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Barnard, Shane - Prodigal Me

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Author/Artist: Shane Barnard
Title: Prodigal Me
Album: Rocks Won’t Cry
Transcribed by: Andrew Shepherd

Here is the intro riff to what Shane and Shane play live. The tab is not
relative to the partial capo. Just put the capo on and then use the fret
numbers on the tab and you’ll be fine. 

E                    B                   A		      B 

For the Prechorus, there are 2 guitars so it is hard to duplicate the
sound with one guitar.  I tried my best to make it to where it sounded
the same as it is on the cd with only one guitar.  If you have the luxury
of 2 guitar players, it will be alot easier. Guitar one just picks a simple
rhythm slowly while the other guitar strums muted chords.  However, if you
only have one guitar plan on strumming and picking fast.

C#m             Bsus             A  
The chords above the words are the chords guitar 2 plays throughout the song. 

Verse 1 - 
E    B      A
What have I done
To get me here?
E  B          A
Unraveled and undone
I need my father

Prechorus (picking and muting) - 
C#m         B
What have I done
A             B
I followed my feet to nowhere
C#m     B
Now I’m here 
A                  B
As I ran I could run no more

Verse 2 - 
E   B                A     
The mountains to the West 
I hear them laugh at me
E    B          A
They know I’m scared cross
And lead this life I live

Prechorus (full strumming, muting, and 16th’s) - 
C#m   B
Oh my pride! 
A                B
I give you up as a barter for my freedom
C#m            B
What will they think 
A                B
As I come stumbling home to join their lives?

Chorus 1 - 
E	  B                  A            B
	I need to cross this mountain and find my way home
E         B		  A        B
	I seek no greater fortune, rescue me
E            B          A       B	
	Oh unmerciful divide be merciful tonight
E               B      A           B	
	Oh show me the other side, Prodigal Me

Use all the same chords in the previous verses, prechoruses, and choruses.

Verse 3 - 
The mountains to the East
They’ve swallowed my beloved
This most completely incomplete
Where is my mortar?

Prechorus (Picking and muting) - 
Where did he go
He followed his feet to nowhere
Please come home
You’ve done me no wrong

Verse 4 - 
Each evening I look down that road 
And I hope and I wait for you
And my servants they look down that road 
And we watch and pray for you

Prechorus (picking and muting) - 
Master, Master
Who’s that man stumbling down that road?
Could it be the one, could it be the one, 
could it be, could it be?

Prechorus (full strumming, muting, 16th’s) -
Master, Master its your son
coming home to join our lives

Chorus -
We’ve finally crossed this mountain
and found our way home
we seek no greater fortune
Oh how merciful is our God who gave his only son
Oh we worship you tonight, Prodigal Me

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