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Five Iron Frenzy - Pre-Ex-Girlfriend

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artist: Five Iron Frenzy
song:   Pre-Ex-Girlfriend
album:  Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Boogaloo
(C) 2001 Five Minute Walk Records

tabbed by: Garrett Johnston
submitted: nov 23, 2001

i am completely sure that this is correct. if you have any questions,
contact me at

oh, and another thing - don't steal the songs from five iron. go buy the cd -
it's less than 15 dollars and you're supporting the band by buying the cd -
possibly increasing the number of albums they will release. so GO BUY IT! :)

c  Bb  d  f  [8x]

[verse 1]
c                  A
she's so cool it's almost eerie
G#              G        f
she's so fine i lost all hope
genetical testing
something has gone wrong
she should get back in
    G                f
her cage before they find she's gone

[prechorus 1]
G            A     f     c
she said she hated kenny g
G            A       f        c
that girl is way too good for me
f                c
we'll break up before it starts
       f            c
she'll only tear my world apart
d                       g
da na na na na na na na naaaaa

c    Bb d f       c   Bb       d         f
pre-ex-girlfriend, that girl is just too fine
c    Bb d f       c    Bb   d   f
pre-ex-girlfriend, leaving me behind

[verse 2]
you might say she's everything
just before everything goes wrong
she's sunshine and lightning
she pulls at my heartstrings
she's stunning and then she's gone

[prechorus 2]
the intellect that girl has
she's saying "death to false jazz"
like kryptonite to superman
she's here to break my heart again
da na na na na na na na naaaaa

C                C
watch her on the floor tonight
Dm             Dm
feel the crush she will incite
    F                 F
the spark of hope she will ignite
  G         G
a beautiful sight
C               C
softer than the lightest snows
Dm              Dm
watch her as the moment slows
F                F
in my face the door will close
    G        G
and there she goes

C  Dm  F  G  [2x]

reese talks to a girl and gets turned down on the 5th repeat... 'tis hilarious

D:-10-10--8-8--7-7-------0h7h8h10---o|  repeat 12x

[chorus 2x]

all the power chords used in the song are below
(lowercase means higher up on the fretboard)

   c   Bb  d   f   A   G#  G   g   C   Dm  F

Comments about this tab

Luthrnstud22 - 2004-09-01

second guitar on bridge:
Listen to get the timing

bonos2000 - 2005-02-17

just wondering about the 2nd prechorus/verse do you play #1 a second time or just not play ther with an accoustic guitar on chords?

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