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Third Day - Consuming Fire

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Consuming Fire
Third Day

E  C  G  D
E  C  A
E  C  G  D
E  C  A 
E  G  A
E  G  A

E  G  A
E  G  A
E  G  A
E  G  A

A  G  D  B

E  C  G  D
E  C  A
E  C  G  D
E  C  A

Bm  D  A  Em
Bm  D  A  Em
Bm  D  A  A  E
E  C  G  D
E  C  A

SOLO  (play chorus chords)


Comments about this tab

creynold - 2004-09-06

the chords are 100% accurate, as well as the structure. play along withe cd if you dont believe.

SGuy - 2004-11-27

These chords do sound great and sound even better if you can get other people doing just about the same chords too. Nice job on chords.

A Brother in Christ,

GuitarOfGold - 2005-03-22

It's E minor, not E major, except where it comes out of the bridge. There, it is an E major.

In the bridge, your Em is Em7.

GuitarOfGold - 2005-03-22

Also, the A in the chorus and verses is an A2.

coolnorth - 2005-03-28

I didn't notice the E major you talk about. THe chords are most accurate on this one - the obvious missing item is Brad Avery's solo - watch him in concert with the boys, he's amazing and every time they play the song it has a unique flare to it. Check it out on the DVD's.

coolnorth - 2005-03-28

Let me clarify a bit more...the E, or E Maj. is accurate. If you change the E maj. to E minor, the song takes a funny tone in general, which then would lend to the reason A2 sounds better than A. Play it as written here on an accoustic, then try it on electric, then play the chords as power chords with a bit of distortion, just for variety, you'll probably hear the need for the E major in all cases as it is written on this particular tab. (Because the power chord formation is playing 5ths, you'll see the need to define that E maj. (G# is missing, plus your high B and E) and you'll enjoy nailing down the ultimate Third Day rock tune!!)

Remember, God meets us where we're at!

GuitarOfGold - 2005-04-03

I and a friend just wrote a song about a month ago using Em-G-A. I've written songs in the past that use E-G-A as well as E-C-D-E, and similar progressions in other keys. E-G-A is one of my personal styles in my music, so I think I would recognize it if I heard it elsewhere. That means I'm familliar FIRSTHAND with what BOTH chord progressions sound like, as well as what melodies with go with them. (Not to mention having relative pitch.)

Mac sings a G note several different times in the melody. Never does he sing and Ab, except after the bridge, as I pointed out.

I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but I've gone over the melodies in the vocals AND guitar riffs & solos to figure out this chord and get the general tone of the song.

GuitarOfGold - 2005-04-03

The solo at the end on the offerings CD tells a *lot* about it, probably more than any other part of the song.

coolnorth - 2005-04-13

Sorry, goldguitar dude. I'm not trying to ruffle feathers here, or anything. I know those progressions you mention go together well and varieties of them do even when they don't sound like they should, but that's when you resolve them, right? It's neat to listen to my wife playing piano and hear something very complex sound outrightly rude and then the resolve happens and it becomes beautiful! Probably my left-handed playing has affected my commentary. I'm not trying to snuff your idea, just found what works well on our set. We're a small time, small town worship group. We've not written very much of our own, but it is fun to jam and play some of the rockin' tunes by 3D.

Micah 6:8 - keep it focussed on Him!

christian_latin - 2005-06-29

Im really not sure but E major and E minor sound right but E major sounds a little bit better. Also in the verses the D should be a D/F# and all the B should be a B7. Good job on the tab.

-God Bless

Zero17 - 2005-08-31

One of my friends is HUGE fan of Third Day. He's been playing for like...15-20 years, and has been to their concerts a lot, with Consuming Fire in them. He told me these are the correct chords (he also knows the guitar solo):

Chorus: E C G D E C A2 A2

Verse:E5 G A2 A2

Pre-Chorus: A2 G D2/F# B7

And yeah...I've heard him play it. It's correct.

azbandits12 - 2005-11-08

great tab very accurate

mAc33 - 2006-01-31

This tab is not correct
it starts E G A E G A

Asus2 A G G
D/F B7 B7

there is more but i can remember it off the top of my head that is the way third day plays it it is from there book

nbfan - 2006-11-30

Whenever it says E on this tab its really Em. Sorry. Not perfect.

ZJACK - 2007-09-10

On the pre-chorus the D should be a D/F# and the B is a B7. And the earlier comments are right about the A it should be an A2. But other than these minor things YOU DID A GREAT JOB ON THIS TAB!!!!!! Keep up the good work!

insane - 2008-01-03

I've got the chronolgy vol. 1 book, i don't see anything different.

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