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Jars of Clay - Worlds Apart

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Title: Worlds Apart
Artist: Jars of Clay
Album: Jars of Clay
Copyright 1995 Bridgebuilding Music
All rights Reserved Yada Yada.

Ok this song uses an alternate tuning where you drop the two middle strings
to a B and an E, instead of D and G, making it EABEBe. Its one of my
favourite songs, so it always hurts when people play it wrong. (that regular B
chord just doesnt cut it.) Enjoy! 


   E5   A2 Amaj9 Bsus4  B*   C#m7? F#m7 F#*

Verse 1:

A2 B* A2
B* F#m7   
A2 B* A2
B* F#m7 
C#m7 Bsus4 B* A2  
C#m7 Bsus4 B* 
A2 (pause)

Verse 2: (same chords as verse 1)

C#m7 E5 A2
A2 B* C#m7
C#m7 E5 A2
C#m7 B* C#m7 (Bsus4) (B*) (A2) 

Verse 3: (same as verses 1 and 2)

A2 B* C#m7 (bsus4) (B*) (A2) 

Amaj9 A2 Amaj9  
Bsus4 B*
Amaj9 A2 
Bsus4 B* Bsus4
Amaj9 A2         
Bsus4 B* Bsus4
A2 Amaj9
B* A2
E5 B*
Bsus4 B*  
C#m7 Bsus4 B*
B* F#*

Tabbed by Andy Fischer aka plaid_child
Questions? Comments? Criticisms? Contact me at

Liv <><

Comments about this tab

tabmngr - 2004-05-18

I have the official book for this one too, and it is, and can be played in regular tuning. They play the "regular" B chord, but in the Furthermore/11 Live version, it is a B7.

crazydeb8r - 2004-09-11

On the Jars of Clay CD that this song appeared ini originally, it is in EABEBe turning, as wrtten here. The book puts all the songs in standard if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, I saw them a long time ago and saw the guy play it, and it was DEFINITELY EABEBe.

DrewGuitarMan - 2004-11-19

It does sound closer than any tab ive heard so far...

joshduke - 2004-12-12

Regardless of how it may be elsewhere, thanks for taking the time to post the chords for us. - Josh

Deltawing - 2005-01-05

Very good. Just one thing though. Some of the chords you have listed as A2 should be Aadd2 (002000), instead of Asus2 (005500) as you have. If you listen carefully, between the first and second lines there is a definate chord change. So I think the first two lines should be:
Aadd2 B* Asus2
Aadd2 B* F#m7
...although I'm not entirely sure of that.

jesus_lover46 - 2005-05-19

how do you get the guitar in that tuning? thanks-lorena

No0dLeZ - 2005-05-31

well its better to use a tuner but better people use it by ear. So you need to use a tuner

maadio - 2005-10-05

I think the question was more about what you do to get it down there in the first place. What you do is loosen te middle two strings until they're a step and a half lower. Then use your tuner. :)

IamGodfollower - 2007-01-19

The way to change the tuning by ear is you match the chords you are changing fretted on the 12th fret to the chord you are changing it to. In this case the open b and high e string. I hope this is clear enough for you. You can also use the 12th fret with a tuner and tune them to 2B and 1E.

imuneekru - 2008-09-30

This is a very good tab, and I like the EABEBe tuning, it is what gives the Jars of Clay album its distinctive sound. I agree with you, I've played this song in standard and it sounds so much richer with the open tuning. And those standard chords *hurt* like the dickens! After the full 4.5 minutes of pounding the Bsus chord over and over, I'm ready for a hand massage.

jday3093 - 2013-01-21

Thanks for deciphering the tuning! I've been wrestling with JoC's first record for 17 years! Finally knowing what to tune my guitar to helped tremendously in learning to play this song closer to the way JoC actually does it. From what I've surmised a lot of people used alternate tunings during the 90's. There's a web site called "look no hands" that has a chord structure page where you can see what notes make up chords, key signatures, etc. I tuned my guitar to your suggested tuning and then looking at the notes that make up each chord, painstakingly checking each string to make sure I was playing all the right notes that each chord is made up of in the alternate tuning. I'm going to get a tutorial up on YouTube ASAP on my findings. I think this tuning applies to most of the rest of the songs from that record. You just capo on the third fret for all the songs in the key of G. That also gives you the option of capoing up or down to accommodate higher and lower voices. Thanks again!

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