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Ortega, Fernando - Our Great God

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"Our Great God"-Storm
Fernando Ortega

Db             Abm        Gb              Db
Eternal God, unchanging, mysterious and unknown.
     Db               Abm          Gb             Db
Your boundless love unfailing, in grace and mercy shown.
        Bbm          Gb            Bbm                  Gb
Bright seraphim in endless flight around your glorious throne.
      Db                 Abm             Gb              Db
They raise their voices day and night in praise to you alone.


	     Db Abm       Gb               Db
	Hallelujah! Glory be to our great God!   (x2)

 Db           Abm            Gb               Db
Lord, we are weak and frail, helpless in the storm.
   Db                 Abm     Gb               Db
Surround us with your angels, hold us in your arms.
    Bbm               Gb          Bbm            Gb
Our cold and ruthless enemy, his pleasure is our harm.
     Db               Abm           Gb                  Db
Rise up, oh Lord, and he will flee before our Sovereign God.

     Db             Abm           Gb           Db
Let every creature in the sea and every flying bird;
     Db             Abm             Gb            Db
Let every mountain, every field and valley of the earth;
    Bbm               Gb               Bbm        Gb
Let all the moons and all the stars in all the universe
     Db              Abm            Gb                Db
Sing praises to the living God, who rules them by His word.

Db's and Abm..... are not the greatest chords to play on the guitar
so below I have given the translations for the chords if you play
the song a have step down in the key of F.  Plus, Fernando sings
pretty high anyways, so you might want to bring it down anyways.


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Comments about this tab

muziqman - 2005-04-26

you can play these chords easy enough using bard chords

Db = x4666x
Abm = 466444
Gb = 244322
Bbm = 113321

LewtenantDan06 - 2005-08-04

Why don't you just step everything up a half step and get rid of the flats?

Blazer77 - 2005-10-09

or if you stay in this key use a capo on the 4th fret:

I'm trying to figure out if this is the same key as the City on a Hill version...

Bredders - 2007-01-31

or you could just not make it flat. take the flats off. Voila!

BobSongs007 - 2007-10-26

The copy of "Our Great God" I'm listening to is from "City On A Hill" and is listed as written by Fernando Ortega and Mac Powell.

This version's arrangement is a little different. It looks more like:

Db Abm Abm7 Db
Eternal God, unchanging, mysterious and unknown.

And so on throughout the song. The seventh that shows up a the word "mysterious" gives the chord the feel of Gb. However the bass note doesn't reflect that chord shift in this version. So I'd like to offer this "correction" which may be nothing more than a version variation.

I realise too that the shift from Abm to Gb is much more dramatic. I'm only posting this because I like the arrangement I'm listening to here.


BobSongs007 - 2007-10-26

Whoa. Okay: formatting failed there. Let's try that again.

E(Db)ternal God, un(Abm)changing, mys(Abm7)terious and un(Db)known.

Sorry. Didn't realize all the chords would end up bunched up on the left there.

tHoMbRe - 2008-02-14

I agree with the Abm7 on the verses. Its clearly Gb on the chorus. I personally recommend the capo4 method (A Em Em7 F#m D). Also I didnt see any mention of holding the Db after the chorus, which it does. -thom

tHoMbRe - 2008-02-14

okay, so i just realized that Ive never heard any version other than the City On A Hill CD, so I dont really know what this version is supposed to sound like. Anywho, the City on a Hill version also has this repetative guitar riff...


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