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"The Worst Is My Being Alone" by Don Chaffer
From the album "You Were At The Time For Love"
Written by Don Chaffer on 1/18/93 at 16:17
Copyright  1994 Donald W. Chaffer
Transcribed by

D                         Bm                   (/C#) D                        Bm
aaron have you ever had a burning in your chest that made you just want
to be free it was a warm afternoon when she asked him this as they sat
on their shore of the sea aaron just tugged at his hair and he took a very
long time to reply and by the time that he spoke she'd forgotten she asked
and was lost in the clouds of the sky

        Gsus9                         D/F#                 Gsus9                     D (/C# /A)
he said kelly i don't think i've ever wanted as much to be free as i've longed to be known
           Gsus9                     D/F#                Gsus9       A     Bmadd9  Bm
and of the things that i hate when i look at my life the worst is my being alone
    Gsus9       A     D
the worst is my being alone

the rest of his words he kept from her ears 'cause he thought she
might not understand and she didn't reply she couldn't figure out how
'cause the fire in her heart had been fanned of all the things known
that he could have spoken that day he chose one from deep down inside
without intending her to he caused her to confess her false confidence
and how she had lied

she said aaron i don't think i've ever wanted as much to be free as
i've longed to be known and of the things that i hate when i look at my
life the worst is my being alone

    Gsus9       A     Bmadd9  Bm
the worst is my being alone

BRIDGE:  Gsus9  A      Bmadd9  Bm (~8x?)
         Gsus9         B7
         Em     D/F#*  G

   Em               D/F#*                         G
as they headed home neither of them could speak a word
and they held their own spirits to blame
           Em                     D/F#*                       Gsus9       A             Bm   D
but at the pulse of the wave they both turned around thinking someone was calling their name
Gsus9       A             Bm    D
someone was calling their name

Bm  Bm/G  Bm/E  /B

If you want to play it on guitar i would do it capo 2 with these
chord fingerings (note that they're NOT named relative to the capo,
since i wanted to list the actual chords for piano) also, if the fact
that i didn't break up the lyrics into shorter lines causes problems
for you, email me and maybe i'll fix it, though i personally prefer
it this way, just set the font size small enough, and if you're going
to print it, put it in a word processor, make the margins small and
erase this paragraph and it ought to fit on one page, which is nice.

capo 2
x32010  D
x02210  Bm
x2xxxx  /C#
1x3011  Gsus9
032010  D/F#
3xxxxx  /A
320003  A
577500  Bmadd9
x02020  B7
xx0231  Em
xx2010  D/F#*
xx3211  G
1xx210  Bm/G
xx0210  Bm/E
x0xxxx  /B

Transcribed 8/14/2000 by
More tab available at

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