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Chapman, Steven Curtis - See the Glory

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Song: See the Glory
Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman
CD: Declarations

tabbed by Deren (

NOTES: This song is amazing! SCC's new album is incredible. SCC tunes down
to half step drop D here, so from low to high Dflat Aflat Dflat Gflat Bflat
Eflat  It took me awhile to figure this one out, so I hope you enjoy it.


D*    000XXX
A     X02220 OR 777XXX
B     X244XX OR 999XXX
D     X577XX
F#    444XXX
G     555XXX
F     333XXX
Gflat 222XXX

INTRO: on the Bflat Gflat and Dflat strings:
Guitar 1 - some mild distortion and wah/flange effect:
G-77--77--77--9-12----  repeat as needed.

VERSE RIFT (guitar 2 acoustic):
D       A                    B
I never did liked the word medioker,
D       A                       B
I never wanted it to be said of me (oh no)
D       A                         B
Just wanted to determin if I'd go over (over)
D       A                         B
Looking for the very best I could be

PRE CHORUS RIFT (add guitar two with mild distortion)
G                         F#
So what this thing I see? Going on inside of me,
G                             A
When it comes to the Grace of God, sometimes its like.....

CHORUS RIFT: (slam on that distortion baby!) guitar 1 hits the intro line:
            D*    A                         B
I'm playing games standing in the middle of the Grand Canyon.
            D*    A                  B
I'm eating candy sitting at a gormet feast.
           D*    A           B
I'm waiting at a pond when I could be swimming in the ocean.
        D*    F#  G    A   (B)  INTRO RIFT      
Tell me whats the deal with me? Wake up and see the glory!

VERSE 2: (Use verse rift)
Every song in the sky tells his story (over)
And every breeze is singing his song.
All of creation is inpowering,
Hey come see this gand phanominom!

PRE CHORUS: (Use verse rift):
The wonder of His Grace, should take my breath away,
I've did so many things when I'm content with...........

CHORUS: (Use Chorus rift and lyrics):

BRIDE RIFT: Distorted:

D   G   A   F#  (listen to cd for rythm, its tricky, I couldnt tab it out)
bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah wake up and see the glory (yeh)
D   G   A   F#              F# G Gflat D*
bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah
D   G   A   F#
How could I trade for you lives? With a gift of Gods Grace
D   G   A   F#                           F# G Gflat D*
Once I have come to relizin' I should be speachless and amazed!

After the bridge, take time for the instermental part and then
come back with the bridge rift and these lyrics:

Wake up and see the glory, open your eyes and take it in.
Wake up and be amazed, over and over again.
2nd time:
Gods love is calling to you and to me, wake up wake up
Open your eyes......yeah over and over again!

End with INTRO RIFT and "wake up! take it in!"

Well that about ends this one, any questions comments or concerns please
email me. Keep rocking for God all.

Comments about this tab

byrnnryb - 2004-07-29

well first of all i think you got about 3/4 of the words in this song all screwed up. The right lyrics for the song are in the booklet that comes with the cd, just in case you didnt already know that. Other than that, when i play this song in the key you have written it in, it just doesnt sound right, (it barely sounds close at all.) Hopefully this is one of your first tabs, cause it sure looks like it was done by an ameteur. hope you have better luck with future tabs...

byrnnryb - 2004-07-29

oh and by the way its RIFF not RIFT

AudioRKFFHfan - 2005-01-06

id like to see one of ur tabs byrnnryb, see if ur any better

doit4Jesus - 2005-07-22

I agree with the fella above. Let's be encouraging and not discouraging whether or not he's a beginner. It's a good try, but from the looks of it it is not the right chords. I'll try it out. Thanks for trying!

godin_man_scott - 2006-08-07

i agree: there's practically two different keys in this tab. good try though.

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