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Relient K - Failure To Excommunicate

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Song: Failure To Excommunicate
Band: Relient K
Album: The Anatomy Of The Toungue In Cheek
Written by: Matthew Thiessen
Copyright 2001 Gotee Music (BMI)-Admin. by EMI CMP
Tabbed by Josiah Pagoota     (

I omit all unplayed strings. DROP-D (just acoustic)for INTRO 1

Intro Part 1 (DROP-D acoustic only):


Intro Part 2 (play over Part 1) (electric)


Intro Part 3 (play over Part 2 without part 1) (electric)





Pre-Chorus: Palm mute from one V to the next V



Chorus: (clean)


Play intro Part2 once then the top section of Part3 3X and the bottom once
Play Verse but donít hold out first 2 chords just strum regularly
Play Pre-Chorus 
Play Chorus 2X
Then it goes into that weird violin thing

This tab is very accurate. The only somewhat maybe not perfect part would
be the strum patterns in the verses. Thatís just how it sounds to me. I
hope everyone understands the palm-muting in the prechorus. I tried to make
it comprehensible. Anyway this is a very good song. Itís pretty simple for
the most part. Email me w/?ís and comments at

Comments about this tab

kolin - 2004-04-12

ur tab is awesome but it needs lyrics. other than that id say its perfect!!

whatchamacallme - 2004-05-13

you can't put lyrics in. copyright stuff.

but the tabs look good. :)

McFly - 2004-07-29

this tab is grand!

stevo_1515 - 2004-07-30

the intro is actualy played on a bass but other than that it perfect

random-in-Deed1 - 2004-09-27

A completely accurate tab? Brilliant!
(I think SteveO is right about the bass, but awsome job.)

mmggppmgp - 2004-12-29

i think stevo meant part 1... ur tab looks excelente

zloppy - 2005-05-17

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I want to lay this song but its hard for me to read tabs. if anyone could help me somehow or someway that would be great.

bigfatape828 - 2005-07-14

about the bass intro, I listened carefully, and it actually goes

first two measures...

The notes all get lower when they switch

camo_vee - 2005-08-27

PLEASE translate this into chords! Its my FAVORITE Relient K song, and I don't read tabs well.

Thanks a trillion!


ReLienT K RoCks - 2005-12-25

This is my favorite relient k song.This tab is the best of all the ones I have seen on this song

mattrox - 2006-01-21

im like the other guys im not so good at reading tabs someone pleeeeeaaase pot this to tabs

RelientA-OK - 2006-03-18

Out of curiosity, why do people feel compelled to post tabs AND chords for the same song at the sme time!!!???!?!?!?? ...Peace!...

theflameguitar - 2006-03-30

-reading tabs is easy. ok so you have a line or six. ok here practice this ok.

the string names are aranged in order the bottom e is your low e and the top, your high e. the numbers are the frets on that line you play.

say you have

e/ -9-9-8-9-13-21-4-6-9
/-8-9-4-2-9-4- 9-6-9
/-9-5-5-5-5-5- 9-8-4
/-5-5-5-5-5-5- 3-4-8
/-6-8-8-5-6-6- 9-5-8
e/-3-5-5-8-9- 16-5-4-4

you just play the fingering in the right order and when you have one like my first example you only play that string. you only play the strings that have notes on them................

peace and good luck dudes


ALivingBurden - 2006-04-12

The only thing i see is that it seems that part 1 of the intro goes through 3 it doesnt stop... listen to the song and see if im crazy or not but i think i hear it

Faceless - 2006-05-21

Intro Part 1 is definitely played on the bass, and it does continue the whole way through the intro. I'm pretty sure part 3 on the intro is:


I don't know about the muted stuff, it would take considerable skill to play that fast enough. It could be there. I'm really not sure if those are the only notes played, but I do know that it changes. It's not just the same chord played 16 times. Other than that, very well tabbed.

mafia strumer - 2006-09-17

someone PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE!!! translate this song into chords!!! IM DESPARATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thnx mafia strumer...

about the name, i gotta rep the itallia!!!

Hesmyescape92 - 2006-11-21

Very accurate tabbing, I see no errors. Keep listening to rk and keep jammin. Peace.. V

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