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Chapman, Steven Curtis - Free

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| Free                                                  |
| by: Steven Curtis Chapman                             |
| CD: Signs of Life                                     |
| Written by: Steven Curtis Chapman                     |
| Copyright: (c)1996 Sparrow Song/Peach Hill Songs/BMI  | 

Capo on the 1st fret.
    Bm                              G                            
The sun was beating down inside the walls of stone and razor wire
D                             A
As we made our way across the prision yard
  Bm                             G        
I felt my heart begin to race as we drew nearer to the place
D                                    A
Where they say that death is waiting in the dark
    Em                            Bm
The slamming doors of iron echoed through the halls 
G                                   A
Where despair holds life within its creul claws
    Bm                         G    
But then I met a man whse face seemed so strangely out of place
  D                                  A
A blinding light of hope was shining in his eyes 
    Bm                              G
And with repentance in his voice he told me of his tragic choice
     D                              A
That led him to this place where he must pay the price
    Em                                 Bm   
But then his voice grew strong as he began to tell 
 G                                A
About the one he said had rescued him from Hell, He said

    G     A        Bm
I'm free, yeah, oh I have been forgiven 
     G              A                 Bm 
Gods love has taken off my chains and given me these wings
        G     A             Bm       
And I'm free, yeah, and the freedom I've been given 
   G                                 A
Is something that not even death can take away fom me
        Bm          G
Because    I'm free
             D     A
Jesus set me free

Verse 2 is the same as the first verse.


F#sus          F#               F#sus          F#
If the Son has set you free, oh if the Son has set you free
Oh, you are free indeed, oh you are really free
    F#sus          F#                F#sus          F#
Oh, If the Son has set you free, oh, if the Son has set you free,
G                            A
You are free, really, really free

*Chorus 2x*

Play D and G untill the end.  The part at the end where he sings, "If the
Son has set you free, you are free indeed,"  play D and G also.

Comments about this tab

ejn362 - 2004-12-07

were is the second vers?

dave_the-squier - 2005-02-28

Thanks for the awesome tab its a great song

God Bless


gsus_freak7 - 2005-05-29

this is really good :) and by the way, ejn362, he said that the 2nd verse was the same as the first Hey that rhymes! I was a poet and didn't know it!

ok enough with the corny jokes.....great tab, man it's a great song.

skinniyah - 2005-07-22

Actually, there is a second verse, and it's not the first like this sheet says. Let me be nice and share with you all : )

We said a prayer and said goodbye and tears began to fill my eyes
As I stepped back out into the blinding sun
And even as I drove away I found that I could not escape
The way he spoke of what the grace of God had done
I thought about how sin had sentenced us to die
And how God gave His only Son so you and I,

could say (Chorus)

lockespeaker - 2005-11-01

ya...i think he kinda meant that the chords are the same in the second verse...

not that there is no second verse altogether

WafflesAndSyrup - 2007-01-02

I believe they meant that the chords are the same as the first verse. It makes for a shorter sheet, as the repetitive posting is highly unnecessary.

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