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Knapp, Jennifer - Fall Down

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Artist: Jennifer Knapp
Album: The Way I am
Song: Fall Down
Tabber of sorts: Adam McGuffie (

**Dropped D tuning**

Capo 2nd fret

*All Tab and chords reletive to capo*

I have a concert of Jen's taped, and I've watched this song over and over
and by cheating looking at her fingers and using my ear for the chorus and
bridge, this is what i've come up with.I don't know the names to some of
these chords, so you have to play what I have wrriten. I'm almost positive
this is 100% right though.Remember, even through the tab, she's "strumming",
so keep your pick going up-down-up-down(with rythem ya'll, i'm just saying
we aren't playing punk here, it's not all downstrokes)
  Bsus*:x02xxx(this stands for the riff unless told otherwise)
     A6:x0222x(barre it so you have xo2222 fingered, and you can hit the
high e sometimes)
     G6:55003x(when there is a "*" beside it, you can do a little slide
on the bass D string from  5to0)
 Intro/main riff:(note:the lines aren't seperating the measures, only
parts of the riff, play the who thing together always unless I say)

    G5                  Bsus*                               A6
  E|------------------|-------------------|-----------------  |
  B|------------------|-------------------|-----------------  |
  D|------4-4h5p4-p0--|--2--4--4h5p4p2----|------4-4h5p4-p0-(strum A6 some)
  A|------5-x---------|--0--0--0----------|------5-x--------  |
  D|-5-5--5-----------|-------------------|-5-5--5----------  |

Verse 1:
G6     G4     A6
G6     G4     A6
G6     G4     A6     G(no2)
G5     G4     G5
G6     G4     Bsus*(only the Bsus* part)
G6     G4     A6
G(no2) G6     G4     G(no2)

D2     A6     G(no2) G6*    D2     A6
G(no2) G6*    D2     A6     G(no2) G6     D2
A6     G(no2) G5 (main riff)

G6     G4     A6
G6     G4     A6
G(no2) G6     G4     G(no2)

(repeat chorus)


G6     A6
G(no2) G6     A6

(repeat chorus)

End on G5
After playing it and all that and listining to it over and over and over for
3 1/2 hours,I'm positive this is right. If you don't think so tell me the
imperfection and i'll change it!   Thanks ya'll, i'm just tryin to give back
a tiny bit of what i've used from here. Thanks Mickey! Thanks whoever you
are that is looking at this!! All of ya'll are awesome people.-Adam(aka Fuzz)

This tab is dedicated to Amber(Muddyart).......haha, I finally got it done =O)

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