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Jars of Clay - Hymn

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Author/Artist:  Jars of Clay
Title:  "Hymn"
Album:  Much Afraid
     (c)1997 Bridge Building Music/Pogostick Music (BMI)
     [ISCR US-ES2-97-00101]
Tabbed by:  Cole Barnes (

Ok, now that all formalities are aside, here's how to play this song.
There's a mandolin in this song, but hey, let's face it, how many of your
buddies play the mandolin, so I've arranged this for two guitars.  Ok, capo
this first guitar on the fifth fret and leave the other guitar open.  I
haven't been able to try it with both as of yet, but both parts sound good
when they are played by themself, so I figure that both together would give
it a nice full sound.  
Here goes:

INTO:       |-------3------|
(all tab    |-0--------0h1-|
relative    |--------------|
to capo)    |----0-----0h2-|
            |-3------------|  PLAY, THEN REPEAT  3x

Now, the picking pattern in this song is really easy, and seeing as how it
would take me forever to tab out the entire song, I'll let you figure it out
yourself.  Just try to so it fingerstyle cause with a pick it's kinda
difficult.  Listen to the CD and you'll get it.  Have fun!
*capo on guitar on the 5th fret and leave another open, the chords in ()'s at
to be played open, while the other's are to be relative to the capo.

(Am)Em   (Dm)Am   (Am)Em
(Em)Bm   (Dm)Am   (Am)Em
(G)D     (E7)B7   (Am)Em
(C)G     (F)C     (C)G     (C/B)G/F#

(G)D       (Fadd9)Cadd9 (C)G  
(C/B)G/F#  (Am)Em       (Dm)Am   (G)D     (E7)B7
(Am)Em     (F)C         (C)G     (F)C     (C)G
(F)C       (G)D         (C)G  

[Repeat Chorus]


[Repeat Chorus 2x]
(F)C    (G)D   (Am)Em
(F)C    (G)D   (C)G

**This song has some strange chords, so I've tabed a few of them out:

CHORD		| E A D G B e |
E7		|-0-2-0-1-0-0-|
B7		|---0-1-2-0-2-|
C/B		|---2-2-0-1-0-|
G/F#		|-2-X-0-0-0---|
Fadd9		|-1-0-3-0-1-1-|
Cadd9		|---3-2-0-3-3-|

Any questions, comments, corrections, etc, please email me at

Comments about this tab

bmphan - 2004-08-10

Great job! For the B7, I actually play something different. I don't know what it's called, but it goes:

xx1212 (with the capo on the 5th fret)

getarfool - 2005-11-09

whoa! i did this back in high school... had completely forgotten about it until i google'd my name!

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