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Caedmon's Call - Suicidal Stones

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Group: Caedmon's Call
Album: "My Calm//Your Storm"
Song Title: "Suicidal Stones"
By: Aaron Tate
More tab available at

There are two parts to this song:
Cliff -> Capo 2 
Derek -> Clean (Key of E; again, this puts Cliff's part in D)

I will transcribe Cliff's part (which is the melody throughout most of 
the song) first.  Derek's will follow at the end, and corresponds directly
 with Cliff's, except for the bridge, which I will explain in detail.  All 
the chord changes are at the same time.  Again, since so much of this style
 is rhythm, I highly recommend listening to the record (over and over and 
over...).  All chords are above the ~approximate~ lyric sung at that point.
Again, listen to the record, it will become very clear.

All chords are given relative to the Capo (ie in this case G is really an A,
                                              A->B, etc)

*NOTE on Intro:*
This part is _very_ fast, and will take a bit of practice.  If you listen 
closely, you will also notice that there is a pair that is repeated twice, 
with the rhythm of the first half of the pair ~slightly~ different than the
second.  I will try to show you how to play this exactly as on the record:

D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G
D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G
D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G
D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G
D    Dsus4

Tab: (This is the actual strumming patterns; hope it helps)

-2--0--2----3-3--3--  This is the first half of the pair;  I have tried to
-3--0--2----3-3--3--    approximate the timing with spacing between chords.
-2--2--4----0-0--0--  It also sound better if the first G is an upstroke,
-0--2--4----0-0--0--    and the following two G's are downstrokes.

-2--0--2--2-2----3--  This is the second half of the pair;  again, timing is
-3--0--2--2-2----3--    approximated with spacing between chords.
-2--2--4----4----0--  If you can squeeze in an upstroke of those bottom two 
-0--2--4----4----0--    strings between downstrokes of a Bmsus2, it will 
-x--0--2----2----2--    sound great.

Then the D to Dsus4 is simply strumming, listen to the record (I know... but it
 is the best way to get it all!)

Verse 1:
D      G
D      G

D      G

Bm     A
Bm     G      A      A
G      D
G      D
G      D
A      A

Intro is played here: (play pair of rhythms twice, but no D/Dsus4)
  D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G
  D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G
  D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G  
  D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G

Verse 2: (Played exactly the same as Verse 1, see above)

Chorus (Same as above)

Chorus (Same as above)

Bridge: (Cliff has no part here... Derek's part is the only one 
         being played; it is below)

Chorus (Same as above)

Chorus (Same as above)

Intro is played here: (play pair of rhythms twice, but no D/Dsus4)
  D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G
  D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G
  D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G  
  D Asus2 Bm-sus2 G

Derek: Clean guitar, played over Cliff

Intro: (These are weird chords, I have tabbed them out below.  It took
          me a good 5 minutes to even figure out a theoretical name for
           them, which are, btw, correct!)

  E Esus2  Aug-G#m-sus4 A9
  E Esus2  Aug-G#m-sus4 A9
  E Esus2  Aug-G#m-sus4 A9
  E Esus2  Aug-G#m-sus4 A9
  E             Esus4

  E   Asus2
  E   Asus2
  E   Asus2
  C#m  B
  C#m  Asus2  B  B

(*Note on verse*: because E and Asus2 are both played on so many open 
 strings, you can get a clearer sound if right as you change chords, 
 you use your (free) pinky finger to mute the strings, almost as if you
 were using the finger as a bar.  E-mail me if you are lost on this.)

  Asus2  E
  Asus2  E
  Asus2  E
  B   B

  C#sus2  Bsus2

(*Note on bridge*: This pair is played 8 times underneath Cliff's vocals.  
  To play it as on the record, pick through the chords, do not strum them.
  A pattern focused on the high 4 strings will serve you best.  The 7th 
  and 8th times, quickly strumming the high 4 right as you change, then 
  continuing to pick them will sound best.  If you have questions on this, 
  let me know.  That's what I'm here for :-) )

The pattern is exactly the same as Cliff's

Chord Signatures:
Cliff: (all given relative to capo) 


   G Asus2 D  Dsus4 Bm-sus2               

Derek (clean)


 Asus2 B Bsus2 E  Esus4  C#m C#sus2  Esus2  Aug-G#m-sus4

Written by Aaron Tate. (1994, Cumbee Road Music).
All rights reserved.

Comments about this tab

ChopinJr - 2005-07-13

Unfortunately, T-rev's usually flawless tabs here contain a minor error. His "carefully thought out" Aug-G#m-sus4 chord is actually a simply C#m7 over bass note E. Those darn theorists! ;)


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