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Jars of Clay - Flood

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Title: Flood
Artist: Jars of Clay
Album: Jars of Clay
Copyright 1995 Bridgebuilding Music
All rights Reserved Yada Yada.

Ok… this song uses an alternate tuning where you drop the two middle
strings to a “B” and an “E”, instead of “D” and “G”, making it EABEBe.
In addition to that, it also has a capo on the third fret. Sorry I
couldn't put in the lyrics. :/


  Abmaj7  Bb  C5  G5      C*   Bb*   G*

Intro: C5 Bb Abmaj7 G5 (x2)

Verse 1:
C* Bb* G*
C* Bb* G*
C* Bb* G*
C* Bb* G*

C5 Bb G5 
C5 Bb G5
C5 Bb G5 
C5 Bb G5

C5 Abmaj7 Bb G5
C5 Abmaj7 Bb G5
C5 Abmaj7 Bb G5
C5 Abmaj7 Bb G5 (C5)

Verse 2: (Same as Verse 1)


Bridge: (No chords)


C5 Abmaj7 Bb G5
C5 Abmaj7 Bb G5
C5 Abmaj7 Bb G5
C5 Abmaj7 Bb G5 

Outtro: C5 

Ciao now!

Tabbed by Andy Fischer aka plaid_boy
Questions? Comments? Criticisms? Contact me at

Liv <><

Comments about this tab

otacon1432 - 2004-04-01

this is an incredibly accurate tab. the only mistake i can hear in it is the intro which should be:

c5 Abmaj7 Bb G5

this is only switching the A and B order on itnro. im guessing this was probably a typo but either way this is a great song! ><>

jstush04@aol - 2004-04-07

this is a really good tab. i had always just played power chords with a capo. the only thing is, you need to make sure that you really palm mute the verses, to get that really bassy sound on the cd

journeymen iw - 2004-07-15

I just finished playing this version and i have to say you hit the nail right on the head with this one. This is by far the best.

Broadcaster - 2004-11-07

You did a AWSOME job on this tab!!!

jimbojones - 2004-11-09

i agree, WONDERFUL job!!!!!

gtrox17 - 2004-11-09

great job man


jamforchrist123 - 2005-02-08


saintsaybia - 2005-03-16

This is the best tab for flood i've seen on this site

~FreT~ - 2005-10-18

i think there is a typo.
on the G* chord for the verse, it is palm muted on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string, like C* and Bb*
gd job!

i love the nashville tuning...

~FreT~ - 2005-10-18

it would be cool if the fretting hand could mute all the strings right after the last chord of the outtro...i think Jars does that anyway. and it's cooler than just letting that C5 ring.

MassageMan - 2005-12-12

correct this is a great version, he plays Flood in this tuneing "EABEBe" live in concert, however if you try playing along with the studio recording you will hear some major tone differences where standard tuening will work best. Over all good work peacing it together besides the chord flip.

Carolina_Dave - 2006-02-28

thank you thank you. Playing this thing on Sunday and I was killing myself with std tuning. this did the trick...God Bless

graysondh - 2006-04-01

I noticed:


This chord is E5. Not G.

But the tab sounds right.

Truth? - 2006-04-17

That is E but with the capo on 3 it becomes a G.

jeffhef - 2007-03-09

Excellent. I picked this up a couple of years ago from this posting. Along with watching the live video and this posting I was able to nail it. Thanks.

jeffhef - 2007-03-09

Excellent. I picked this up a couple of years ago from this posting. Along with watching the live video and this posting I was able to nail it. Only thing I'd add is it sounds great if you have 2 acoustics locked in timing together. Thanks.

+SEAL+ - 2007-10-11


Swimmyman - 2008-01-01

Hey great job with this tab i learned it so fast with your tab!:)

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