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Paul Colman - Life is Where You Are
One Voice, One Guitar (1998) 

Capo on the 1st fret
All chords relative to the capo.
Tabulated by Rob: 

I told Paul about these tabs the other day and he seemed like he liked that
these were being posted publicly. I think it's a beautiful thing that 'music'
for Christian music is made as ready as possible so that the Gospel message
can be spread through Christian buskers on street corners and Christian Scouts
around campfires ... etc all around the world. Praise the Sovereign God for
His provision of the internet.  

(Look out for the music book coming out soon for this album) 


G/B:  x20033
D:  xx0232
D4:  xx0233
G:  320033
G/F:  xx3033
G/E:  xx2033
G/D#:  xx1033
G/D:  xx0033 

Intro, Verse, Chorus:
G/B D D4 G

G/F G/E G/D# G/D G/F G/E G/D# 

Well I took my lady to the top of a mountain
G/B D D4 G
We hung our feet over, all creation
And we agreed that the sight was beautiful
G/B D D4 G
And we agreed that tomorrow it'd be a memory
G/F G/E G/D# G/D
And as far as we could see was all that we could be
G/F G/E G/D# 
But the land had seen lovers come and go 

Life is where you are (x4) 

She said think about the greatest day in your life
A day you were longing for the sun to rise
You said hey this is life I've been looking for
And you groaned as the shadows fell on the floor
And up on that mountain we saw our days
Rise like a vapour and float away 

Life is where you are
Talking about L I F E 

Think of all the times think of all the times
When you've dreamed of being somebody somewhere in another time
And you closed your eyes and been swallowed by sleep
And your secret desires they rise from the deep
You say I wish I was somebody someone else
'Cause life looks real from where they are 

Life is where you are
Talking about L I F E 

We're all looking for security
It's the basic drug of human need
I've lost faith in things that fade
Or things that get stolen or get taken away
And up on that mountain we saw our days
Rise like a vapour and float away 

Life is where you are
Talking about L I F E 

Yours co-working for the growth of the Gospel 


Comments about this tab

lando - 2005-11-14

instead of the d4 d series paul plays an f something

lando - 2005-11-14

theres also a harmonic that i think sounds cool when he plays

We're all looking for security

It's the basic drug of human need G---12--

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