
  much for me).  

         E      B  C#m(G#?)    A                 (E) (B ..
    e |--7------7---4---4------5--- you can ------0---
    B |--9------7---5---4------5--- opt to -------0---
    G |--9------8---6---6------6--- leave the ----9---
    D |--9------9---6---6------7--- high e and ---9---
    A |--7------9---4---6------7--- B open. ------7---
    E |--7------7---4---4------5--- (as usual) ---0---

   For the first repetition of the chorus, it is the same picking order as
   before, but using these variations on the chorus chords (different positions 
   -- sometimes)

    e |--0------0------0------0--   *****************************************
    B |--0------0------0------0--    or you can choose to play this sequence
    G |--9------4------6------2--    always.  I don't like to shift as much
    D |--9------4------6------2--    so when it's hard strokes (no picking), 
    A |--7------2------4------0--    I tend to stay higher on the B5 and F5.
    E |--0------0------0------0--   *****************************************

    If you seem to have a spot that doesn't fit, you should play this instead
    of continuing with the first CHORUS.  This shuold for the most part be
    handled by the synthesizer -- I'm not sure what the guitar plays during
    this -- maybe nothing (?)

        A     B     Cm  
   e |--0(5)--0(7)---0(9)--
   B |--0(5)--0(7)---0(9)--
   G |--6-----8------9-----
   D |--7-----9------11----
   A |--7-----9------11----
   E |--5-----7------9-----

   After a bunch of CHORUS / BRIDGE the acoustic comes back for the INTRO
   (the last two lines of lyrics)

I know this tab isn't perfect but it's pretty close -- if you have updates
or corrections please send them to me.  thanks :)

Comments about this tab

jprx - 2005-05-26

I like the way you tabbed it, it was very well written out
and thought out.We were thinking of doing this as a cover
song with our band, and this really helped. If you hear anything
about the band "Circles in Screenplay", thats us!! please support
us if you have the chance!

Johnny Blue - 2005-08-23

I just played the intro and then listened to it, and I think it sounds more like this:
e |---------0--------|---------0--------|---------0--------|---------0--------|
B |-----0---------0--|-----0---------0--|-----0---------0--|-----0---------0--|
G |-------6-----6----|-------4-----4----|-------2-----2----|-------2-----2----|
D |---6-------6------|---4-------4------|---2-------2------|---2-------2------|
A |-4----------------|-2----------------|-0----------------|-0----------------|
E |------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------|

jesusfreak936 - 2005-12-09

Isn't that B a Bsus? 044200 is a Bsus...

Frankie Machart - 2008-05-14

yes it is a bus

Frankie Machart - 2008-05-14

yes it is a bsus

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