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Knapp, Jennifer - Say Won't You Say

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“Say Won't You Say”
Jennifer Knapp
The Way I Am
Transcribed or whatever you want to call it by:
Meagan Moering (the genious that did it the first
time and messed it up)
Karen Talkington- 

An Extra tip from Gio *try using a Gadd2 instead of a G*

 Intro: C G Am F G 

Say Won't You Say,
Say That You Love Me
With Love, Ever, Love
Love Everlasting?
C              G                     Am F G
All My Devotion Put Into Motion By You

 Verse 1:
Every Morning I 
Have Chance To Rise And
Am         F G
Give My All
C                         G                      Am
But Every Afternoon I Find I Have Only Wasted Time
     F             G
In Light Of Your Awe
Isn't Love Amazing
I Forgot How To Speak
D			F
Knowing You Are Near And
I Am Finally Free


 Verse 2
My eyes fear to close 
This reckless letting go is
Am         F G
Hard to bear
C                     G    
On the edge of all I need
Still I cling to what I see
	F              G
And what have I there?
Bred my own disaster
Who have I to blame?
D		     F
All I need is waiting
To be fanned to flame


D            	G
I open up my eyes to see You standing 
F			G
there oh I can barely breathe, I can hardly 
Am		     F
bear all the love I feel for you inside. 
I hope you feel it now somehow


if you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail Meagan or Karen 
have a GREAT day :)

Comments about this tab

gymnast_girl_27 - 2004-01-10

just a little tip... try using Dm instead of D

AudioRKFFHfan - 2004-03-27

Thanx! I'll try that. I didn't think the "D" sounded compleatly right, but other then that, the chords are fine

alfcantor - 2004-11-27

Try Gsus instead of G and instead of Am use Am with a hammer on for the C note (1st fret second string). And yeah, its a Dm, not D. Other than that, looks good to me. ;)

skittles45 - 2005-03-24

i'm kinda startin on th g'tar
but this seems easy. thanx!

hpy-monkey1213 - 2005-03-26

I dont know how to play the guitar that that good yet but might i say myself---i gettin' pretty good! whoever put that together was pretty good!

PeepsRock16 - 2005-07-27

whoa how come they were able to get the words to this song with all the copyright stuff?

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