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Relient K - For the Moments I Feel Faint

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Title:    For The Moments I Feel Faint
Artist:   Relient K
Album:    The Anatomy Of Tongue In Cheek

Copyright © 2001 Relient K & Gotee Records.

Transcribed by:
Linus Boman []

Intro Riff: x2

E Asus2 C#9 B9

(E  Asus2  C#9  B9) x4

(E  Asus2  C#9  B9) x4

Intro Riff x2.



(E  Asus2  C#9  C9) x2
 F#9  Asus2  E
 B  E  Asus2  C#9  B9



This sounds beatiful on acoustic, especially with those
beautiful ringing 9th chords! And here they are:

E:        0-2-2-3-0-0
Asus2:    x-0-2-2-0-0
C#9:      x-4-6-6-0-0
B9:       x-2-4-4-0-0
C9:       x-3-5-5-0-0
F#9:      2-4-4-3-0-0

Thatís it! God Bless!  -LiNUS.

Comments about this tab

longears - 2004-03-12

i like this song

i_love_relientk - 2004-04-19

This is my fav. song and i am pretty new for guitar,so i am gonna try this...thanks for putting it up!

greenducktape - 2004-06-01

I agree it does sound great on an accustic!! Thanks for the chords, they seem pretty acurate.

bbcome2 - 2004-07-06

i just want to thank you for showing us how to do the chords.
P.S Relient K Rocks
God Bless

guitarman_14 - 2004-07-18

Those actually arent 9th chords. They are add9 chords

Bobsnox - 2004-08-05

Those aren't 9 chords or add9 chords
It's Bsus2

Luthrnstud22 - 2004-10-16

E is tabbed


nbleo04 - 2004-11-20

hey is the intro the same as less is more

nbleo04 - 2004-11-20

hey is the intro the same as less is more

jsoccer - 2004-12-08

100% correct.

David wood - 2004-12-09

thanx so much for tabing this song

mmggppmgp - 2004-12-31

im recommendin this song i need like the song # thingy... u get me??? like for songs u need to hav a CCLI??? wut eva it is something song # to hav the words up on overhead or power point... yeah i will really appricciate it if u guys noe and email it to me at or Aim at guitarchef97124... GOD BLESS AND RAWK OUT FOR JESUS, CUZ HE DESERVES IT ALL!!!

JaytheK - 2005-02-07

These chords seem to be 100% correct. :)

P.S. Like you said, this song sounds awesome on an acoustic! :) Thanks for posting it!

David wood - 2005-03-19

this is realy weird. the person before me has the same name as me but i did not write those comments!!!!!! CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON.

Jeremymcon - 2005-04-19

The F#9 (or add 9, whatever u say it is) doesn't sound right. According to, F#9

Preacher Punk - 2005-04-30

sus2 chords are the same as add9 chords

bronxbomber - 2005-07-22

this tab sounds nearly perfect. great job!
i've gone to a few other tabs for this song, and thanks to those tabbers, i've put together the violin melody that you hear in the beginning of the song, which i'm almost positive is also played on the guitar, like so:


it sounds really good, just don't hit too many open strings on the last three notes, cuz then it sounds really crappy. Hint: use your pinky on the first fourth fret note (D string)

spazmonkey - 2005-09-10

sus2 chords refer to adding the second note of the scale, whereas add9 chords and teh same note, but an octave higher (9th note) there's a world of difference in the sound they make. Also I think the C#9 should be C#m9 (and it is a 9, not a sus2)

RockinfotheRock - 2005-10-15

nice job dude

lemmonfry - 2006-01-16

i am singing this song for offeratory at my church
maybe if i can learn it on the guitar i wont have to sing it accapello(or however you say it)

lemmonfry - 2006-01-16

i am singing this song for offeratory at my church
maybe if i can learn it on the guitar i wont have to sing it accapello(or however you say it)

rkfreak06 - 2006-01-20

ive looked at a bunch of different versions of this song and this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

imadudealways - 2006-02-23

I love this song! Thanks for the chords! I'm a dude always! LOL.
RKR! (Relient K Rocks!)

thatowenkiid - 2007-06-05


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